[We’ve Included Everyting] Solving the P1361 Code Honda Civic Error!

What does the P1361 code Honda Civic mean? It’s a diagnostic trouble code associated with the Top Dead Center (TDC) sensor 1 on the Honda Civic.

The code can occur due to a bad sensor, open or shorter wire, and a poor electric connection. When you experience this problem, your vehicle stops working and requires repair immediately.

Reading the entire content will enable you to find the reasons and symptoms of the trouble code. Also, we’ll suggest you some solutions to fix the issue.

P1361 Code Honda Civic – Reasons & Symptoms

A P1361 code on Honda Civic refers to TDC sensor trouble while the PCM/ECM identifies TDC sensor failure. If we say precisely, the TDC sensor exhibits intermittent interruptions.

The engine’s internal parts must work together for a smooth operation with a starting point. When there is a dysfunction with the TDC sensor, a P1361 code shows its face.

Here is a table of the possible reasons and symptoms of a P1361 code:

Faulty TDC Sensor 1Check Engine Light Gets On
Open Or Shorted TDC Sensor 1 HarnessEngine Doesn’t Start
Poor Electrical Connection To The TDC Sensor CircuitEngine Misfires Or Runs Rough

A P1361 is a reasonable to serious TDC sensor trouble for the Honda Civic fault code P1361 that needs to fix immediately.

If you ignore the issue, it can damage your vehicle’s engine. Let’s know the reasons first and then the symptoms of this code below:

Faulty TDC Sensor 1

The most common reason for car models like a 2000 Honda Civic code P1361 is a faulty TDC sensor. It’s an electrical part that can often fail because of cracking, corrosion, and wearing out.

The first symptom of the TDC sensor issue is the check engine light symbol comes on. The ECU in your car has mentioned all sensors. An error code comes out when this ECU receives inaccurate information from the TDC sensor.

It makes the check engine light on, and it isn’t something you can ignore. When you find this light illuminated on the dashboard, bring your vehicle to a certified mechanic immediately to avoid any severe issues.

Another symptom of worn-out or bad TDC sensors you may find is the engine running rough or misfiring. The motor shuts off when this sensor doesn’t work correctly to save internal components from damage.

It may not happen very often, but you must pull your vehicle to a safe place or at your home if you find this symptom. After that, contact a certified mechanic to fix the issue.

When it happens, the engine’s control unit fails to get the signal at the right time. As a result, it can send the spark with the wrong timing and to the faulty cylinder, causing the engine may stop running or run roughly.

As it can cause engine damage, you must fix it as soon as possible. You can fix the issue by replacing the faulty TDC sensor for the best result.

Open Or Shorted TDC Sensor 1 Harness

When the harness of the TDC sensor 1 is shorted or open, a 2004 Honda Civic code P1361 may appear. It also indicates the damage to the wires and the harness.

The closed exhaust and intake valves in the cylinder head compress the air-fuel mixture. The TDC sensor also takes part in this function. When it damages the sensor, it becomes slow or stops working completely.

Mainly the TDC sensor sends the information to its onboard computer when it gets damaged. To ensure safety, the ECU shuts down its ignition system. As a result, your vehicle may not start.

Also, the engine doesn’t crank over, or it may crank, but it doesn’t generate a spark. All these things trigger the engine to stop. If it happens to you, don’t delay visiting an expert mechanic to find and fix the issue right away.

Thus, code P1361 indicates immediate fixing to avoid further engine damage. If you get this error code, you should consult an expert mechanic or a 2001 Civic P1361 Service Bulletin like others rather than try to fix the error yourself.

Poor Electrical Connection To The TDC Sensor 1 Circuit

The issue of a P1361 TDC sensor 1 noise becomes evident because of its poor electric connection. It’s a rare TDC sensor trouble, but sometimes you can find it in your vehicle.

Typically, the error code refers to a loss of signal for the TDC sensor linked with wiring. To fix the issue, check out the visual stuff like corrosion, holes, or any cuts in the insulating wire.

The issue may be very technical if you find these things in their places. So, you must take your vehicle to a certified technician to solve the problem effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is P1361 For The Honda Civic?

The P1361 is a diagnostic trouble code for the Honda Civic related to the Top Dead Center (TDC) sensor 1. It may happen for some reasons like a bad sensor, open or shorter wire, and a poor electric connection. Your vehicle stops working and requires repairing immediately when you experience this problem.

What Causes P1361 Code On Honda Civic?

The common causes for the P1361 code on the Honda Civic include faulty TDC sensor, open/shorted TDC sensor harness, and bad electrical connection to the TDC sensor Circuit.

How Do You Change A Crankshaft Position Sensor On A 2001 Honda Civic?

The crankshaft position sensor on a 2001 Honda Civic is a very sophisticated part. If you want to replace it yourself just with the idea, you should not do it. However, you can perform the replacement task yourself if you have practical experience, essential tools, and the right set of instructions.


The P1361 code Honda Civic is a diagnostic error code with the TDC sensor. The reasons for the code include faulty TDC sensor, open or shorted TDC sensor 1 harness, and poor electrical connection to the TDC sensor 1 circuit.

The code comes with symptoms like checking engine light gets on, the engine doesn’t start, and the engine misfires or runs rough. If you find any one of those symptoms, it indicates an immediate response.

As a result, contact or take your vehicle to a certified mechanic to determine and fix the issue. The issue can damage your engine if you take it too lightly.

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