Will The Nissan Rogue Cigarette Lighter Always On? How To Fix?

Why is my Nissan Rogue cigarette lighter always on? First, the latest models of the Nissan Rogue come with the always-turn-on feature. If it doesn’t have this feature, there can be wire or some internal problems interrupting the lighter’s functional system.

When the cigarette lighter is always on, the continuous power supply to the lighter port can burn the fuse. However, you can quickly solve these common problems without spending much. Read along to learn more.

Common Reasons Of Why The Nissan Rogue Cigarette Lighter Always On

There are a few common reasons behind the answer to your question: why is my cigarette lighter always on? It’s necessary to fix this issue to prevent fuse blows.

Hence, you can follow some possible fixes to turn off the cigarette lighter on your Nissan vehicle.

ProblemsPossible Solutions
External issuesDiagnose the problem
Damage wiresFix or replace defective wires
High power sourceChange the socket
Manufactured with the ‘On’ featureManually turn off

Now, we’ll elaborately discuss all the common problems with their possible solutions.

Internal Issues

Generally, internal problems are mainly responsible for the Nissan Rogue cigarette lighter fuse blowing. Sometimes, you may notice that the fuse blew even without plugging into anything.

In that case, you should look into the socket and check for a foreign object. If there isn’t any foreign object, it indicates that your Nissan Rogue has some internal problems in the circuit.

Solution: To fix the problem, you can remove the socket and see if it fixes the problem. We suggest using a circuit breaker while following this solution to prevent expenses by not burning fuses repeatedly.

Damage Wires

We know that all the internal compartments of a vehicle are connected through wires. In that case, the wires must be in a good state to operate all the compartments functionally and prevent damage.

2015 Nissan Rogue cigarette lighter fuse can keep blowing due to defective wires or a shorted-out power wire. It means the connected wires of the lighter are burned or damaged and blow a fuse after coming into contact.

Solution: Look into the wires of the cigarette lighter and check if any wire is damaged or burned. If you spot any, consider fixing or replacing the defective connectors with new ones.

High Power Source

Most automakers use a 12V power source in their vehicle to charge mobile, laptops, tabs, and power the cigarette lighter.

In that case, if the lighter socket provides more power than 12-volt, the lighter will get higher consistent power which can keep the lighter always on and eventually burn the fuses due to overheating.

Solution: Check the power voltage of the lighter socket using a multimeter. If the power voltage is higher than 12-volt, change the socket if possible.

Manufactured With The ‘On’ Feature

Some models of Nissan Rogue are manufactured with a cigarette lighter that is always on, for example, the 2019 Nissan Rogue cigarette lighter fuse. Since the lighter is always on, a constant power supply to the lighter can overheat it and blow it gradually.

Solution: To fix this problem, manually turn off the cigarette lighter. You can turn off the lighter in two ways: using the power windows and sunroof button to turn off the cigarette lighter. Or holding the device’s power button for a minute to deactivate it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do cigarette lighters turn off when the car is off?

Yes, cigarette lighters turn off automatically when you turn off your car, unless your Nissan Rogue comes with the “Always Turn On” feature.

How do you reset a car cigarette lighter?

Hold on to the power button of the cigarette lighter device for one minute, then turn on the lighter again. You can also replace the connected and replaceable components of the lighter to reset it.

Where is the fuse box on a 2019 Nissan Rogue?

There are fuse boxes on a 219 Nissan Rogue. Two fuse boxes are under the driver’s hood box, and another is inside the change drawer.

How long does a cigarette lighter stay on?

A traditional cigarette lighter stays on for half an hour; then it turns off automatically if the lighter isn’t in use anymore.

Can you leave things plugged into a cigarette lighter?

If your Nissan vehicle can shut off power with the shutting-off ignition, you shouldn’t worry about the battery draining even if you leave something plugged on into the lighter fuse.


So you now know why is your Nissan Rogue lighter always on and keeps blowing.

However, as you read above, it’s possible to turn off the lighter port manually and fix the blowing issue; you shouldn’t worry much about it. Make sure you don’t increase the socket amp with your replacements.

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