Service Battery Charging System Chevy Malibu Problem Solved!

Why is it showing “Service battery charging system Chevy Malibu?” There are several reasons why your Chevy Malibu might show a “Service battery charging system” message. The most common reason is that the battery is not being charged correctly and could also be due to a problem with the alternator or battery cables.

Only you can realize the frustration and suffering when you encounter the same condition.

Assume you are driving the way to the office or home. Suddenly you see “Service battery charging system” on the screen.

After around 30 minutes, you get another message on the screen “Batter Saver Active.” Since then, your electrical component seems to stop working, and the headlights and the other components get shut off.

In this case, what should you do?

We do not want you to face the same situation. As a result, we will guide you to introduce some probable reasons when it occurs. In addition, we also discuss essential guidelines for resolving.

No more blah-blah; let’s get started –

Service Battery Charging System Chevy Malibu

If your Chevy Malibu shows  “service battery charging system,” it means your Chevy has a harmful problem and needs maintenance as soon as possible.

As said, it might occur for several reasons; it could be a problem of low voltage battery, alternator, battery connections, broken wire, and others.

But mostly, it happens if you have a problem with the battery and alternator. In this article, we will provide an elaboration discussion on each of the potential issues that may be responsible for making it happen.

In the section, first, we’ll draw a table of possible reasons and solutions, providing you with a vital idea in short. Then we’ll go for an elaborate discussion of each cause.

ReasonsSolutions to Try
Battery IssuesThe battery must get tested and ensure the exact voltage.
Alternator ProblemNeed to test the alternator to know if it drops below 12 volts or not.
Battery Cables and ConnectionsEnsure the cables and connector are connected and tightened correctly.
Broken WireFind out if there is a broken wire or not.
Drive Belt ProblemCheck if the drive belt might be loose or broken.

Now, take a long breath and sit tight wherever you are because we are going into an elaborate discussion.

Battery Issues

The problem might occur if you have a problem with the service battery charging system. If it isn’t working correctly, the battery won’t be able to hold any charge.

So, to cure the problem, you have to ensure battery capacity, whether it’s able to hold the charge or not, or old or damaged. If the battery is responsible for the issue, there is no alternative way rather than replace the battery as soon as possible.

Alternator Problem

A bad alternator is the most common problem. If your alternator is not working correctly, it can cause the battery to lose power too quickly. It can also be a problem if you don’t use your car often, as the battery may not have enough time to recharge between uses.

As we know, an alternator must charge the battery and power all of the electrical systems in the car by converting the mechanical energy to electrical energy. So, if it fails, the battery can’t get charged fully and lose power.

Suppose you face the problem; we recommend having the alternator checked to see whether it drops below 12 volts or not. If you find the alternator is dropping below 12 volts, then it needs to be replaced soon to fix the problem.

Battery Cables and Connections

As it’s a battery-related problem, it might happen if you have a problem with the battery cable and connections.

To fix the issue, you need to find the battery cable with any damage, loose connections, or corrodes in your car. If you see, then you need to clean and tighten correctly. If you get damaged cables there, replace them with new ones.

Broken Wire

You may also face a problem with a broken wire in the battery charging system. As a result, the system can not charge the battery properly or may not charge it at all. And bad wiring is unable to transmit the power from the alternator to the battery. In this case, the battery can also be dead.

You can also check out the ‘reasons for showing the message- ‘service rear vision system’ on car dashboard, what if you or your dear ones need.

Drive Belt Problem

If your car has a drive belt problem, it can cause the service battery charging system to malfunction. The drive belt is responsible for turning the alternator, which charges the battery.

If the belt is worn or damaged, it can cause the alternator not to charge the battery properly, leading to the battery not holding a charge and needing to be replaced more often.

To fix, ensure the belt is tight and in proper condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does service battery charging mean for Chevy Malibu?

If you see the “Service battery charging” message on your Chevy Malibu on the dash, the battery is not being charged correctly, and your car needs maintenance soon.
It can be due to several things, including a loose or corroded battery terminal, a problem with the alternator, or a problem with the battery itself.
If you see this message, you should take your car to a mechanic to have it checked out.

Can I drive my car if it says service battery charging system?

If the message says “Service battery charging system,” you can drive your car. However, it’s not recommended, but we suggest you go near the distance if there is a repair shop around. We do not recommend long-distance.
If you keep driving your car even after it shows the message, it will not be safe to go. The battery could die while driving, causing the vehicle to stall. If this happens, it could be hazardous.

How do I fix my battery charging system?

You can fix the battery charging system problem by diagnosing a few components in your car. It generally may occur due to a problem with battery performance, bad alternator, and wiring connection.
You need to check the battery performance and the alternator function. And next, check the wiring connection and battery post if there is a loose connection, damage, or corrosion. If you find the problem, decide whether it needs repair or replacement as necessary.


So far, we have discussed the service battery charging system Chevy Malibu can be due to several problems, and we also have described the solutions to each issue. After reading the article, we think you can make the necessary decision for the solution.

Do not take a risk if your car indicates the message “Service battery charging system” because it means your car needs maintenance soon; otherwise, it might get damaged badly.

Therefore, do not waste any longer time, we always recommend taking your vehicle to an expert mechanic if you don’t have any knowledge regarding the problem.

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