P2138 Chevy Malibu Code Meaning & How to Fix!

What does error code 2138 Chevy Malibu mean? This code refers to a possible fault in the throttle/pedal position sensor. It means your Chevy is in a risky position to drive.

Let’s get a deep idea about this DTC.

What Is the P2138 Chevy Malibu Definition?

P2138 code on Chevy Malibu indicates problems with the D or E wiring with the throttle position sensor. And the code shows something like-

Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch D/E Voltage Correlation

This regular powertrain code is connected to the (TPS) throttle position sensor and accelerator pedal position sensor (AAPS). When this TPS and APPS got damaged, it could pull the P2138 error. The functions of the Throttle position sensor (TPS) are—

  1. Proper fuel utilization
  2. Cruising speed
  3. Optimize proper acceleration.

These functions need to be done properly for smooth driving.

The reason and symptoms of the P2138 DTC code are shown in the table —

The entire electronic throttle frame is damagedCruise speed control started to drop out
The throttle position sensor got crackedPuzzled throttle/got struck at any RPM
Wiring issueCEL on
Faulty accelerator pedal position sensorPoor acceleration

Now, let’s discuss the reason and solution for P2138 codes in detail—

The entire electronic throttle frame is damaged

The basic task of this part is managing proper acceleration. If the entire TPS damaged, the car could not accelerate properly and stall. TPS also manages the fuel system. Ensure the exact blend of air and fuel for the engine.


Replace the whole TPS frame to solve code P2138 Chevy Malibu 2018; this is the same for all other year’s models.

The throttle position sensor got cracked

This throttle position sensor informs the ECM about the position of the gas pedal. When this sensor got damaged, it sent the wrong signal to ECM. Malfunctioning of the TPS sensor causes slow acceleration and low mileage.


Replacement of the sensor is the main solution. You need to visit the dealer’s office for this. The same suggestion goes for code P2138 Chevy Malibu 2017.

Wiring Issue

Sometimes cracked wiring hampers proper acceleration. The wire that connects the TPS to the ECM and APPS sensor to the ECM can be damaged.


Engine code P2138 Malibu needs to be fixed by professionals because you will need a computerized voltage scope with the proper connections and some extraordinary output device. So, for mending the torn wire, visit the professionals.

Faulty accelerator pedal position sensor (APPS)

The acceleration pedal position sensor (APPS) is a part of the control unit. This APPS is located on the throttle frame and examines the throttle pedal. This APPS also converts accelerator pedal movement into an electric signal and sends it to ECM. Also, deliver information about the pressure and speed of the pedal. Faulty APPS can not send a proper signal to ECM, and the acceleration of the car becomes poor.


If APPS is damaged, it needs to be replaced by a professional mechanic. This is one of the main causes of code P2138 Chevy Malibu.

Cost of fixing P2138 on Chevy Malibu

Here is an approximate cost of fixing the p2138 error code. This DTC code’s main reason is a faulty pedal sensor or whole pedal position frame. If you have to replace the accelerator pedal full frame it will be very expensive.

Accelerator pedal sensor $50 to $200(depends on the models)
Labor cost$05 to $100 per hour (depends on location)
Diagnostic fee$80 and $111(some dealers offer free diagnostic)
Throttle position sensors$80 to $105

This Video May Help You Replace the Position Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does trouble code P2138 code mean?

Engine code P2138 Chevy Malibu indicates there is a problem with the throttle /pedal sensor. A defective pedal hampers proper acceleration. This reduces the power of the car engine, which results in stalling of the car.

How do I fix error code P2138?

Are you searching for a P2138 Chevy Malibu how to fix it? The fixing ways of P2138 code are-
1. If the APPS sensor is damaged. Replace one or both accelerator pedal position sensors.
2. Change the whole throttle frame.
3. Fix the wire connection to the pedal position sensor /throttle.
You may need professional help to fix this code.

Can you drive with P2138?

These powertrain codes are consequential. We do not suggest driving with a P2138 code on Chevy Malibu. This code means your car has poor acceleration so your car can stall at any time while running. So, solve your error and drive effortlessly.

Final Words

We do not recommend driving with engine code P2138 Chevy Malibu or illumination of the engine light. I expect you have understood the cause and solution of this code. So, solve the issues as soon as possible and enjoy a stress-free drive.

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