Silverado Leather Seat Swap- All Model Years Explained!

Wondering, what year Silverado seats are interchangeable? In short, you can swap out all the seats in a Silverado with ease. However, there are other factors to take into account beforehand, such as the luxury features of the seat, which vary according to the Silverado trim level.

Chevy Silverado has always been reliable to its customers in terms of providing unique and premium features. But not all Silverado trims give you a pair of leather seats. In such circumstances, you may wonder if the Silverado leather seat swap is possible or not.

In this article, you will know which Silverado seats can be directly swapped and which require additional changes and work perfectly.

Silverado Leather Seat Swap Guide

For those considering seat changes and seat swaps, the new generation of Silverado has brought a whole new set of wiring challenges.

For a long period of cruising, Silverado always made changes to its seats in every generation and trims. The older model Silverado mostly had flat seats covered in clothing and minimal electric features.

With time, the seat quality changed drastically, introducing new and premium features. This made the winter journey comfortable and reduced fatigue and back pains due to upgraded lumbar support.

Silverado Leather Seat Compatibility Chart

GenerationCompatible Model Years For Seat Swap
First Generation1999-2006
Second Generation2007-2013
Third Generation2014-2018
Fourth Generation2019- Present

Each model year of Chevrolet Silverado comes with many trim levels such as the LT, LT-Z, Trail Boss, and more. The LT-Z, or Luxury Touring-Z, comes with all the premium features embedded within the seats. These are the power options, heating, and leather building.

That is why the seats of each trim of different models are the most compatible candidate for the swap. For example, you can easily do a 2016 Silverado leather seat replacement with the 2015 Silverado LT-Z.

Similarly, you can also perform a 99-06 Silverado seat swap. Cross-generation and trims level leather seat swap is also possible. But in those circumstances, you must bypass the memory and check the availability of electrical features.

For example, a 2008 Silverado leather seat replacement can be done with a 2015 one.

Besides, check and ensure what year Silverado wheels are interchangeable if you plan for a wheel swap.

Some Precautions Before Swapping Silverado Seats

You cannot just take a seat from a different model Silverado and install it in your truck. The Seats that come with Silverado 2014 and above are excellent for hot rods and concept car seat conversions. It is because they are cozy and feature a nice level mounting base.

Although these seats are great, there is a catch if you want the ‘Charged’ seats with all the electrical features in your truck. Bypassing the memory is unquestionably the trickiest part of swapping Silverado seats.

Moreover, there are some other mandatory precautions that you must consider before planning to do a seat swap in your Silverado.

Power Features

Before swapping the stock one, you must check for the wiring harness compatibility with the seat. Although most model years of the similar generation seats possess identical motor positions and wiring options, it is always safe to double-check.

Moreover, while swapping the passenger side manual seat with a power-enabled one, you must ensure the wiring connections are perfectly grounded and follow the user manual. The seat is inoperable when the driver’s side is powered with the same power and ground.

Seat Belt Compatibility

Some Silverado models have seat belts completely assigned to the seat itself. In contrast, other models of a different generation have seat belts installed within the door panel.

When switching seats, ensure the seat belt connecting the sensor blinks if the belt is not fastened.

Check for Hot Rods

The reason behind the comfort in long journeys by a Silverado is the seat heating option. If the seat you are switching out for includes a heating option but your standard seat does not, connecting cables and switches must be sorted while installing.

Seat Ventilation System

Similar to the heating feature, Silverado’s newer model years and premium trim levels have a seat ventilation system. This feature is mainly assigned to the driver-side seats.

However, you should check for this swapping capability of your seat.

Ensure Lumbar Support

People frequently overlook the comfort and lumbar support the seat offers when changing. It is preferable to replace the factory seats with ones that have a similar or superior lumbar support. If not, you can have fatigue and backache while traveling a long distance.

Check for the Seat Quality

It need not be said that leather seats are more comfortable and premium compared to clothing ones.

The leather seats are only available to the LT-Z trim levels of Silverado. Hence if you are planning to swap your seats, ensure to get one from the LT-Z series of Silverado. It gives better performance alongside the heating and ventilation features.

Seat Memory Bypass

The LT, LT1, LT2, and LTZ trim levels of the Silverado come with a seat memory feature. It is hard to bypass the memory feature as it requires programming within the ECU of the truck.

Besides, sometimes a backup memory harness is required to complete the process. Since it is a complicated process, it is recommended to seek help from a professional while doing a memory bypass with additional changes and modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Chevy has leather seats?

Most model years after 2006 come with leather seats. However, the LS and LT trim levels do not possess leather seats. Only the LT-Z and other premium trim levels from the second generation of Silverado come with leather-embedded seats.

Does Chevy offer leather seats?

Chevy SUVs and trucks offer leather seats. You need to get the LT-Z trim levels of different models of the trucks and SUVS for the leather seats. Most other trim levels come with cloth seats.

Does Chevrolet use real leather?

The premium version vehicles of Chevrolet, such as the Silverado, use real leather seats. These leather seats will be found only in the premium trim levels. The LT-Z trim possesses real leather in its seats.


Since Silverado is a heavy-duty luxury truck; its owners often want to change the seats for better support and comfort. If you are one of them looking for a Silverado leather seat swap, you should check on all the mandatory criteria beforehand.

Difficulties might grow by inappropriately swapping seats without first ensuring they are compatible. Additionally, all of the seat’s accessories should be examined.

We trust that the information in this post will help you make wise decisions and make the necessary preparations before swapping the seats on your Silverado.

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