P0328 Nissan Frontier- A Complete Guide Of Causes, Reasons, Symptoms With Fixes!

What causes P0328 Nissan Frontier? A few different things can generate the P0328 error code but the most prominent is when the knock sensor is not operating as it should. Another case is an issue with the timing belt or chain.

If the code P0328 shows up on your Nissan Frontier’s screen, the knock sensor isn’t working right. This is a potentially catastrophic problem that can result in expensive repairs to the engine.

In this article, we’ll give you 8 reasons why your Nissan Frontier may be triggering the P0328 code and what you can do about it.

P0328 Nissan Frontier Symptoms & Reasons

There are a few reasons why your DTC P0328 Nissan Frontier triggers. This code specifically refers to the engine knock sensor signal is too high. The knock sensor is a crucial component of your Nissan Frontier’s engine management system. It monitors for knocking or pinging sounds in the engine, indicating problems with the air/fuel mixture or ignition timing.

Moreover, if the P0328 knock sensor Nissan Frontier detects these sounds, it will signal the engine control unit (ECU) to adjust the timing and mixture accordingly. Here are nine potential reasons for this issue:

Reasons For Showing Code P0328 Nissan FrontierPossible Symptoms You May Face
Faulty or damaged knock sensorThe pinging or banging of an engine
Problem with the knock sensor harnessThe engine may run rough idle, loss of power or decreased fuel economy, and engine knocking
Dirty or corroded engineEngine misfire
Damaged engine internalsIncreased engine noise
A failing fuel injectorPoor engine performance, misfires, and increased fuel consumption
An ignition issueEngine misfiring, rough idling, and decreased fuel economy
The knock sensor signal is being interrupted.Knocking noises from the engine
Timing belt offEngine running rough, misfiring, and stalling

Now, we will discuss each of the reasons and symptoms of the DTC P0328 Nissan Frontier error message in detail.

Faulty Or Damaged Knock Sensor

If you own a Nissan Frontier and are getting the error message saying P0328, the cause is most possibly a malfunctioning or defective knock sensor. The knock sensor is the component that monitors the engine for pounding and communicates its findings to the electronic control unit (ECU), which then modifies the ignition timing as required.

Extreme engine banging, loss of output, poor fuel efficiency, and higher emissions are some symptoms associated with a broken knock sensor or compromised. The engine may knock significantly if the knock sensor is broken or not functioning correctly, resulting in the P0328 Nissan Frontier 2002 error code.

Solution: If you think that your knock sensor might be broken or malfunctioning, you should get it evaluated as quickly as possible by a trained and experienced mechanic. In most cases, to remedy this issue, it will be necessary to switch out the knock sensor.

Problem With The Knock Sensor Harness

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, this could result in the display of a trouble code on the dashboard, for example, the P0328 Nissan Frontier 2005 model. Damage to the knock sensor or harness can cause poor gas mileage, a lack of performance, and a choppy hibernate. Meanwhile, the harness that connects it to the engine can result in the ECU receiving incorrect indications. 

The P0328 error message is something you might be familiar with if you own a 2002 or newer Nissan Frontier. This code is also stored in the computer whenever there is an issue with the knock sensor circuit as it shows P0328 Nissan Frontier 2002 3.3 vehicles. In short, this means that the knock sensor should be replaced immediately.

A few signs may point to this issue with your Nissan Frontier. It’s possible, for instance, that the engine will stutter or jerk. You can also observe a decline in the gas mileage as well as an upsurge in pollutants. Getting your Frontier to a maintenance specialist as soon as you think this is the case is vital so they can identify and address the issue.

Solution: You must check the knock sensor wiring if you want to resolve this issue. If you discover anything serious, you should consider getting a new harness.

And for circuit issues, changing the knock sensor is usually all needed to get your Frontier working again. However, if the issue isn’t rectified quickly, it could cause even more harm to the engine. Keeping a look out for these signs and bringing your Frontier in as soon as you notice them is crucial since they could indicate a serious problem.

Dirty Or Corroded Engine

When referring to a Nissan Frontier, an eroding or dirty engine could be the source of the P0328 Nissan Frontier 2002 3.3 error code. Inadequate maintenance and fuel are two of the most prominent culprits in this. This issue may manifest itself in a variety of ways, including misfires in the engine, decreased power output, and higher fuel usage.

