Knowing What Year Silverado Wheels are Interchangeable Can Save Your Time

What year Silverado wheels are interchangeable? The 2014 Silverado wheels are interchangeable. Yet, not all models of Silverado are alike.

While interchanging wheels, there are factors like bolt sizes and such. If there is no compatibility between the two cars, you cannot interchange the wheels.

So, “What year Silverado wheels are interchangeable?” We are going to discuss that below.

What Year Silverado Wheels are Interchangeable? Discussion about the Compatibility

Before changing the wheel of your car, you need to know the specific bolt pattern. Every wheel has its lug patterns. So, if you wish to do a Silverado wheels swap, you must ensure that it’s compatible with the other wheel. Again, if the lug pattern does not match, the wheel won’t work in the vehicle. It might come out, which isn’t ideal. Hence, knowing the correct lug pattern is essential before you begin to interchange the wheel.

In lug patterns, you need to tighten every lug very tightly. Keeping them loose will damage the wheel and might come off. Pulling them will ensure that the wheel works as intended.

Below you can see the Silverado wheels interchange years with the specific lug patterns.

ConcernLug PatternInterchangeable With
2014 Silverado 15006×139.7 mmNissan Armada
2014 Silverado 25008×180 mmSierra 2500HD
2017 Silverado 15006×139.7 mmToyota Tundra
2017 Silverado 25008×180 mmSierra 3500HD
2022 Silverado 25006×139.7 mmSierra 1500
2022  Silverado 25008×180 mmSierra 3500HD

2014 Silverado Wheel Swap with Nissan Armada and Sierra 2500HD

There are two models of a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, 1500 and 2500. However, both versions have different lug patterns. Therefore, you must check out the Silverado wheel fitment guide before you start the interchange. Also, we recommend you use the right tools. Don’t damage the wheel; otherwise, you won’t get a good performance.

The Silverado 1500 wheel has a lug pattern of 6×139.7 mm. Similarly, the Nissan Armada also has the same lug pattern. So, you can interchange the Silverado wheel with no problem.

However, during the installation, you will encounter different spacings that you must adjust. Again, the Silverado 2500 has a size of 8×180 mm. It’s compatible with the Sierra 2500HD.

Usually, you won’t see 8×180 mm more often, so Sierra is the best choice for interchange. For a Chevy truck wheel compatibility, GMC Sierra is the choice you have to go for.

2017 Silverado Wheel Swap with Toyota Tundra and Sierra 3500HD

The Silverado 1500 series has the same lug pattern. So, if you have the 2017 Silverado, the lug pattern is 6×139.7 mm. Additionally, the Toyota Tundra also has a similar lug pattern. Yet, while interchanging, you need to make the correct adjustment. You have to use lugs that are deep shank. 

So, you can’t use the stock lugs of the Silverado when interchanging it with the Tundra. Make sure to use the shank lugs to fit the wheel correctly.

On the contrary, the Silverado 2500 has a different lug pattern of 8×180 mm. As we said earlier, this lug pattern will fit with the GMC Sierra series. So, you can interchange it with the Sierra 3500HD.

The wheels’ dimensions match the Sierra, but you need to make minor adjustments with the bolts. Furthermore, you can always check the manuals if you wish to have more ideas about your Silverado wheels. It includes bolt pattern and size.

2022 Silverado Wheel Swap with Sierra 1500 and 3500HD

2022 Silverado is the latest addition from Chevrolet. It comes with newer features and better durability. If we are talking about the wheel, the lug pattern is 6×139.7 mm. The Silverado 1500 series has had the same lug pattern since 2014, making interchanging between the Chevy cars more efficient. But if we are discussing interchanging with another vehicle, there is the topic of adjustment.

So, you can interchange the 2022 Silverado wheel with a GMC Sierra 1500. The Sierra 1500 carries a lug pattern of 6×139.7 mm. So, you can swap the wheel but with minor work. We recommend you get aftermarket lugs to do a perfect fitting. The stock lugs may not provide the best support.

Meanwhile, the lug pattern of the 2022 Silverado 2500 is 8×180 mm. Hence, you will get the best wheel compatibility with a Sierra 3500HD. Furthermore, you can also interchange the Silverado wheel with the Sierra 2500HD as well. But except for the GMC, there is less scope for wheel swap due to the lug pattern. Keep in mind that you need additional bolts from the aftermarket while changing the wheel. Also, you may need to make minor adjustments, so the wheel doesn’t come off while driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all Chevy 6 lug patterns the same?

Yes, all Chevy 6 lug patterns are the same. The same pattern is used in the various models of Chevy cars.

Do all Silverado have the same lug pattern?

Yes, all the Silverado 1500 uses the same pattern. The pattern is known as the six lug pattern.

Are all Chevy 5 lug rims the same?

Yes, all the Chevy 5 lug rims are the same. Furthermore, it is compatible with GMC trucks as well.

Will 6-lug Toyota rims fit a Chevy Silverado?

You can fit them, but you need to adjust the brake rims and calipers.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500?

The bolt pattern on a 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 is 6×139.7 mm.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500?

The bolt pattern on a 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 is 6×139.7 mm.

Are Ford and Chevy rims interchangeable?

Different vehicle wheels have different bolt patterns. If you want to interchange Ford and Chevy rims, you have to use wheel adapters.


While swapping a wheel with another vehicle, you need to know its lug patterns. You cannot fit the wheel when the lug pattern is different. In some cases, you may use aftermarket pieces of equipment like wheel adapters to make the swap. “ What year Silverado wheels are interchangeable?” You can check the table above to know the lug patterns and with what vehicle you can interchange the wheels.

Usually, all Chevy comes with six pattern lugs. Even if you interchange it with another car with a six pattern lug, it might not work due to other factors. So, while interchanging wheels, you should know the wheel dimensions properly.

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