Nissan Wiring Harness Color Codes for Stereo Explained!

Is it necessary to know Nissan wiring harness color codes? Yes, you must learn the wiring color codes for your Nissan to diagnose and fixing any connection issue. While working with the wirings, knowing the color codes will help you to work fast.

The wirings are color-coded so one can safely navigate the wires. There is a danger of electric shock if you touch the wrong wire. So, today we will discuss the wiring connection color codes for Nissan.

Nissan Wiring Harness Color Codes: Functions of Each Colored Wire

The wiring harness in a Nissan has color codes for various reasons. Firstly, the color code allows for better accessibility. Also, it helps you to know what wire can give you an electric shock. So, you can steer clear of those and take proper steps before working on them. Hence, you must know the Nissan radio wiring color codes.

Sometimes you may need to access the wires if anything goes faulty. For that, if you see the color codes, you can do the fixing without complications.

Below is a table about the Nissan wire color code with specific functions.

Right Speaker Rear (+)Gray
Right Speaker Rear (-)Gray with Red Stripe
Left Speaker Rear (+)Orange
Left Speaker Rear (-)Black with Pink Stripe
Battery Wire ( +12 Volt )Pink
Power Supply Control UnitBlack/White
Relay for Air ConditionerTeal

Right Speaker Wiring Harness

In your Nissan, there are rear and front speakers. To control the volume, there is the + and the – icon by which you adjust it. Both of these are associated with different wirings with specific color codes. So, the Nissan radio wire color code for increasing the volume is gray.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Navara wiring harness color codes for the volume down is the wire that has gray with black stripes on it. So, if you see these colors, you know their function, and you can avoid them when necessary. Additionally, the wire color for the right front speaker’s volume increase is brown.

Again, the Nissan Titan wiring harness color codes for the volume decrease are brown with white stripes. Essentially, these Nissan wiring diagram color codes will also help you avoid the wires that can cause electric shocks.

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Left Speaker Wiring Harness

The speaker wiring color codes fall under the stereo Nissan wiring harness color codes. It means they are also connected to the radio wiring harness. If you want to access the volume increase wiring of the left rear speaker, look for the orange wire. Furthermore, for the volume decrease button, the color is black with pink stripes on it.

On the other side, for the left front speakers, if you want to look for the volume up wire. Additionally, the Nissan X trail wiring harness color codes for the volume down are green with yellow stripes. While accessing them, make sure to avoid any other wires for safety.

Battery Wire (+12 Volt)

In the Nissan radio, there is a specific color code for the 12V battery. Usually, in most models of Nissans, the color of the wire is pink. So, if you see any pink wires, then make sure to access them with care. Because this wiring helps the radio to run smoothly.

Sometimes you may need to fix that piece of wiring when your radio isn’t working well. To avoid any unnecessary shocks, use proper amounts of equipment while changing or improving the wiring harness.

Do not use the ground wire on the radio. It’s usually by the metal brackets of the radio; avoid that wire if you can. That wire is generally in black for most Nissan vehicles.

Power Supply Control Unit

The power supply control unit wiring harness is a separate piece of wiring from the radio. While encountering these wires, make sure to use utmost care so that you don’t mess up with the other wirings. Typically, the wiring harness color of the power supply control unit is black or white. It’s an essential piece of wiring as it functions as the power supply in your Nissan.

While working around the power supply control, we recommend you do it with care. Because there is some sensitive wiring which can disrupt your vehicle from working if tampered with. So, avoid those wirings and only work with the black or white ones.

Relay for Air Conditioner

Sometimes, the air conditioner in your Nissan may not perform smoothly. If you want to fix it yourself, you can first check the air conditioner’s relay.

You can easily detect the wiring harness for the relay by the teal-colored wires. If you see damages in the relay wire, you may do it yourself under supervision. But, we recommend you to go to a mechanic if you are a novice at repairing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What color are the ignition wires?

The color of the ignition wires is red. While the starter ignition wires are yellow or brown.

What color wires start a car?

Usually, it’s the ignition wire that starts the car. Some ignition wires are brown, while some are yellow. However, the battery wires are red.

What Colour is the neutral wire?

The neutral wire is blue. If you see any blue wiring harness, you encounter the neutral wire.


If you own an automobile, then it’s crucial you know various aspects of it. Sometimes your car might have issues, and you might need to repair it yourself. An essential factor you should know is the wiring harness color codes. Especially if you drive a Nissan, it’s better to know about the Nissan wiring harness color codes. The wiring harness is color coded so that it has better accessibility.

Additionally, some wires can harm you with a shock. So, knowing the color codes beforehand helps you avoid those wiring harnesses.

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