Nissan Titan Caliper Bracket Bolt Size: Is The Size Same For All Bolts?

What is the Nissan Titan caliper bracket bolt size? The Titan’s caliper bracket bolt size is the same for almost all models. And we will disclose the exact bolt size later on in this article.

But before that, let’s describe the hassle many riders encounter while choosing the correct size for their vehicle’s caliper bracket bolts. Usually, other brand trucks have brakes with differently sized bolts, which often makes riders suffer from trouble as they don’t easily find the exact match bolt for their vehicle’s brakes when damaged.

Fortunately, Nissan Titan riders barely face this issue as all the bolts have the same size. That said, let’s uncover the bolt size through this content.

Nissan Titan Caliper Bracket Bolt Size: A Sneak Peek At The Bolt Size

The brake caliper bracket mounting bolt size remains the same for all Nissan Titans.

According to a user from the Titantalk forum, the pitch, length, and thread size for the caliper bracket bolts are 14MM x 1.75 x 45mm. And for the bearing assembly bolt, the dimension is as follows: 14MM x 1.50 x 45mm.

As you can see, the Nissan caliper bracket bolt has a universal size that can match most Titans. However, some specific models may not support this bolt size mentioned above. In that case, you need to ask your dealer or take the caliper bracket to the nearby local store to find the best-suited bolt.

However, after finding the ideal caliper bracket bolt for your Titan, you must use the torque wrench while tightening the bolts to prevent over-tightening and damage to the vehicle’s brakes.

For your information, overly tight bracket bolts can lead to uneven brake pad wear. And this leads to increased chances of having brake issues, such as brake fade or seizure during heavy stops or starts.

Again, installing new pads too aggressively can damage them even more than over-tight bracket bolts would do since there is no wiggle room for them. Hence, ensure that you tighten the bracket bolts and install new pads by following the appropriate way to avoid any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Size Is The Caliper Bracket Bolt?

The head size of the bolt is the same for all bolts, which is 22mm, but the thread, pitch, and length size vary depending upon the caliper bracket. Usually, most caliper bracket bolt sizes range between 14mm to 16mm.

Are All Caliper Bracket Bolts The Same On Nissan Titan?

According to various Nissan riders and automotive experts, all caliper bracket bolts tend to be the same on Nissan Titan. However, there can be an exception, and universal bolts won’t fit in that case.


Hence, it’s evident that the Nissan Titan caliper bracket bolt size remains the same for most models. That means you don’t need to undergo trouble while looking for the matching bolt for your vehicle. However, the available bolt size may sometimes not fit your Titan’s caliper bracket, but this would be a rare case.

So, you should ask for a professional’s help whenever you face such a situation. That’s all for the content; we hope you enjoyed reading it and gained new knowledge today. Thanks for reading.

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