Get The Answer: Can I Upgrade Compustar Remote?

Can I upgrade my Compustar remote? The straight and simple answer would be yes.

But if you want to know more about how you can upgrade your Compustar remote, then you need to stick to the end.

And also if you want to know more information about Compustar remote, you can read the article till the end.

Can I Upgrade Compustar Remote & How?

You can upgrade your Compustar remote. But the question is, how can you upgrade your remote?

There are three ways by which you can upgrade your Compustar remote. Those are:

1. New Remote

If you use a 1-way Compustar remote, you change it with a 2-way Compustar remote. With a 1-way remote, you can send a command to your vehicle, but you can’t confirm it. But with a 2-way Compustar remote, you can send a command as well as confirm it.

Just like with the case of a 2-way Compustar remote, you can also replace your LED remote with an LCD remote. LED remotes use a combination of light and beep in order to communicate with their user, while LCD Compustar remote has a screen that opens up much more options for its user

2. Activating Auxiliary Features

You can also upgrade your remote by adding or enabling some auxiliaries functions. For that, you need to contact your installation company. The auxiliaries features that you can add to your Compustar remote:

  • Rolling up windows
  • Activation of the rear windshield
  • Activation of the seat warmer
  • Extra electric features from 3rd party company

3. Addition of Accessories

One of the optimum ways to upgrade your Compustar remote is to add some accessories to the Compustar remote. The list of accessories that you can add to your Compustar remote are:

Alarming Kit

It is one of the best accessories in order to upgrade your Compustar remote. As the name applied, this will create a buzzing alarm whenever someone tries to steal your car or break the glass of your vehicle. This will prevent the theft of your vehicle.

RPS Touch

With the RPS touch, you can easily lock or unlock your vehicle while remaining in a hidden position. But this feature can be added to only a few Compustar remotes. So you need to contact your manufacturer company to add this extra feature to your Compustar remote.

How Many Buttons Do You Need?

So the question is, how many buttons do you need in your Compustar remote?

If you want to do only the essential commands like the lock, unlock & start from your remote, then one button will suffice.

If you want to add more tasks besides the essential commands like trunk open or shut from your remote, four buttons will do the job for you.

If you want to add an auxiliary task besides the essential commands like window roll up or down from your remote, you will need at least 6 buttons to do the job.

How Much Range Do You Need?

So how much range do you need? A general question asked by the people who own a vehicle.

It depends on the needs of the people, and it is one of the major reasons people want to upgrade their remote.

If you want to park your vehicle far from your home or office, then you would need a remote with a maximum amount of range.

And if you want to park your vehicle outside your home or office, then you should go with the remote, which has a much shorter range.

Compustar Remote Features

Suppose you have starter or starter accessories installed in your vehicle. Depending on that, you can choose varieties of Compustar remotes. You have to choose your remote wisely because some Compustar remotes might be better than other Compustar remotes according to your accessories setup.

  • Range: The range of your Compustar remotes depends on your own lifestyle. The range for these Compustar remotes can be varied from several feet to several miles. It is one of the many reasons you want to upgrade Compustar remote to adjust the range of Compustar remote according to one’s lifestyle.
  • LCD or LED: LED Compustar remote uses a combination of lights and beeps to communicate with its user.

While LCD Compustar remote consists of a screen that allows advanced communication with its users.

  • 1-Way or 2-Way: For a 2-way Compustar remote, you can send instructions to your vehicle and give you a confirmation when it is successful. It will also send you a notification if it is failed.

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But for a 1-way Compustar remote, you can send commands to your vehicle, but you can’t get a return confirmation whether the command was successfully received by the vehicle or not.

  • Security Notification: You can choose the 2-way Compustar remote for better and advanced security.

But if you have budget issues, you can choose the 1-way Compustar remote.

  • Battery: For a Compustar remote, you can choose a rechargeable remote that can be replaced very quickly, or you can select a non-rechargeable remote.
  • Extra Features: Aside from security, there are some additional features in the Compustar remote by which you close or open the windows of the vehicle

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my remote starter?

Yes. It is possible. But various factors need to be considered. The technicians must cut the accurate amount of wire for a particular vehicle.

Does Compustar remote starter have an app?

Yes. It does have an app that will let you control your remote starter. Besides controlling it from your smartphone, you can also control it from the smart or apple watch by downloading the app.

Is Compustar compatible?

Yes. It is compatible with 90% of the vehicles that are used on the roads.


So can I upgrade the Compustar remote? The answer to the question which you already know is yes after reading the discussion.

But how you upgrade depends upon your uses. It relies on a variety of factors. We already discussed different types of needs and different kinds of upgrades in the following article. You just need to find your need and upgrade your Compustar remote according to that need.

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