[Answered] Nissan Rogue Fuse Box Location- Included All Fuse Boxes!

Where can you find the fuse box on Nissan Rogue? Nissan Rogue features two fuse boxes. One is on the right side of the Crossover SUV- Nissan Rogue battery. And another is situated just on the driver’s side, especially beneath the dashboard of the vehicle.

Now the question is, how can you approach the exact Nissan Rogue fuse box location? First, remove the hood of the vehicle to locate a black box. This box is called a fuse box. You will find another black box by lifting the dashboard of the vehicle. Confusing, right?

This article will help to educate you about the exact location of the fuse box and methods to reach that location. Without any delay let’s start our discussion!

Find the Nissan Rogue Fuse Box Location Step By Step

A fuse box is a delicate structure within the Crossover SUV. It protects all the electrical equipment against high voltage current flow. The location of the fuse box in the car and truck may be different depending on their models.

The 2008 Nissan Rogue fuse box location manual diagram shows three fuse boxes. Let’s find out the exact location of these fuse boxes in different models of Nissan Rogue!

Under-hood fuse box

Like other models, the 2008 Nissan Rogue features two fuse boxes under the hood. They are termed main or fundamental under-hood vehicle fuse boxes and auxiliary under-hood vehicle fuse boxes. In short, it can be said that both of them are inside the engine compartment.

These fuse boxes are black. Moreover, the term fuse box is encrypted on it. Finding the 2012 Nissan Rogue fuse box location is almost similar to the 2008 model.

At first, open the hood of the car. Inspect the condition of the existing fuse. If the fuse is burnt, you can remove it with the help of a fuse plier. Once the work is done, put down the hood of the Crossover SUV Nissan Rogue.

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Main fuse box

The main fuse box is situated near the battery, especially on the passenger side. This fuse box is solemnly responsible for cooling the engine system.

These fuse boxes safeguard the engine and the complete brake system. Fuse boxes contain multiple fuses of 7.5 to 25 Ohm. These fuses help to keep the engine system cool. Whenever there is any overflow of the negative ion, fuses inside the boxes burn off and save the equipment.

We often face the question of how we can determine the 2009 Nissan Rogue fuse box location. Simple! Just follow the process of the 2008 model. Start by turning off the headlights. Then switch to the lock mode. Before approaching the fuse box, make sure that you have a Phillips head-thin screwdriver. Then replace the fuse.

Auxiliary fuse box

Another underhood fuse box is the auxiliary fuse box. Just like the 2008 year model, the 2015 Nissan Rogue fuse box location also shows that it is situated close to the brake fluid reservoir. This brake fluid reservoir is again located near the driver’s seat.

This fuse box is in charge of protecting the accessories like headlights, navigators, external and internal lights, audio devices, radio, and others. Are you having a difficult time locating this fuse box? Go check the user’s manual. It contains the diagram of the location of the fuse box. So it becomes easy to find and replace the damaged one.

An interior or internal fuse box

Some models of Nissan Rogue feature three fuse boxes for extra protection against electricity overload. It is generally termed the internal fuse box. In most cases, it is located beneath the dashboard. According to the 2013 Nissan Rogue fuse box location, it is situated a little left of the driver’s seat.

To open the fuse panel, you have to pull the fuse box out of the hinge and push the vehicle tabs accordingly. Then remove the panel lid to get access to its interior fuses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the fuse box of the Nissan Rogue located?

According to the Nissan Rogue, two fuse boxes are situated under the hood. One near the passenger’s side and another near the driver’s seat. There is also an internal fuse box under the dashboard.

How many fuse boxes does a 2011 Nissan Rogue have?

The 2011 Nissan Rogue fuse box location features two fuse boxes under the hood in the engine compartment. And an additional internal fuse box inside the vehicle.

Final Verdict

Fuse boxes are the protective guardians for your vehicle. It prevents excess current flow through the electric components. In addition, it controls the damages from adverse weather, excessive water, and moisture inside the car. Nissan Rogue fuse box location may vary depending on the infrastructure of the crossover.

For example, the 08 Nissan is an old model crossover. Still, the 2008 Rogue fuse box location diagram shows three exquisite fuse boxes for extra protection against high voltage current. The primary structure of all the models of Nissan Rogue shows two fuse boxes under the hood and one under the dashboard.

This principle is still followed in the latest 2021 Rogue fuse box location diagram. Knowing the exact fuse box location is a must for troubleshooting. So we hope this article will be helpful for you.

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