Who Makes Honda Batteries? [Everything You Should Know]

Who makes Honda batteries is the most curious yet common question for many. But the answer may not be transparent to them. However, the Honda car battery-making history is long.

Long story short; usually, the CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited) is a well-known brand that has been making Honda batteries for a long.

But before and after, other companies made this too. You will be amazed to know how different manufacturers manufacture Honda’s batteries. Honda automotive is now a famous and trustworthy automotive brand worldwide. They produce lots of cars and motorcycles.

Therefore, it is important to know who makes this car’s battery. Here I will break down the companies that make Honda battery and their reputation in the market. Also, who is the manufacturer and makes batteries for Honda electric cars?

Who Makes Honda Batteries: From Start to Now

Who doesn’t want to purchase a Honda car? But before making a purchase, you should look a the battery. Without a good battery, the quality ride and comfort are a nightmare. It is also crucial to know who makes Honda automotive batteries and Honda OEM car batteries.

Honda typically does not manufacture its batteries. Honda Automobile has contracted with an American company to develop its batteries.

They are now taking this initiative to introduce their new electric car globally. So they are unstoppable in developing high-quality batteries for the next generation.

Also, in mid-2020, Honda announced that Chinese Electric Vehicles and CATL will make the batteries for their future electric cars. CATL is currently well known for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries and energy storage batteries. From this point of view, they must make high-quality and high-capacity batteries.

Currently, the headquarters of this company is located in Ningde, China. It is good to say that the first Honda model was launched with this company’s battery. Strategically, Honda is ahead in the global market.

FutureCar shows how Honda. Co is joining CATL to develop EV  batteries and take them to an advanced level.

“We are now working together and trying to provide quality batteries,” said CATL President Zhou Jia.

That is also promised by both Japan’s Honda Motor Co. and CATL to work together to make a stronger bond in the future. There is also a partnership with U.S. General Motors in Northern America, and they are also working to produce batteries for Honda.

Who Manufactures Honda Batteries

The history of the Honda batter is very ancient. Honda batteries are manufactured by some famous manufacturers like Jhonson Controls, Die Hard, Optima, SES Holdings, and CATL are the major company that manufactures batteries for Honda.

Johnson controls power solutions is the most well-known and leading manufacturer worldwide. For more than 3 decades with 130,000 enthusiastic employees, Jhonson Controls is now a name of satisfaction in the automotive deal. They supply their products to more than 150 countries and achieved numerous awards for their outstanding contribution.

For its unmatched and unconditional dedication, Honda Motor Co. agreed to expand its journey in making batteries for EVs. Since 1995 till now, Johnson Controls has been working together to introduce more dashing and performing batteries for their customers.

DieHard, also known as Advanced Auto Parts, is another leading battery manufacturer that makes Honda auto batteries. Basically, DieHard and Optima are related to Jhonson Controls because JC continuously makes DieHard batteries for Honda and Sears.

Another world-leading battery manufacturer is CATL, which can supply 50% of batteries globally. It makes all types of batteries for Honda like OEM batteries, EVs batteries, etc. the battery made by CATL is energy efficient, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

Who Makes Batteries For Honda Electric Cars

Who makes Honda automotive batteries? There are many debates and confusion about this single query, and everyone wants to know it. Honda has a partnership with several battery-making companies and institutions. But most of the battery (more than half of the entire amount) makes Jhonson Controls.

Also, Stryten and East Penn make Honda OEM car batteries for a long. Tokyo, CATL, and LG Energy Solution have relations with Honda in making their battery for the latest Electric cars. Honda and General Motor Co. are agreed to develop user-friendly, affordable, and improved GM’s Ultrium battery for EVs.

Honda leaves their responsibility for making Honda electric car batteries to SES Holding, a US-based battery development company. Usually, the agreement between Honda and SES Holdings is to make lithium-ion batteries for their EVs. Note that LG is the world’s second-largest electric vehicle battery producer.

Interestingly, this development agreement is part of the entire battery technique of Honda. In addition, this new dimension or inclusion helps Honda reach its ultimate goal and improve batteries for upcoming electric vehicles.

Who Makes Honda Hybrid Batteries

Generally, ATV batteries are used widely in Honda hybrid cars. The different manufacturer makes All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) batteries. Honda has an agreement with automotive battery makers like CATL, Johnson Controls, SES Holding, etc.

All of them are good at making high-quality, affordable, energy-savings batteries for upcoming Honda electric and hybrid cars. Contemporary Amperex Technology is another hybrid car battery maker with vast experience. Johnson Controls and LG Energy solutions also play a significant role in developing batteries for Honda hybrid cars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Battery Does Honda Use?

Honda is a Japanese automotive company renowned for its cars, trucks, and other high-end vehicles. As they make high-quality automobiles, they are not sitting idle to choose the best battery for their general car and upcoming EVs.
However, most Honda uses Honda genuine batteries, lithium-ion batteries, Group 51 cold-craking standard amp battery, AGM battery by DIeHard, OEM honda batteries, Civic type-R, Lead-acid battery, etc.

Does Honda Make Their Batteries?

Despite Honda’s plans to develop its batteries in the near future, they are not yet using its batteries. They fix a target to operate their car with their solid-state batteries in the upcoming spring of 2024.
But it doesn’t mean that they have no battery. Honda recommended using their batteries as replacements. It is because they especially developed their battery to work specifically with their electrical system.

Does Honda Use AGM Batteries?

It is recommended to use AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery in almost every Honda vehicle. This battery provides better backup, especially when you are driving in the worst climate conditions.
AGM batteries have many advantages, such as their safety, high performance, corrosion resistance, heat endurance, and better electrical performance. So it would be wise to use an AGM battery if you have plenty of accessories.

Does Honda CR-V Need AGM Battery?

CR-V uses a group 51 battery, but that doesn’t mean a wet flooded or AGM battery can’t be used. Choosing the right battery replacement is crucial to making the car efficient and performing. This advancement is great for the worst climate conditions and American highways. After replacing AGM batteries, the car takes advantage when needs power.

The Takeaway

The history of making Honda batteries is ancient. From time to time, Honda changes batteries and partnerships. However, it is good to know who makes Honda batteries from the beginning to the present day. By knowing this, you will rely on their battery and understand their production techniques.

The ultimate performance is a fairy tale without a high-quality and energy-efficient battery. Thus, it’s important to consider which branded battery you’re using and what its position is in the market.

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