7 Reasons Why Subaru Forester Check Engine Light Cruise Flashing Traction Control!

Do you know why the Subaru Forester check engine light cruise flashing traction control pops up? It happens when the traction control automatically gets disabled.

However, this is not always a matter of panic. When you are on a slippery road in cold weather, and the light comes up, the system keeps the wheels in contact with the road. But what if the light appears while you’re in good weather? Then there are some other problems.

Disabled traction control systems are not always the issue most Subaru owners face. Read the content thoroughly to get informed about it entirely.

Subaru Forester Check Engine Light Cruise Flashing Traction Control- Reasons and Solutions

Damaged wires, burned ignition coil, or bad catalytic converters are oftentimes the culprit of this issue. In most cases, restarting the vehicle fixes the problem. But sometimes you may have to call a professional. The following chart will let you know every possible solution you can approach.

Probable ReasonsPossible Solutions
Disabled traction controlRestart your vehicle
Bad catalytic converterClean or replace
Burned ignition coilChange the coil
Faulty speed sensorGet a mechanic
Damaged wiresChange the wires
Leak detection pumpFix the leak
Clogged fuel gas capClean the gas cap

Disabled Traction Control

The most common issue is traction control. It automatically gets disabled and enables itself again. There aren’t many things to do if this is the case.

Solution: Park your vehicle on a side of the road and stop the engine for 5 to 10 mins. Then restart it as usual. Doing this will solve the problem. But if it doesn’t get solved, then call a mechanic who can read the code of your computer.

Bad Catalytic Converter

A bad emission system always turns the check engine and the traction control light on. The main reason behind this can be a bad cat. Also, when the conveyer gets clogged, it involves the issue.

Solution: First, clean the converter if it’s jammed. If cleaning doesn’t work, then replacing it would be wise.

Burned Ignition Coil

The traction control light usually turns on in the cold weather. But if it gets on in the summer, then there’s a strong possibility your ignition coil is burned. The ignition coil issue often happens with the old vehicle.

Solution: As a burned ignition coil can’t be fixed, replace the coil with the old one. An appropriate ignition coil for Subaru is available from $9000 to $16000.

Faulty Speed Sensor

After a long drive in any weather, the speed sensor issue appears. It suddenly shows a code on your dashboard. And if you don’t know the code’s meaning, whatever you do, you won’t be able to fix the problem.

Solution: Get a mechanic who’s able to read the code. And if needed, change the speed sensor as soon as possible. But before you make a call to a paid technician, restart your vehicle several times. If it doesn’t fix the problem, then make a call.

Damaged Wires

Damaged wires anywhere, especially on the catalytic converter, are one of the reasons why traction control lights appear. This is one of the issues that most of us overlook. And not every Subaru owner is aware of it.

Solution: To find the damaged wires, call a professional. And if you are an expert you can also do the searching. Replacing all the damaged wires is the appropriate solution for this.

Leak Detection Pump

When you don’t find any reason behind the traction light, check the detection pump. There may be any leak that turns the light on. You may have to call a mechanic for this.

Solution: Once you find the leak, get a welding mechanic to fix it. Welding throughout the pump won’t cost you much and it renews the pump for many years.

Clogged Fuel Gas Cap

Besides finding any leak, give the fuel gas cap a check whether it’s clogged. The dirt in the cap often prevents the flow of the fuel and shows the TC light.

Solution: Clean the entire cap with the help of a professional. Make sure it won’t be jammed again in a short time. If there’s any leak, fix it with welding.

What Does the Traction-Control Light Mean?

A solid TC light in a rainy condition means the system works just fine. However, if it’s blinking and in good condition, that means there’s something with the traction control. There could also be some other reasons, such as a deactivated control system, improper function, a faulty speed sensor, etc. Restarting the vehicle after relaxing it for a few minutes is the immediate solution to this problem.

However, if restarting doesn’t work, then there certainly are some other issues. Read the mentioned problem above, inspect your vehicle and follow the solution accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when your check engine light and traction control light come on at the same time?

When both of the lights appear at the same time, there’s a strong possibility these two things happened. One is a malfunctioning control system, and two multifunctioning speed sensors. Check for any code that appears in your dashboard and fix the problem.

Why is my check engine light on and cruise control flashing Subaru Forester?

The reason is either the cruise control has been disabled, or the vehicle’s dynamic stability control has been damaged. Both the problems show a code so that you can take steps accordingly.

Can cruise control make your check engine light come on?

Yes, faulty cruise control can turn the CEL on if there’s any problem with the engine or transmission. And it mostly happens after starting the engine. Seeing anything like this, call a mechanic ASAP.


The Subaru Forester check engine light cruise flashing traction control showing on the dash is one of the most common problems. It indicates the vehicle’s proper functioning system in the cold.

But the light pops up in a usual condition and keeps on blinking, and then the above explanation will come in handy for you. We hope you’ve been acquainted with some valuable information and act sensibly next time it happens.

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