This Porsche Cayenne Immobilizer Reset Process You Might Not Know!

How do you reset the Porsche Cayenne immobilizer? Let me tell you the straightforward answer. You have to rearrange the PCM setting.

We will tell you the basic method with some effective procedures for the immobilizer reset in Porsche Cayenne.

To learn the reset method in detail, you must read the whole article. Then you will be able to know the Porsche Cayenne immobilizer reset.

So without wasting any time, let’s go into the main content.

Porsche Cayenne Immobilizer Reset Ways

The PCM setting is one of the most active ways to reset the Porsche Cayenne immobilizer. Because this setting works for the powertrain control module.

After pressing the PCM info button for around 10 seconds, it will reboot. And then you need to follow some steps to reset your Porsche Cayenne.

The Steps include:

·Step 1: Go to the PCM CAR from the settings.

Step 2: Then select the OPTION

Step 3: Set PCM system

Step 4: Reset PCM

Step 5: Select Vehicle Handover

Step 5: Press “Yes” and then again “Yes.”

If you own a 933 Porsche and are looking for the Porsche 993 immobilizer reset, this procedure will be applied smoothly.

There is also an amazing way to reset the Porsche Cayenne immobilizer, checking parts of the system, including the vehicle’s battery, key fob battery, anti-theft system key, immobilizer, or other parts connected with the system.

After checking these, you will be able to find out the problems. Then according to the problem, you can take steps.

You will be pleased to know that you will get to learn the reset technique of the 2004 and 2005 models together.

Another Option for Immobilizer Reset on Porsche Cayenne

You mainly need to deactivate the immobilizer option. And for that, the first step is to check the parts connected with the system. There are some essential tools that you need for the checking procedure.

Necessary Tools

  1. Voltmeter
  2. Key fob remote
  3. Scan tool

Now we will discuss how to check each part of the vehicle by using a specific tool.

Vehicle’s Battery Checking

When the battery is not okay in your car, your car will not start. The appropriate battery can provide 12.5 volts. 

You can check the volt with a voltmeter. Use the voltmeter and jump-start the car. Then you can measure the volt.

If the volt of the battery is lower than 12.5 volts, then you can be sure the problem is with your car’s battery.

Battery Of The Key Fob Checking 

The key fob battery is as essential as the vehicle’s battery. To check the condition of the battery, you need a key fob remote. 

Using the key fob remote, you need to lock and then unlock the door. After that, turn on the ignition for a minimum of 30 seconds.

If you see that the car is not starting yet, then again lock and unlock the driver-side door with the main physical key and turn on the ignition for 30 seconds again.

This time it should start. If it still does not work, it is very unfortunate. And there is a high risk of having problems with the anti-theft system.

Anti Theft System Checking

There are different types of problems that can occur in the car’s anti-theft system.

You need to use a scan tool to determine the actual problem. The scan tool will read the trouble code. By which you can understand the problem.

According to our experts, “You will need the immobilizer code from the Porsche.” So keep this in mind.

Additionally, it can view the input and output data to identify the problem with the parts of the system like the key, receiver, module, etc.

According to the specific issue, you need to try the solution

After all the process, if you find out you have an issue with the immobilizer and you need to turn off the immobilizer to reset the Porsche Cayenne, then here is the easiest deactivation method.

How To Deactivate The Immobilizer?

It is a simple process. You just need to delete the immobilizer from the custom program of the engine module.

Then the immobilizer will turn off immediately. And then you can easily do a Porsche immobilizer reset within a few seconds.

We hope that you can reset the Porsche Cayenne immobilizer by yourself. As we told you, you will also learn the reset technique for 2005.

Let us inform you that the 2005 Porsche Cayenne immobilizer reset is the same as you do for the 2004 model. In fact, you can apply this reset technique for all the models of the Porsche Cayenne immobilizer. 

We expect you have learned the process very well, and now you are okay with solving the immobilizer alarm. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you bypass an immobilizer?

Yes, you can bypass an immobilizer. You just need to place the key in the keyhole. After that, you have to deactivate the immobilizer of the car to avoid the remote start.

How do you start a Porsche Cayenne with a dead key?

Remove the hidden key fob, pull the door handle, and then try to place the key underneath here. Then twist the key fob to the left, hold the key up, and the door will be open.
Place the key inside the driver-side part of the pop holder, and try to start the car. The car will start, but you will get a message that they can not take the key; you should try again.


Porsche Cayenne immobilizer reset is a common term for the people who drive the Cayenne. We tried to tell each of the details on this. So, we hope you get some idea to get rid of your issue.

We tried to make the article incredibly valuable with a lot of significant information. We also hope you can relate to our information and can have the benefit of solving your problems.

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