Nissan Rogue Trunk Button Not Working- Is There a Manual Release?

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Why is the Nissan Rogue trunk button not working? The broken latch is one of the most common issues. Also, there can be other reasons, such as problems with the battery, faulty locking mechanism, etc.

We have gone through so many Nissan Rogue owners’ feedback. The most common problem we have found is the Nissan Rogue trunk button stops working.

Some Nissan Rogue owner claims their trunk first won’t lock and does not open. There are other scenarios people are facing too.

So today, we will discuss those events that you can take as symptoms—probable reasons and quick fixing. Let’s see!

Symptoms, Reasons, and Fixing Ideas For Nissan Rogue Trunk Button Not Working

The Nissan Rogue trunk button not opening is a usual problem. Though Nissan 2021 comes with more updated features that make it more standard and modern. But their redesign does not come with a solution to this problem. Because people still claim that the Nissan Rogue trunk won’t open.

According to the owner’s feedback, he pressed the brakes heavily while driving. And then his tailgate warning light was on. Then he found out his tailgate won’t lock and won’t open.

However, a large sum of owners suggested changing the battery can help. After changing the battery, their problem has gone. But we won’t suggest a blind fix unknowingly. There might be other reasons behind your Nissan Rogue trunk not working.

So check whether you have the below reasons or not first. Then jump to the fixing or decide if you have to change your battery or not.

Probable ReasonsFixing
1. The latch can be brokenTake servicing and replace the latch. We won’t recommend doing it at home.
2. Trunk cable is damagedThis cable is hidden in the released trunk latch. Pulling the release sometimes works. But it’s risky.
3. Defective  lock actuatorChange the faulty lock actuator.
4. Dead BatteryReplacing the battery will solve this.

The Latch Can Be Broken

As a car owner, you must know about the latch. You may know latch helps close the trunk. It has a connection with the trunk. When you close your car trunk, you might see that the two latches get close, which helps to close the trunk securely.

Latch helps the door to detach by releasing it while somebody opens the trunk. When the latch gets damaged between the closed latch, it can’t release. Then you find your Nissan Rogue trunk won’t open.

You can check out this video about how to replace the latch.

But it is better not to try it at home. Because if it suddenly works but later happens again during your drive. So you have to ensure that it is replaced perfectly or not.

Trunk Cables Get Damaged

Many models of Nissan have come in these years. Some cars are designed with handles to open the trunk. Some car keys are equipped with a button that helps to open the trunk.

Sounds quite interesting, right? It works through a cable that is connected to the latch. Thus you have to pull the trigger close to the driving seat.

Sometimes, if the on/off button on the front dashboard is turned on, the trunk button will not work. So, better check that first, then go for finding other causes.

Maybe you already understand what’s next. Well, when the cable gets damaged, it loses all connections.

And thus you have to change the cable. This cable is hidden under the released trunk latch. So finding it can be trouble. Only experts can find it easily. That’s why we would suggest you change it by an efficient mechanic. Don’t worry. It won’t cost you much.

Defective Lock Actuator

Why won’t my Nissan Rogue trunk open? Defected lock actuator can be a rare reason behind the problem. Before knowing whether the lock is defective or not, let’s know what the lock actuator is first.

A lock actuator is a motor that helps the latch to lock the trunk when it is closed. So, if this lock actuator gets defective somehow, it stops the lock.

If you see your trunk button works for the door but won’t open the trunk, then your actuator gets defective or disconnected. Changing the lock actuator can fix this problem. 

Besides you can also check the reasons why the Nissan Rogue liftgate won’t open, as it might be the problem with the liftgate, not the trunk button.

Dead Battery

Cables and batteries are the most important parts of a vehicle. If your battery has problems, it creates several other problems. You should use car batteries properly if you want to avoid other issues.

If your doors don’t lock after pressing the trunk lock button, your battery might be dead because the lock button works for sending signals to the actuator. And the actuator is connected to the battery.

In this situation, you might know what to do. You have to change or replace your battery. After that, one thing to remember is to close the trunk lid. An open lid can obstruct corroded gas from the battery.

This Video Might Help to Reset!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reset the liftgate on a Nissan Rogue?

If you see your 2016 Nissan Rogue trunk button not working, you might need to reset it. Mostly giving a reset can make it normal. Follow the steps to reset the trunk. First, keep your trunk open. Then hold the close button of the rear trunk until the sound comes 4 times. Then close your trunk. Before resetting, make sure your trunk is open. Otherwise, the button won’t work.

How do you pop the trunk on a Nissan Rogue?

Are you thinking why is the Nissan Rogue automatic trunk not working? There are lots of ways to open it. If you are driving, you will find a button at your left on the cabin. Pressing it will open the trunk easily. You can also do it by pressing the pop trunk button on the key fob. If you can’t reach them through your hands, give a slide to your rear bumper through your foot.

How do you open the trunk from inside a Nissan Rogue 2021?

You might need your Nissan trunk open from the inside when your battery dies. It is so easy and simple. You can do it by switching your release lever for your trunk. At first, switch the cover of the release lever into the trunk. Then remove the plastic rivets around it. Finish by moving the button right.


Well, we have reached our final verdict. From the above, you can see where you might need the change to stop the Nissan Rogue trunk button not working issue.

Here are some quick tips don’t buy any parts from unknown local stores. Because defective parts can give you headaches again, or if those have not defected, they might not fit your car parts. You might know how perfectly fitted parts play a vital role! So don’t be fooled by the fake consumers.

The Nissan Rogue trunk is quite large and heavy; fixing it at home can sometimes be troublesome. Moreover, you can face installation and assembly problems. We suggest going to any Nissan servicing center to avoid these and secure fixing.

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