P0456 Dodge Charger – Here’s What You Should Do!

What does the P0456 Dodge charger mean? It’s an error code that indicates some issues with the EVAP system.

As it’s a complicated and small network system of hoses and valves, this requires fixing as early as possible to prevent additional fuel consumption and driving issues. So, keep reading on to get more related and useful information about this error code.

Things You Should Know About P0456 Dodge Charger

Dodge charger code P0456 mainly points to small leaks on the Evaporative (EVAP) emission control system. Although the severity of the issue is low, you can’t ignore it. So, repair the P0456 code Dodge Charger fault without delay in driving your vehicle smoothly.

Let’s get a table with the code P0456 code in the Dodge Charger that will allow you to know them with a quick view:

Reason For P0456 CodeSymptoms You May Face
Evap System Hose leakCheck Engine Light is on
Faulty gas tankReduced fuel economy
Bad fuel capHigher vehicle emissions
Canister failureFuel smell
Malfunctioning canister valveIncreased fuel consumption 

Many things can be the reasons for The P0456 code 2014 dodge charger error or other years. For example, when you get a warning from the dash in the last days or months indicating its fuel cap is off, replacing it with the new one is the simple solution for the fault. Some more with P0456 code errors are discussed below:

EVAP Hose Leak

The EVAP hose carries fuel vapor from its fuel reservoir to some other parts like the intake to the canister. When this hose starts to leak, it’ll cause the 2017 dodge charger code P0456 in most cases. You can find this common issue by looking for a hole or tear.

Malfunctioning Canister Purge Valve

Our research finds another most common fault with the 2006 Dodge charger code P0456 And that is the canister purge valve malfunctions. If you find this error, You can diagnose by testing the EVAP solenoids and valves. Also, you can replace the valve easily by removing some clips.

Faulty Gas Tank

The most common reason for P0456 is the faulty gas tank. And in such cases, you can find your car facing issues with fuel economy. Check first, if the fuel tank is empty or not. If it’s not about the fuel then it’s time for your gas tank recall.

Again, you can find this P0456 Dodge charger 2010 error code due to the gasket attached to the fuel conveying unit. It may happen when the gasket goes bad and diminish tank pressure. And replacing the gasket is the simple solution to the issue.

Bad Fuel Cap

The P0456 error code can come up when a fuel cap goes bad. Sometimes, this code may come when its fuel cap is off, even if it’s on. While getting this message, you should replace the fuel cap, saving you time and money.

Fuel Filler Neck

It connects the gas tank with a gasket that may dry out when a vehicle spends its time in some dry climates. The fuel tank can’t hold the necessary pressure if it becomes dry. This P0456 Dodge charger 2016 error code is easy to solve by replacing the fuel filler neck.

Most Common P0456 Dodge Charger Error Fixes

We already told you about some ways to fix the P0456 error. But, when this error happens, it’s crucial to diagnose the issue.

As the leaks of the Dodge charger are small, it’s not so easy to interpret. It can take hours; even if this is not wondering, you may leave your car for a day to repair these leaks properly.

Whether it’s about  P0456 Dodge charger 2015 or any other year Dodge Charger, after diagnosing the error, possible fixes include replacing the gas cap, EVAP line, charcoal canister, and fuel tank.

Among these fixes, it’s wise to start replacing the gas cap first and then the fuel tank because replacing a gas cap is inexpensive and easy to do. The above-said fixes should work for P0456 Dodge charger 2019 and all other Dodge charger errors.

Costs Of Fixing The P0456 Dodge Charger Error

Depending on the labor charge, it typically costs between $75 to $150. But, if the leaks develop in the metal gas tank or filler neck, the cost may rise between $500 to $600.

Also, the price may vary by location and model of your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Repair Code P0456 Dodge?

When P0456 P0440 dodge charger error codes come up, the initial step is diagnosing it to find the exact issue, like any leak in the EVAP system. If you experience this fault and can’t diagnose the problem at home, we recommend finding a certified shop or mechanic to find the repair case.

Can I Drive My Car With P0456 Error Code?

Yes, you can because P0456 Dodge charger leaks are small and often hard to notice. You’ll find some fault symptoms, including check engine light coming up and increasing vehicle emissions. They’ll help you ensure the error.

What Does It Mean By Very Small Leak Of The EVAP?

The error code P0456 indicates small leaks of the EVAP that are identical to the P0457. It shows very small leaks compared to other Dodge charger codes because it’s smaller than the code P0455, which are comparatively larger leaks. Also, you’ll find medium leaks with the P0442 code.

Why Does P0456 Error Code Cause?

The P0456 error code can cause due to small leaks on the hose connections or at the EVAP system components. Also, the error occurs for the vent of the gas cap and the purging of the vent valve. In this case, it’s almost impossible to assume the issue exactly without diagnosing it properly.


The P0456 Dodge charger fault code doesn’t stop a vehicle engine immediately while running. It may be the symptom of a leaking fuel tank. But, you must not overlook the issue by taking it lightly.

If you drive your car without noticing and fixing it, you’ll spend more money within a few days or months. So, whenever you get this error message, take necessary action without delay to avoid potential expensive penalties.

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