Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement Cost- Explore Before You Go!

How much does it cost to replace a Porsche IMS bearing? You are surely finding the answer as your vehicle is often experiencing a catastrophic engine failure.

In today’s market, the Porsche IMS bearing replacement cost is around $4000, including the labor expenses. Yet you may have to count a little or more depending on your vehicle model.

To know everything about IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing replacement costs and their maintenance, check out the below part of this content. We hope you’ll be benefited from knowing some valuable information regarding the topic.

Porsche IMS Bearing Replacement Cost

The ceramic bearing that the market sells costs $1700 to $2500 for various Porsches models. Most of the bearings are available for the latest model of the Porsche brand. Even the oldest model of Porsche 911 996 IMS bearing replacement costs are all similar.

Alongside, the latest model of 2006 Porsche IMS bearing replacement cost also varies between this range. And the labor cost differs between 1500$ according to your location. So the total cost of a Porsche IMS bearing is approximately $4000.

However, the expenditure also varies depending on your vehicle mode, whether it’s auto or manual. The auto cost, including fitting, is $4065, and the manual cost is $3310. The Porsche Boxster IMS bearing replacement cost is also in this range.

Then, again, the earlier Porsche with 3.6L engines has a slightly smaller shaft bearing than the later models, such as the S model with a larger single row bearing.

What Year Porsches Have IMS Problems?

Typically the Porsche 911 model is known for having intermediate shaft bearing problems. It leads to engine failure beyond repair. It’s a serious vulnerability that you should take into consideration before purchasing the vehicle.

After an IMS bearing failure, the engine needs either be replaced or rebuilt. But, if you replace the bearing before the damage occurs, you can save a lot of money. And a Porsche 911 IMS bearing replacement cost is around $4000.

How Often Should You Replace the IMS Bearing?

According to some engineers’ perceptions, the IMS bearing should be changed every two years. Yet, nobody is eager to count that amount of money every two years. So, you can change it every four years. However, the exact time duration depends on the bearing model you have.

The bearing model of Classic Single Row IMS Retrofit is suggested to be replaced in 4 years or after 50,000 miles. And the Classic Dual Row IMS Retrofit bearing model needs replacement after 75,000 miles or 6 years of use.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What year did Porsche fix the IMS bearing?

For the year of 2007 models and onwards, Porsche upgraded the IMS and the design of its bearing alongside. In the year 2017, this automobile company started featuring sealed ceramic hybrid ball bearing in their vehicles.

Should I replace my IMS bearing?

If you frequently face engine failure, replacing the IMS bearing should be your first option. Any IMS bearing replacement is meant to be put in as a proactive step in preventative and routine maintenance.

How much does it cost to replace IMS 996?

Porsche 996 IMS bearing replacement cost is approximately between $1700-$2500. Yet, if you replace it with labor, it may cost you up to $4000. However, the labor cost varies depending on your location and the price differs according to the year of the model.


So, now that you know what Porsche IMS bearing replacement cost is, you shouldn’t have to bargain with the mechanics. You better replace the bearing in every suggested mileage and save yourself from a bigger loss. Once a vehicle is trapped in a catastrophic engine failure, you’ll have to count so much money.

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