5 Reasons Can Cause “Please Confirm Password to Continue Using Connected Services” Alert!

What does it mean by “Please confirm password to continue using connected services?” It appears whenever you connect your phone to the GM truck using a USB-C. The display screen continuously asks for your My Chevy password. You can also try inserting your on-star password or, rarely, My GMC password.

So why does this password appear on the screen? Any ideas? The connected service prompts for the authorized password at the end of the free trial service period. So, legally to continue using the service, you have to pay 60-70 bucks per month, depending on the location and service quality of the distributor.

Let’s see if there is any other way to solve the problem!

Please Confirm Password to Continue Using Connected Services-Fix

Password error does not mean you have to reset the existing password all the time. There are many other causes behind it. So what happens when you avoid the GM connected services password requirement messages? You would not be able to access the services and skills of Amazon Alexa. Wait! Because there are more disadvantages.

Do you need to reach your office quickly for a meeting? Then check the traffic conditions near your office. But for want of connected service, you will fail to get effective direction and most recent traffic updates. Moreover, you can use different mobile apps in your vehicles like audiobooks and music stations for an interesting trip.

To enjoy all these facilities, you should never avoid the connected services password confirmation message. So, by now, we have learned the importance of the services. Now, let’s dig deep into the reasons behind its appearance.

Reasons Behind the AppearanceBest Possible Solutions
Outmoded mobile operating systemSimple update the apps and re-put the password.
End of the free trial sessions of the connected services facilitiesPay for the new package to access the facilities of the connected services.
Incorrect Chevy passwordClick on the “Forgot Password” and reset a new password.
Poor Wi-Fi connectionEnsure fast Wi-Fi coaction to avoid recurrent log-out problems.
Invalid infotainment center passwordSimply click on the “Don’t remind me”. Or input the correct password if you know.

1. Outmoded mobile operating system

To avail the facilities of the mobile apps while driving, you have to connect it to the vehicle-connected service system. Then you can easily enjoy Spotify.com, audiobooks, etc. Now and then new updates are seen in the mobile operating system. An out-of-date operating system fails to connect with the connected service system.

So you get those password confirmation error codes. But do not get puzzled! Such problems are easy to solve. You can simply click on the notification button for an update.

Moreover, you can also update the operating system from the setting app. This makes your mobile fast and helps in easy synchronization with the GM truck-connected service system.

2. End of the free trial sessions of the connected services facilities

Initially, all the service programs offer the users a free trial session. This trial session helps the users to get an idea about the service quality and facilities. Usually, the free-trial period exists from one to three months depending on the location and service providers.

But once the free trial session ends, you cannot access the connected service facilities. Every time you want to use the service, there will be a code on the screen demanding an authorized password. So you will need a GMC vehicle account password to log in to the service package.

It is not your Google account password. You can try putting your heavy password. In most cases, this will help you to sort out the problem.

3. Incorrect Chevy password

Another reason for demanding password confirmation before accessing connected services facilities is an incorrect Chevy password. Putting a Chevy password solves the problem permanently. But what happens when you put in an incorrect password?

You will get recurrent password-demanding messages every day. It is better to set a new password if you forget the old one. Simply click on the “Forget Password” option. Reset the new password. And once again put the password for confirmation. See! The password has been changed. Isn’t it easy?

 Now put the new password on the vehicle Led screen to log in to the connected service system. Then you are good to go.

4. Poor Wi-Fi connection

A weak Wi-Fi connection fails to keep you connected with the connected service while driving. Ask your service provider to increase the speed or look for a new and optimized network service provider.

For instance, you can use a network modem. But there will be some hassle using it. As you have to change it frequently depending on your use.

5. Invalid infotainment center password

The infotainment center gives all the vehicles a different password. This helps them to get sufficient information about the services you are using including the information about the vehicle. An invalid infotainment center password may be a reason for the password confirmation code you are getting frequently.

If you know the correct password, input it into the account. Or you can simply just ignore it. This will not create any barriers to accessing the connected services facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find my Chevy password?

Here the Chevy password indicates your Wi-Fi password. You can just write it in your notebook or look into the vehicle’s MyLink app. Once you open the app, click on the hotspot icon to check the password.

How do I change my password on my Chevy App?

Just link to other apps, first click on the “Forget Password”. Enter your email. The service center will send you a confirmation code. Enter the code. And reset a new password and save it in case you fail to remember.

How do I reset my GMC car password?

Resetting a password follows a similar procedure for all cars and trucks. First click on the “Forget Password”. Enter your email. The service center will send you a confirmation code. Enter the code. And reset a new password and save it in case you fail to remember.

How do I connect my Chevy MyLink app?

First, click on the “Pair Device” option on your phone. Then enter the code on your Chevy screen and slide the yes option on the MyLink App in the vehicle.

Do you have to pay for Chevy MyLink?

Yes! You have to pay 3-4$ monthly for your Chevy MyLink app.

Final Verdict

It is frustrating if the error code “Please confirm password to continue using connected services” keeps popping out whenever you try to access the connected services facilities. First, check if your trial period has ended. You can try putting your vehicle’s Wi-Fi password. This is an easy solution to the problem.

With the facilities of the connected services, your journey becomes a bit difficult and monotonous. You cannot use Spotify, audiobooks, or get any real-time traffic updates. So it is better to update your mobile operating system for optimum synchronization. Hope that all this information will be beneficial for you.

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