P0011 Chevy Silverado: What Is The Meaning Of This Error Code?

What does P0011 Chevy Silverado mean? This error code means your camshaft and camshaft solenoid is not operating properly. Which Chevy model you own doesn’t matter, the reasons for these codes are almost the same.

However, camshaft position failure is not the only cause of this code. There are some other reasons for the P0011 code. Let’s check out the reason, symptoms, and solution in detail.

Code P0011 Chevy Silverado: Reason and Symptoms

P0011 technical definition in the Chevy is-

“Intake valve timing control performance bank 1”

Here, P stands for Powertrain of the car engine. 0 and 1 stands for air-fuel mix and 11 stands for camshaft position.

A quick view of the reason and the symptom of P0011 in the table-

Engine oil quality and low oil pressureThe engine hardly starts and makes a rattling noise
Actuator passage got blockedRough drive or jerks while running
Camshaft Position problemLimiting fuel mileage
Faulty oil control valveThe engine light gets on
Overflow oilFailed in emission test

2012 Chevy Silverado code P0011 indicates mostly that the camshaft placement is not in the desired place; it becomes too advanced. When the Engine Control Module (ECM) cannot correct the camshafts position angle, the car cannot burn fuel efficiently.

1. Engine oil quality and low oil pressure

This is one of the main reasons for code P0011 Chevy Silverado 6.0. If the oil pressure is not enough the camshaft position actuators’ performance affects. The causes of low oil pressure are-

  1. Dirty oil
  2. Usage of wrong viscosity oil
  3. Faulty oil pump
  4. Damaged oil filter

Solution: Dirty oil damages the car engine and reduces its mileage. Engine oil needs replacing after 3000 miles of driving or every three months. If you haven’t changed the oil for a long time, your engine oil will get dirty.

So, the first solution for the P0011 error code is to flush out the oil from the engine and replace it with the manufacturer’s special engine oil. The oil filter also needs replacement. Check the amount of the oil also.

2. Actuator passage got blocked

Blocked actuator passage creates 2014 Chevy Silverado 4.3 P0011 error code. It decreases engine performance.

Solution: Dirty oil is the reason for this problem. So, the replacement of old and degraded oil will fix the problem.

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3. Camshaft Position problem

ECM commands to camshaft and camshaft sensors to have an advanced position. But sometimes, the camshaft got a more advanced position, and error P0011 Chevy Silverado 2007 occurred.

ECM always couldn’t fix or detect the actual camshaft position, and that means the camshaft is not at the right angle or an advanced position.

The maneuver of the camshaft should be perfectly timed for a perfect air-fuel mixer when the engine requires it.

Solution: First, check all the wires of ECM to the camshaft carefully. Diagnosis of camshaft sensor wiring will solve the problem.

4. Faulty oil control valve

The ECM runs the oil control solenoid electrically. This solenoid supplies engine oil to the car’s actuator. And this actuator modifies the camshaft position by adjusting valve timing.

So, if the oil control solenoid is faulty or clogged, the actuator can work properly. It is the reason mostly for the 2007 Chevy Silverado 6.0 P0011.

Solution: First, check all the wires that are connected to the bank 1 oil control valve. If any broken wire is found, repair it and have a test drive. If there is no wiring issue, replace the camshaft oil control valve for the bank 1 intake camshaft.

5. Overflow of oil

If there is continuous oil flow to the camshaft timing chamber 2010 Chevy Silverado 5.3 P0011 shows.

Solution: This problem indicates the timing chamber is faulty. So, you need to check the timing chain, which may need replacement. You need to visit the dealer’s office for this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix code P0011?

If you are pulled by P0011 error code Chevy Silverado, you can follow the steps shown below-

#. First, check the engine oil quality. Maybe it got dirty or too thick. That is the main reason for this error code.
#. Check the oil filter also, it can be damaged and may need replacement.
#. Flush out the degraded/dirty oil.
#. Replacing the old engine oil with manufacturer-specified engine oil.
#. Have a test drive now and check the scanner again.

Can you drive with P0011?

It is not recommended to drive with P0011 code Chevy Silverado, it is too risky. So, stop the car immediately. The right thing is to repair it first and then have a safe drive.

How much does it cost to fix a P0011?

Code P0011 Chevy Silverado repair costs $30-$50 for a low mileage car.
Because dirty oil is usually the main reason for this error. But, if the replacement
of oil does not give any positive result, it will cost more than 2000 in any mechanic shop for replacement of any other parts like oil valve/solenoid.

Final Word

I hope this article helps you with code P0011 Chevy Silverado. Have a regular check-up of engine oil to avoid these types of trouble. Always use the recommended engine oil mentioned in the manual to get the best service from your Chevy.

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