Porsche Cayenne Ignition Switch Problems- Major 3 You Must Know!

What are the common problems users usually face with Porsche Cayenne ignition switch? The ignition switch cannot empower or start the car. The ignition key can be stuck inside the lock too.

These situations are enough to get poorly frustrated. You won’t be able to run your Porsche efficiently. What to do in this situation, and how to avoid these problems? This article contains all the answers related to Porsche Cayenne ignition switch problems, symptoms, and reasons.

Aging can create a problem with the ignition switch soon. But you can increase the life length of your Porsche through the fixes and maintenance in time. Learn more by digging deep into this page.

What are the Porsche Cayenne Ignition switch Problems and Reasons?

Is your Porsche Cayenne not turning on by ignition switch, or is the key stuck inside its lock? It happens. Car starting issues are the most common problem associated with the ignition switch.

Let’s know them in short.

The ignition lock in Porsche Cayenne is a turning switch function. This assembly includes a few notches that let the critical turn into different degrees. Thus, it controls other functions with each move. Generally, most of the ignition switches in Porsche Cayenne play a different role in four clicks.

The first clockwise click starts the steering wheel job by unlocking the essential electrical car components. The second or two clicks start electrically powered car parts like the power windows. Three clicks clockwise start the engine component to make them ready to run the engine. After the fourth click, the engine starts.

So, several functions are related to ignition switches, and a faulty situation in this lock will create significant Porsche ignition switch problems.

1. Problems with Activating the Power

As mentioned above, the second and third clicks provide power to electrically functioned components. When the ignition switch is faulty for wearing, the mechanism inside the key is defective, or the key is old and worn out, it cannot work correctly, and the ignition switch cannot provide enough power to the components.

Another reason for this problem can be damaged interlock solenoid. When this solenoid is faulty, the car gets an electrical defect between the interlock solenoid and the ignition switch system.

For this problem, you will see symptoms like your car won’t start; the vehicle can stall during running, the ignition key may not turn on, or keep the ignition on constantly.

You should take your Porsche to an expert technician whenever you get these symptoms. If the ignition lock deteriorates, you will have to replace it. Old Porsche shows this problem frequently.

2. Ignition Switch Stuck

When the vehicle is old, it is possible to have the Porsche Cayenne ignition key not removed and enter the lock quickly. It can happen to the bind column lock. The key cannot move smoothly inside when the ignition lock is corroded, faulty, or rough. At this time, you will see some other symptoms, like the won’t start easily or idling. So, the problem can be with the ignition assembly.

How does it become rough inside the lock? An old Porsche can be worn out, already becoming old and parts aging. However, it wears or tears when the key moves in or out. Regular maintenance and reduction of the constant motion of the ignition key can increase its life.

You must bring your car to the technician and inspect the ignition switch assembly. If the ignition lock and switch are only the problems, replacing this lock is enough to repair this problem. Check for the ignition solenoid or ignition coil.

3. Problems with Starting

Porsche Cayenne starter problems can appear due to the ignition system issues. A faulty ignition coil, switch, or cylinder can cause this problem. Sometimes, this issue can occur as a safety feature or damaged wafers.

The newer Porsche model car has the safety lock feature, creating problems with turning the car using the ignition switch. In this case, you must know the system to unlock this feature.

The Porsche Cayenne runs with the wafer system. Two pieces of the wafer work by splitting them into the ignition key. While working for the key, wafer parts can jam the ignition lock system. If the wafer system is faulty, it happens. So, replacing the wafer system is the proper fix to this problem.

However, in the 2008 Porsche Cayenne no ignition can happen for the fault in the fuses and replays in the ignition system. With aging, Porsche ignition fuses and replays need replacement. Proper maintenance can increase the lifetime.

Sometimes, there is no problem in the ignition assembly or total system. The problem can be with only the key. Continuous abrasion thins out the edges of the key. While a new key is sharp and crisp, the older key has round edges. Ignition switching requires setting the key at the right point of the lock.

Make a new key and get your car ready to run. Moreover, the technician solves Porsche Cayenne starting issues through several inspections and some fixes like battery replacement, using a silicon-based spray, jiggling the key, repairing the gear shift, and wiggling the steering wheel.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you start a Porsche Cayenne with a dead key?

when you have a Porsche dead key, it is stuck inside the lock. First, start the car once or twice. You will get a notification on your car’s computer saying that the key is not found or dead. Then try another time to start the vehicle. The system will instruct you to remove the key and insert it again. Now you can easily remove the key and start the car next try.

How do you remove the ignition from a Porsche Cayenne?

Before removing the ignition from a Porsche Cayenne, disconnect the battery and remove the steering wheel, wipers, indicator switch, and steering column sleeve. Now, disconnect the electrical connections to the ignition and remove the bolt mounting. Using a screwdriver, unlock the ignition lock cylinder. Now pull the paperclip in the right direction from the ignition switch assembly. It will remove the ignition from the Porsche Cayenne.

How to get my key out of the ignition?

The ignition key can stick inside the ignition lock for the problems. In this case, jiggle the key using your right hand, keeping the critical cylinder pushed in by another hand. After shaking for a few seconds, it will loosen the pins and springs of your ignition key cylinder, and the key will be out.


The Porsche Cayenne ignition switch seems an elementary and not-so-important part. But it can make your driving stop. So, it is much essential to stay careful about this situation. From this article, you already know the Porsche Cayenne ignition switch problems, the reasons behind each issue, and their symptoms.

After knowing the detailed information about the ignition switch of Porsche, we hope you understand the importance of regular maintenance and inspection of the ignition switch, key, or complete assembly. Careful about the symptoms so that you can take proper actions at the right time before it gets severe.

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