Nissan Rogue Rear Wiper Arm Removal And Installation With Tips And Tricks

Are you facing trouble doing your Nissan Rogue rear wiper arm removal? Stay for a while; you might not need to bring your car for servicing. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is possible too. You can do it at home by following our below steps. We have added great detailing with tips and tricks.

Generally, Nissan’s Rogue rear wiper arms failing is a rare situation. This element comes with lifetime capability. We are here for you if you have bad luck with this problem.

Nissan Rogue Rear Wiper Arm Removal Step By Step

Before assuming a solution for a problem, finding the reason make it easier. If you don’t know the reason behind a problem, your solution might be on the wrong track. Trying the wrong method will be nothing but a waste of time. So, finding the reason should be the first step to your problem. Let’s see how.

Necessary Tools:

This method is very easygoing. You won’t need a heavy or larger tool. All you need are the basic tools found in almost all of our homes. It’s just –

  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A socket (11m/14mm)
  • A rachet.

Nissan Wiper Arm Removal And Installation

Different car models are designed with different features. Thus their wiper was also placed differently. So, their removal process also is different. You can apply for 2018 to 2021 Nissan Rogue rear wiper arm replacement in this process.

Step 1: Mark the Wiper Arm Location

What mistake we usually make before replacing the wiper is we don’t mark the exact place. Later we face trouble finding the exact place. Though this process is simple, some tiny mistakes can give you trouble.

So mark the exact placement using a crayon or other marker. This step will help you while installing. After removing it, you won’t have to find the exact place.

Step 2: Loosen the Nut

After marking, keep following the wiper arm at its bottom. At the bottom, you will see a hinged cap. This cap covers the nuts from dust. Open up the cap. Then unscrew the nut that stays in the bottom of the wiper arm. It keeps the wiper arm still. You may know how to unscrew a nut. Still, you can use the screwdriver or latchet. Anything will be okay.

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Step 3: Carefully Remove the Wiper

After removing the nut successfully, the wiper will get loosen. But it won’t remove properly. There are some other things to do. Take up its arm straight up. Then turn it around and reversely do it severally. Then pull it gently until the wiper is released from the screw. If it seems tight, pull backward and again reverse it severally.

You can do this step using the battery cable puller too. Hold the wiper tightly and pull upward and then turn clockwise. The puller will push the wiper, and it will be completely free.

Warning: Be careful while removing the nut off the wiper arm lest you should damage the windshield.

This Video Can Help You To Get Practical Ideas!

Step 4: Install New Wiper Arm

After successfully removing the wiper, you need to place a new wiper in it. So, here is the installation process in step 4.

You can do it now in a blink of an eye because you mark the exact location before. So? Start with placing the wiper blade on the new wiper arm. Then keep the new wiper in that location.

Hold perfectly. Otherwise, your nut can be loosened and cause this problem again. Then start tightening the screw. Make sure you place your wiper perfectly. After tightening the screw, properly cover the screw with the cap. Don’t give extra pressure while tightening. Do it gently. Then finish with checking, giving motion to the wiper arm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you change a windshield wiper arm on a Nissan Rogue?

If you are here for a 2013 Nissan Rogue rear wiper arm replacement or other models, then follow the below steps:
#. First, open the hood of your Nissan car.
#. Open the cap of the wiper arm.
#. Unscrew the nuts that hold the wiper arm.
#. Then place the new wiper arm carefully.

Can you change a windshield wiper arm on a Nissan Rogue?

Yes, you can. Lift your wiper arm from the passenger seat. Then turn your rear wiper arm close upon. Pull your wiper down slowly. It will remove after pulling for a while.


That’s all! It is an easy Nissan Rogue rear wiper arm removal process that anyone can do. Nissan owners claim the rear wiper mostly doesn’t work because of loose nuts. And sometimes it can be rusted or broken nuts too. Since it is an external element and works across the windshield, keeping it clean can reduce its failure to work.

But don’t worry! Replacing the rear arm wiper is as easy as screwing a nut. You can do it following only 4 steps. What to do is follow the steps thoroughly. Before replacing the rear wiper, make sure you buy the new wiper from any trusted shop or an online page.

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