Solution: It’s necessary to get your Frontier looked up by a skilled technician as early as you sense it might have this issue. If you keep driving like nothing is wrong, you could end up with very hefty repair costs.

Damaged Engine Internals

The P0328 Nissan Frontier 2003 in the dashboard indicates a damaged engine part. Many factors might cause this, but the most common cause is the vehicle’s features wearing out over time. This problem can cause the engine to lose power, get worse gas mileage, and make more noise.

Solution: You should get your car checked out right away by a professional technician if you see any of these signs. If not addressed, this issue can cause serious harm to the engine, necessitating unnecessary expenses.

A Failing Fuel Injector

A faulty fuel injector is a typical reason for displaying trouble code P0328 Nissan Frontier 2002 3.3 liter engine. This can happen for several different reasons, but the age of the injector combined with normal wear and tear is by far the most typical cause. If the fuel injector is bad, the engine won’t run as well, it will misfire, and it will use more gas.

Solution: Suppose you have reason to believe that one or more fuel injectors in your Frontier are failing. In that case, it is critical to have the problem identified and fixed as soon as possible to prevent the engine from suffering additional damage.

An Ignition Issue

Problems with the ignition are typically to blame when a Nissan Frontier displays the P0328 error code. There are many different causes for ignition problems, but they typically point to a spark plug or engine coil issue. The engine might misfire, run rough, or use less gas if there is a problem with the ignition.

Solution: If you anticipate an ignite problem, have a professional look it out. Your Nissan Frontier 2002 3.3 engine may suffer substantial harm if an ignition problem is not fixed.

The Knock Sensor Signal Is Being Interrupted.

P0328 occurs when the knock sensor signal is lost. Several factors can potentially disrupt the signal from the knock sensor. The knock sensor is malfunctioning, wiring that is not secure and loose or broken cables between the knock sensor and ECU may not deliver a signal. Last but not least, the ECU itself could be malfunctioning.

This code means the engine isn’t running well, making knocking sounds, and using more gas than usual.

The engine control unit (ECU) uses knock sensors to identify banging or pinging noises. If the ECU picks up on these noises, it will adjust the ignition timing to stop them from occurring.

Solution: To avoid further damage to your 04 Nissan Frontier, get an immediate diagnosis and repair service whenever you see the code pop up in your vehicle’s computer. There is a risk of engine failure if this code is ignored. Therefore, fix it as soon as possible.

Timing Belt Off

If your 2006 or 2007 Nissan Frontier’s timing belt is off, you may get error number P0328. Over-revving the engine or a loose timing belt are two common causes of this problem. Harsh or sputtering engine performance and misfiring or stalling are all signs of this issue.

Solution: If you suffer any of these symptoms, have a repair check your car to prevent further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix code P0328?

If you have a Nissan Frontier and the P0328 error code appears on the screen, there are a few things you can try to do to fix the issue. First, check the knock sensor itself to ensure it is clean and debris-free. Next, check the sensor’s wiring to ensure it is not damaged or corroded. If none of the above measures work, try replacing the sensor as the last resort.

What happens if you drive with a faulty knock sensor?

If you drive with a faulty knock sensor, your engine may not be able to run as efficiently. There may be a drop in efficiency and performance due to this. Disruption to the engine is a possibility in some instances as well. If you feel that your knock sensor is malfunctioning, have a certified mechanic examine it immediately.

Is a knock sensor worth replacing?

Knock sensors are used to detect a knock in the engine. They may also serve as a warning sign for a prospective engine issue. If your car is equipped with a knock sensor, it is worth replacing it if you are experiencing any problems with your engine.


When it comes to choosing a pickup truck, there are many factors that you need to consider. But, if you’re looking for a car that is both reliable and affordable, then the Nissan Frontier is a great choice. It’s important to note that, like all vehicles, the Frontier has some drawbacks, and many owners have complained about the P0328 Nissan Frontier error on the internet.

To help you, we made an effort to put all the problems Frontier users have faced so far. We hope it will help you to get an understanding of it. Nevertheless, the Frontier is a reliable vehicle that is built to last. It is an excellent option for individuals searching for a dependable car capable of tackling complex tasks.

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