Powder Coat Vs Paint Wheels [What Is Better and Why]

You have two choices for protecting and customizing the look of the wheels on your car: powder coating or painting. But, is there any difference between powder coat and paint wheels? The straightforward answer to this question is a big ‘Yes.’ The powder coating is more durable compared to the painting.

However, there’s more to consider regarding powder coat vs paint wheels for different vehicles. As you tend to spend your money on the wheels, ensure the cost is worth it. So, it will be better if we break down the two methods of painting your car before you so you can realize which way to go and why.

Let us not waste more time and get straight to the main points.

Powder Coat Vs Paint Wheels

Comparison FactsPowder CoatPaint
CostHigher cost rangeCost-effective
DurabilityComparatively better durabilityLess durable
LongevityImpressive longevityAverage longevity
ApplicationTime-consuming application processEasy application
SusceptibilityNot pretty much susceptibleMore susceptible

In terms of powder coating, the power of the color is sprayed into the metal surface, holding an electrical charge. Once the spraying is done, the metal is baked for a certain period so that powder can adhere to it properly.

On the other hand, traditional painting is about painting the metal surface with liquid color. Both car painting methods have been practiced for a long time.

Nonetheless, the table above comparing powder coat vs paint car wheels may have started to let you know the differences.

However, as we go deeper into the comparison facts below, you will better understand the paint and powder coat. In addition, you will also discover where they make a difference.

The Difference in Durability Regarding Powder Coat and Paint

Durability is one of the core things when finishing on wheels. However, comparing the powder coat and traditional paint in this case, the powder coat is more durable than the paint. The thermal bonding of powder coating resists dust, dirt, and scratches from coming in touch with the wheels.

On the other hand, the traditional paint may not work more efficiently than the powder coating. Nonetheless, the biggest reason for this is that the paint doesn’t come with an additional layer, which we find with powder coating. 

That’s why the paint can’t perform as expected when resisting scratches and wears and tear.

However, the supreme powder coat spray then well-heated procedure makes the powder coating more durable.

Longevity Comparison of Powder Coat and Paint

Longevity makes another colossal difference regarding powder coat vs paint car wheels. At the end of the day, you should try to choose a finish for your car’s wheel that can last for a long time.

However, in this case, where the powder coat and paint are fighting, the first option provides more longevity than the last option.

Nonetheless, the powder coating has more corrosion and spot resistance than the paint. So, naturally, the powder coat is supposed to last longer than the paint.

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In addition, the paint on the car is often regarded as a temporary solution, whereas the powder coat is a more permanent solution to the car’s wheel.

The powder coat is thicker than the traditional paint. Furthermore, credit goes to the hard thermal bonding that smoothly makes the dry powder coat melt with the wheel.

The difference in Application Between Powder Coat and Paint Wheels

As mentioned above, typically, powder coating is a long-term process because the wheels must go through different processes or steps before finally being powder coated. Besides, the application process of powder coat is more complex than the paint.

On the other hand, you don’t need to spend too much time if you want to paint your car’s wheels. However, this can be crucial if you ask if it is better to paint or powder coat wheels.

In most cases, applying a color coat is lengthier because it needs a high temperature to cure and ultimately takes time to cool down the reels. But, regarding paint, the process doesn’t require a high temperature.

Powder Coat and Paint Wheels Difference in Susceptibility

We can’t just deny discussing this section regarding powder coat vs wet paint alloy wheels. Nonetheless, too much susceptibility is not better with wheel protection because you may have to drive your car on the worst of the roads.

However, the paint on wheels is more susceptible than the powder coat. This is the reason you can’t expect long-term wheel surface protecting performance from paint rather than powder coat.

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Cost Difference Between Powder Coat and Paint

The application price can be considerable regarding powder coat or paint wheels. However, if you want to powder coat your wheels, you need to spend a lot of money compared to what you are supposed to spend on traditional paint. But, the reason?

According to the experts in this field, powder coating is a long procedure. It’s not just about the wheel’s spray powder coat or thermal bond. In addition, the materials used in powder coating are more than paint, which is not widely available.

For this, the additional cost of the powder coat is a bit higher than the paint. But, if we consider the long run, the powder coating may seem more cost-effective as you don’t need to apply it frequently.

On the other hand, as the paint is needed to apply for a regular interval, it can cost a lot of money from your pocket.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Better to Paint or Powder Coat Wheels?

The powder coat is much better compared to the paint on the wheel. The biggest reason why the powder coat is better is because of its impressive durability. Powder coat comes with strong corrosion resistance ability. In addition, powder coats perform much better when resisting scratches and wear and tear. You will hardly find any issue with sports on the powder-coated wheels.

Is It Cheaper to Paint or Powder Coat?

When it comes to cost, the paint is much cheaper than the powder coat. As powder coating needs materials like thermoplastic (Polyolefin, Polyester), thermosets (Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid, Acrylic), powder coat application costs are usually higher. Besides, most of the materials are not pretty much available on the market all the time. But, if you think about the long-time service, the powder coat is more affordable than the paint for longevity.

What Is a Stronger Powder Coat or Paint?

The powder coat is stronger than the paint. The possible reason why the powder coat is stronger is because of its dense, sturdy finish. When the dry powder coat is sprayed with the electronic charge on the wheel and then cured at a high temperature, the coat becomes stronger and less susceptible. Thus, it generates mind-blowing protection for wheels.

Final Words

Now, it’s time to summarize the entire discussion related to powder coat vs paint wheels. We have presented some unavoidable facts and comparisons regarding the two types of wheel-protecting methods. So, it’s up to you.

Nonetheless, if you want long-lasting protection of your car’s wheel, the powder coat is the first choice you should consider. In addition to mentioning durability, powder coats also win the battle.

On the other hand, you will get much more custom color options to apply on the wheels with the paint than the powder coat.

Furthermore, if you don’t mind painting your car’s wheels repeatedly in a short time, the paint on wheels is for you. But, though the initial coat of the paint seems affordable, it won’t be beneficial thinking about long-term protection.

So, what are you thinking now? Which option will you go with and won’t mind recommending to your near and dear ones?

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