Viper Remote Compatibility Chart You Should Know About

What is the compatibility of your viper remote? The compatibility of your viper remote is whether or not it can work with your particular vehicle model. To check if you need to go through your car’s manual.

However, viper claims that their car security system is compatible with almost every car model if you install the ViperSmart app. But no worries, in this article, we’ll also talk about the Viper Remote Compatibility Chart.

So if you want to know which Viper remote is most compatible with your car, then scroll down to the end to know the details regarding Viper remote compatibilities.

Viper Remote Compatibility Chart

So far, you got to know how to check the competitiveness of the viper remote. According to the manual, let’s know about some of the popular viper remotes’ compatibility charts.

ModelsSystems Compatibility
Viper Remote Replacement 7153V3203V, 4102V, 4104V, 4202V, 4204V, 5102V, 5104V, 5202V, 5204V, VSS4000, 9153VL, 9251VL
Viper Remote Replacement 7345V3305V, 4305V,  5305V
Viper Remote Replacement 7656V3606V, 3706V, 3806V, 4606V, 4706V, 4806V, 5606V, 5706V, 5806V, 9656V, 9756V, 9856V
Viper Remote Replacement 7756V3706V, 3806V, 4606V, 4706V,  5606V, 5706V, 5806V, 9756V
Viper Remote Replacement 7752V4702V, 4704V, 4708V, 5704V, 5702V,  9752VL
Viper 879V Replacement LCD479V, 489V, and 7701V

How to Check Compatibility Of Viper Remote To Your Car

To ensure whether your viper remote is competitive with your car or not, you need to check your car’s manual. Whatever model of alarm system you choose for your car should give you the security you desire.

That’s why the competitiveness of the alarm system is important. Here are some key points that you need to consider to check the competitiveness of viper remotes.

Anti-Theft Measures for Automobiles

Upgrade to a more advanced Viper alarm system to protect your car and belongings from any kind of break-in or vehicle theft. These systems are meant to both deter and identify criminal activity.

The DAS-II and the theft deterrent LED are the two pieces of hardware that viper use as the foundation of the company’s anti-theft security system. Car thieves will be alerted by the LED that your vehicle is safeguarded in an excellent manner.

Moreover, the DAS-II is a multi-purpose security sensor that can detect glass breakage, impact, tilt, and vehicle movement all in one convenient package.

Notifications of Alarms in Two Directions

When you communicate with your vehicle using a Viper 2-way remote, you receive immediate command confirmation, and the remote also notifies you of important safety alerts. You won’t ever have to worry about whether or not your door locks are secure again!

Through the use of your Viper 2-way remote, you will be immediately notified if your alarm or shock sensors are activated.

Connectivity for Smart Phones

Every single one of our Viper alarm systems is suitable for use with our ViperSmart app! Your vehicle will be equipped with GPS tracking and smartphone control with an infinite range when you use ViperSmart.

You will get an immediate alert with GPS position information if your car is towed, stolen, taken for a “joy-ride,” or broken into in any way!

To restore the module to its active state on an Android phone, try these steps: either the main user interface page or the vehicle’s manual page, click the phone’s Menu button, and then pick “Connect a device” from the menu that appears.

Simply sending a manual connection request to the SmartStart Bluetooth device involves tapping on its name in the list that appears and sending it. This module is now included with the majority of Viper 2-way systems, in addition to a free trial period of 30 days!

Additional or Discrete Outputs

Through auxiliary outputs, you can extend the alarm system’s capabilities by adding features such as a remote starter or window controls. Auxiliary outputs are often included with the majority of alarms.

When selecting a Viper alarm, it is important to think about everything you want the security system to be able to perform, both now and in the future.

Normal Operation Of A Security System

You should activate your viper remote pairing by pressing the button before you leave the automobile. The sound of the locking doors and the siren chirping indicate that your car is secure. There’s a separate alarm that goes off if you leave a door open by accident.

When you leave, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance. The flashing LED alerts a potential thief that your system is armed before he ever gets close to your vehicle. That alone is usually enough to divert his attention.

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If the criminal attempts to break into your car, he will hear a warning chirp or a full siren blast. The “brain” of the security system evaluates the level of tampering and the types of sensors that have been triggered to determine what kind of alert to provide.

You may unlock the doors and trunk with the remote and switch off the alarm system. Another option is to use a remote starter to start the engine. If you lose your automobile or if someone is bugging you, you may use the remote to activate the siren.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Viper remote work with every car?

Yes, most of the cars can be connected to Viper remote. However, it’ll be easier if the app is installed. More than one car may be connected to a single mobile device. Each car will need its own Viper system installed, but once that’s done, you can use any approved smartphone to command the fleet.

How do I sync my Viper remote to my car?

Please keep the car door open while you pair. Turn the key in the ignition to the “on” position. To activate the antennas, press the corresponding button. Put pressure on the button, let go, and keep it depressed.
When you are prepared to start pairing, press lock. In the end, it’s crucial to make sure everything is functioning as intended.


Hopefully, so far you got a brief idea about the viper remote compatibility chart. So whenever you go shopping remember the mentioned information and check the car’s manual accordingly.

But we suggest you go with the ones that are two-way alarms because they are more reliable and easy to use than others. Lastly, choose the viper remote that meets all your requirements.

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