Radio Display Not Working on Chevy Malibu: Possible Reasons and Solutions

Why is the radio display not working on Chevy Malibu? The most common reason is the fuse might be blown or outdated software. Also, a faulty dimmer or stereo might also be the case. Just reboot the system, and you’re good to go.

The key to replacing a fault radio display in Chevrolet Malibu is simple and less time-consuming. All you need to know is the possible solutions for such phenomena.

Hence, we’ve discussed the facts thoroughly so that you can solve the issues on your own and save both time and cash. Let’s check them out.

Radio Display Not Working Chevy Malibu

Here are some common reasons and causes for the Chevy Malibu display not working suddenly. Take a look at the table below:

ReasonsPossible Solutions
Blown fuseImmediate replacement
Faulty dimmerCheck the setting of the dimmer
Faulty stereoReset the stereo setting
Outdated softwareImmediate software update

You might ask yourself a question such as, “Are these problems show up in all models of Chevrolet?”  Well, the problem will vary according to the model number. For example, if you have a 2013 Chevy Malibu radio not working, it has the most common problem: faulty stereo.

However, let’s dig into more details.

Fuse And Its Application On The Chevy’s Radio

A fuse is a piece of the element that keeps your radio’s circuit safe when there’s an overflow of electricity in your car’s internal circuits. It consists of a thin piece of metal wire inside, which has a very low melting temperature.

An overflow of charge results in your 2014 Chevy Malibu radio display not working, and additionally, there might be some permanent damage. That’s why the thin metal wire in the fuse melts, disconnecting the circuit and keeping your radio display safe.

How To Fix: Therefore, when a fuse is blown, it might need immediate replacement. After resetting the fuse, you’ll notice the display is viewing interfaces like before. If the problem is still not solved, check the other causes for further inspection.

Insufficient Brightness Due To A Faulty Dimmer

Incorrect brightness levels in your Chevy’s radio display will also create problems for you. Almost all models of Chevrolet come with a suitable dimmer function.

All drivers tend to keep the brightness level of their radio display high on a sunny day and low at night so that it doesn’t affect their eyesight. The setting for this brightness mode is quite simple.

How To Fix: You need to look for the brightness option in your radio display and adjust it according to your comfort level. If the display is still not working to your expectation level, the problem might arise with the illumination wire.

While checking the wiring, you’ll notice an orange wire. If you see that the wire’s temperature is relatively high, it’ll require changing. Just stop the car engine at first and loosen the wire for replacement.

If you realize that replacing a wire isn’t your area of expertise, seek expert help.

Faulty Stereo

Another reason for your Chevy Malibu display not working is a faulty stereo system. This problem is specified in two sections – either you can’t control the stereo efficiently, or the whole stereo option is black on display.

How to Fix: For the first section, you must check your stereo’s settings. If you cannot understand the setting’s complexity, switch to default mode.

On the other hand, if the default setting isn’t enough to solve the problem, you can switch to advanced options after having a generalized idea over the stereo system.

If none of the above-mentioned fixing works, the problem might occur due to a blown fuse, and we’ve already discussed how to recover a blown fuse.

Outdated Software

All these problems regarding the faulty radio display might be due to outdated software. As Chevrolet’s radio system runs on a particular software, if it’s not updated regularly, the interface might not cope, resulting in the display not working.

How to Fix: One standard solution is a software update whenever your 2012 Chevy Malibu radio display is not working. We recommend that all Chevy users try this first and then go for other solutions if the problem remains intact.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to reset the Chevy Malibu screen?

One process to resolve such problems regarding the radio in Chevy includes resetting the whole screen function. Another way to do that is to simultaneously press the ‘Home’ and ‘Fast Forward’ buttons and wait for some seconds. You’ll see the system reboots every advanced setting and switches them to defaults.

Why is my car radio display not working?

There are several reasons for your Chevrolet radio display not working, and some of the common causes include:
#. Blown fuse
#. Malfunctioning stereo
#. Faulty dimmer
#. Software that is out of date

How do you know if a radio fuse is blown?

The fuse is located inside a fuse holder. To check whether the fuse is blown or not, you need to remove it from the holder and check whether there’s a visible gap or not. If you can find the gap, you can be sure that the fuse is blown.


Chevrolets provide a suitable transmitter in their models. Radio display not working on Chevy Malibu is a very common case. It’s easily avoidable with standard solutions like checking the fuse, dimmer, or updating the software.

And since we’ve discussed these issues thoroughly, you should be good if anything happens.

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