This Toyota Tundra Air Injection Pump Replacement Cost Might Help You!

Do you know how much it costs to replace the Toyota Tundra air injection pump? Well, for the parts, you might need to spend around $1,086 and $1,171. And, there’s more, like the labor cost and other charges.

Sometimes, the air injection pump fails to operate due to moisture and corrosion. Then you got nothing but to replace the pump. So if you get into any situation like this, you should have a brief idea regarding the Toyota Tundra air injection pump replacement cost.

So here we are to solve all the inquiries about this topic. That’s why you need to scroll down to get all the details.

Toyota Tundra Air Injection Pump Replacement Cost

The replacement cost of the air pump in a Toyota Tundra will run you an average of between $1,174 and $1,282. It is expected that the cost of labor would range between $88 and $111, while the price of parts will be between $1,086 and $1,171.

Factors Affecting Inject Pump Replacement Cost

Here are some factors affecting the injection replacement cost. Let’s check out.

Mechanics of Injection

Pump systems often cost more to repair than the other two main types of systems because of the larger number of moving parts. However, fixing the aspiration system is less expensive as there are no moving parts, but it’ll depend on the negative pressure of the exhaust system.

Model Of The Car

The car’s model plays a vital role in the replacement cost, no doubt. So if you have a car with critical components or any specialized design, the total replacement cost will increase.

Replacement Or Repair

Fixing an old system for the same amount of work will save you money over replacing it entirely. A pump system can be repaired rather than replaced at a lower cost than purchasing a new pump. However, repairing a faulty pump may not always be viable.

These are the major factors that affect the pump replacement cost. However, you may need to pay more if your car has some other problems along the failed pump.

How To Replace Air Injection Pump

However, to save some bucks, you can follow the following steps to replace an air injection pump. Let’s get into the details.

Locating The Air Pump

You’ll find the air inject pump in front of the engine-wrapped serpentine belt. You can remove the serpentine belt by inserting a ratchet.

Removing The Hose

The next step is hose removal. Any clamps should be unfastened and the hose will be removed from the pump.

Removal Of Electric Connections

Take apart the electrical connections and the vacuum lines. If any vacuum lines or electrical connections are attached to the pump, disconnect them as early as possible. After that, remove the bolts used to attach the air pump using a ratchet or tool.

Installation Of New Pump

After doing the steps mentioned above, it’s time to install a new pump. Then replace the smog pump mounting bolts and torque them to a close fit. The next step is to put back all the electric connections and pump hose reinstallation.

Watch This Video to Get Some Practical Ideas on Replacement

Symptoms Of A Faulty Air Inject Pump

The following are the major symptoms of a faulty air injection pump. Let’s check out.

Inefficient Use Of Fuel

If the air injection system isn’t working properly, you’ll notice decreased fuel efficiency. Fuel-efficient air pumps exist to aid in the combustion process.

If there are no other obvious issues, your car’s MPG might be down because of a fault with the air injection system.

Rumbling Engine

The noise your engine makes when starting or turning over may be an indication of a more serious issue.

If so, the pump needs to be repaired. The pump ensures that the engine operates cleanly, and the engine’s volume will increase if the fuel is not entirely consumed.

“Check Engine Light”

The check engine light is the most important indicator that there is a problem with the air pump. OBD-II is a general term that is used in modern vehicles to highlight issues with the vehicle.

If you get the OBD-II error code P0410, it signifies that the oxygen sensor in your exhaust did not detect a reduction in the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust stream.

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This may indicate that your vehicle’s secondary air injection system is not drawing sufficient fresh air into the exhaust stream.

Decreased Power Output

Reduced horsepower is one more indicator that you could be dealing with a broken air pump. The engine is unable to create the same level of power because the gasoline is not being burnt as effectively as it normally would.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to fix an air injection system?

It’s estimated that you will need around $450 to fix a secondary air injection system. This cost is the total of the costs associated with the labor and the parts. The price of new parts is around $250, and the cost of labor is often between $150 and $200.

What causes an air injection pump to fail?

The failure of the system is often brought on by a dysfunctional pump the vast majority of the time. The pump may become inoperable if moisture is allowed to get into the system and cause damage. Failure of the pump can also be caused by problems with the ground or the voltage supply.

Can you drive with a broken secondary air pump?

You don’t require a second injection pump to drive. This is because a faulty secondary injection pump may lead to a wide range of drivability issues, the severity of which can vary dramatically from one instance to the next.


So far, you got to know the Toyota Tundra air injection pump replacement cost. However, as per the mentioned information, replacing air injection pumps is quite expensive. That’s why regular maintenance is required for a longer lifespan of an air injection pump.

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