Viper Remote Start Not Working- Checking Battery or Engine?

Why viper remote start not working? Your remote starter might be on valet mode can be one of the reasons. Don’t panic! Here we are for the reasons for this cause and their troubleshooting tips.

A scenario can be your car’s lock unlock button working but pressing start not working. It happens so often that people look for a solution almost daily. It happens for many reasons. It is true it happens mostly when has battery or engine issues. But it’s not the battery or engine always. Many other reasons can be behind it. So today, we are going to discuss why remote starters go awry. Let’s dig in!

Helpful troubleshooting tips When Viper Remote Start Not Working

A remote car starter is indeed best to make you warm on a cold freezy morning. It sounds so easy to start a car just by switching a button. But it can sometimes give you anxiety too! Unfortunately, when the viper remote start not working in cold.

One of the most frequent reasons is the remote starter is in valet mode. It happens if anyone accidentally presses the combination of buttons. It put the car into valet mode but at the same time put the remote starter in valet mode.

It mostly happens if the remote is in a purse or pocket and accidentally gets pressed. Sometimes viper remote starts not working after disconnecting the battery for servicing.

Probable reasonsSolutions
1. Remote is not used perfectlySome remote starters start sometime later after pressing their button. So, hold the button for a while.
2. Fob battery loses chargeIf you make your fob out, it will start working.
3. Remote button gets pressed severallyPutting the fob key, turn the switch ‘ON’ and ‘Of.’
4. Broken hood pinCheck whether the hood is securely latched or not.
5. Active Hazards lightsTurn your hazard light off the starter will start working
6. Remote starter might lose programmingInstalled memory in the remote will solve this

1. Remote is not used perfectly

If your remote control work with one press button, do it this way. If it requires two presses, do it perfectly. It also can be a press and hold system. So, do it as it requires.

Sometimes users don’t use it properly and end up with a viper remote start not working blinks 6 times. If you press it 6 times or more, it won’t work if it won’t get used correctly, it won’t work.

2. Fob battery loses charge

Typically Key fob batteries require replacement after 3 to 4 years. But it depends on their usage and how well they build. If they lose their charge, they stop working and create other issues such as remote starters not working, etc.

If you can’t find out whether your fob is faulty or not better to talk with an efficient. And if it is, then try to replace the fob.

3. Remote button gets pressed severally

If you find your viper remote start not working after battery replacement then go for the next check.

Find out whether you pressed the remote button once or severally. Sometimes when we are in a hurry, we can accidentally press the button 2 to 3 times. It is not a common thing. But this can cause your remote starter not to work. If this happens, first put the key into the ignition. Now turn it “off” and “on” and see the magic!

4. Broken hood pin

Since you are a car owner looking for solutions, you might be familiar with hood pin switches. Sometimes your car can have a tilt switch in exchange for a hood pin. If you see your viper remote start not working no blue light, checking the hood is another method for finding the solution. Because if your car hood is open, they will let you know.

The hood pin can break if you fall on it or lean when working under the car. A broken hood pin makes the viper remote disconnected from the car. Replacing your hood pin from any mobile operating showroom will fix this. And it’s not that costly too.

5. Active Hazards lights

It is the most important thing to check. When we went to find out why my viper remote started not working, we didn’t check our hazard lights. But active hazard lights prevent the viper remote from working.

6. Remote starter might lose programming

Lots of owners claim about viper 7111v remote start troubleshooting. If you are a viper 7111v owner, you can follow this step.

Yet we have learned about the external issues of a remote starter; there can be some internal issues. For example, remote starters are equipped with a non-volatile memory in it. It generally works for programming. So, the remote starter can lose the memory that prevents it from programming. And then it stops working.

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It is just nothing. You can go to a professional memory installer store. They can help you learn how to install it so that you can do it on your own if it happens again in the future.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reconnect my viper remote start?

If you see a viper 7146v remote start troubleshooting; you can reconnect by the following steps. Put the vehicle key in the ignition and flip it on. Search the antennae button. Then press once, then keep your hand away. Then again, press and hold. Lastly, press the lock. That’s all!
Note: keep your car’s door open while doing this.

What is the F button on the viper remote?

F buttons are equipped in the viper remote starter for the setup menu. It will help you to set up the remote. Just press the F-button; it will show you to select the setup. Then press the Aux Button to scroll to Auto.

Why is my remote control start not working?

Owners claim viper remote start troubleshooting 7656v about the most. Usually, cleaning the remote control terminals can make it work. When the remote control battery terminals get dirty, it prevents the remote control start from working. Take the battery from your car, clean it, and put it freshly.


Well, we understand it is customary to panic when you see your favorite viper remote start not working. Still, please don’t. These are the most honest reasons and easy fixings you have found. You will see lots of untrustful myths about remote starters on social media. Those will confuse you. So we have searched and read around hundreds of sources to reach this point and give you the best solutions.

We assure you will get most of the solutions to your problem from above. A quick tip you can reduce your remote starter issues by installing it from a professional installer.

I hope our guide is helpful. You have to read through, keep your mind calm and find out what the issue is with your car. Let us know your feedback in the comment section.

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