Porsche 928 Vs 944 [Which One to Go With]+ Why?

Is there any difference between the Porsche 928 and 944? Yes, though both the cars are highly popular and demanding, if we compare them, the Porsche 928 provides more horsepower compared to the 944. But, wait, there are more differences to discuss.

Choosing a car that provides real value from a different perspective is essential. However, when you have two options, it’s important to compare them properly to pick the best one. That is why we believe it is crucial to thoroughly discuss Porsche 928 vs 944 in this blog.

Keep reading the blog to know exactly which car you should choose.

Porsche 928 Vs 944

Comparison FactsPorsche 928Porsche 944
Fuel EconomyAverage fuel economyImpressive fuel economy
PriceComparatively higher priceComparatively lower price
Maintenance costToo much costlyLower maintenance cost
Parts difference8 cylinder engine4 cylinders engine
PerformanceImpressive performance with higher horsepowerGood performance with average horsepower
ComportSuper comfortable to driveSatisfying comfort
Body StyleLuxurious body styleModern body style

So, what do you think of the table above? We believe you’ve got a more precise idea about Porsche 928 or 944. Nonetheless, it will be much better for you if we broadly break down the comparison facts.

Fuel Economy Difference Between Porsche 928 and 944

It is never good if you tend to buy a car but don’t show enough concern about the fuel economy you get from that particular car. A car’s fuel economy largely depends on the type of engine the car has.

However, regarding the Porsche 928, you can get impressive fuel economy but not good compared to what you can get from the Porsche 944.

If you take into consideration all models of the Porsche 928, you can get an overall fuel economy of 15-20 mpg. On the other hand, you can have a much more impressive fuel economy with the Porsche 944, which is around 27-30 mpg.

The possible cause of the fuel economy is the engine, and we will dive deeper into the fact later in this article. 

Porsche 928 and 944 Maintenance Cost Difference

Maintenance cost is another issue you should consider carefully. You spend a lot of money on buying a car, and it’s pretty obvious that you are not willing to spend too much on regular intervals as maintenance costs.

However, in terms of the Porsche 928, you have to spend too much money compared to the Porsche 944. The maintenance cost of the 928 is possibly higher because of the engine. Usually, the more cylinder engines you have on your car, the more you have to pay maintenance costs.

Comparing Performance of Porsche 928 and 944

As mentioned above, both types of cars provide the users with impressive performance. That’s why people tend to own these cars after so many years.

However, when discussing the Porsche 928, it is considered a luxury grand tourer sports car because of its mind-blowing horsepower. In addition, it comes with a flat-six, manual transmission with a strong v8 engine, which means more power and performance.

Furthermore, the weight of the Porsche 928 is much higher than the 944. Nonetheless, the extra weight provides you with a stable driving experience. Besides, when discussing acceleration, it is fantabulous with the 928 because it can reach up to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds.

Now, let’s describe the Porsche 944 in terms of performance. Fortunately, you will also have impressive performance with the Porsche 944 because this is one of the updated versions of the Porsche car. The 2.5-liter engine with a catalytic converter makes the car decent in speed and performance. However, the 944 is also a sports car.

Porsche 928 and 944 Regarding Parts Differences

There are many part differences between the two cars. Regarding the Porsche 928, you will have a 4.5-liter 8-cylinder engine. On the contrary, you can have a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with the Porsche 944. Besides, regarding engine displacement, you will have 5400 ccs with 928 and 300 ccs with the 944.

Differences in Body Style Regarding Porsche 928 and 944

Regarding body style and exterior design, both cars are popular and pretty demanding even today. The Porsche 928 has a luxurious body design with a narrow nose and decent headlamps on each side. In addition, it comes with a lower section traditional spoiler. Besides, the ‘Phone dial’ wheel and bumper less design make the car superficial to look at.

In terms of the Porsche 944, the body is less big than the 928. But, the transaxle body design of the 944 makes it one of the most popular Porsche cars in the United States. In addition, the 944 comes with a sleek design. It comes in colors like guards, silver, black, red, etc., but the red one is the most popular.

Nonetheless, you will have the Porsche 944 with a front spoiler painted exterior and flared wheel arches.

Price Difference between Porsche 928 and Porsche 944

We know some people hardly avoid the fact of pricing when it comes to buying anything. You may be one of them, and you will be delighted to know that you have to pay more money buying the 928 than the 944.

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The prices of both two types of vehicles have varied over the years. Besides, you will also find variations in prices based on the model you tend to buy. However, the latest Porsche 928 is between $27100-$37180. On the other hand, you may need to pay around $10700-$36300 for the Porsche 944.

If you search around the internet about the topic where people discuss Porsche 928 or 944, this pricing factor is unavoidable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Difference Between a Porsche 928 and a Porsche 944?

Though both types of cars are pretty impressive regarding the performance, the main difference is in the engine. You can have an 8-cylinder engine with the Porsche 928, and with the Porsche 944, the engine reduces to 4. In addition, you will also find the difference between fuel economy and horsepower. The 928 provides better horsepower but less fuel economy. On the other hand, the 944 is the opposite of this.

Is the 944 a Real Porsche?

Though different manufacturers also produce the 944, according to many customers, the 944 is a real or true Porsche. In addition, the 944 is one of the most popular Porsche cars from users’ perspectives.

Is Porsche 944 Fast?

There is no doubt that the Porsche 944 is one of the fastest cars when it comes to speed and performance. The 4-cylinder with a 2.5-liter inline engine provides impressive horsepower. More precisely, the Porsche 944 can generate around 147-187 horsepower. You will reach the 60 mph speed within 8 seconds, reflecting the power of 944.

Which Is Better Porsche 928 vs 944?

There is not a major performance difference between the Porsche 928 and 944. But, on some occasions, one car beats another. However, if you want more horsepower, you should go with the Porsche 928. On the other hand, if you are concerned about fuel economy, the Porsche 944 will suit you.


Finally, we have come to the finish line regarding Porsche 928 vs 944. So, what are you thinking now? What will be the best car to go with from your perception? However, if you go and ask people their thoughts about the two cars, you’ll find different opinions because it can be a personal preference.

But then again, if you are not willing to spend too much money on a car that is not pretty impressive regarding fuel economy, you can avoid the 928. On the other hand, if you want decent horsepower and speed, then the 928 is what you should choose. 

Furthermore, the 944 is more cost-effective for maintenance and provides respectable fuel economy. In addition, you can also buy the Porsche 944 at a lower price than the Porsche 928.

At last. We hope you’ve found this content helpful as it removes your confusion about choosing a car you want.

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