[We Found 7] Nissan Rogue Axle Problems+ Possible Solutions!

What problems do users face with the Nissan Rogue axle? The common problems, like- vibrations, and clunking noise, may come to your mind first. But what about the others? There are a lot more vital problems that affect the axle.

Today, in this article, we will be discussing all the Nissan Rogue axle problems that users face or may face in the future. We know how frustrating it is when we are on a thrilling ride on our Nissan Rogue, and suddenly its axle breaks up.

To make sure you don’t compromise with anything in your ride, don’t forget to read all the aspects below. Here, we have described the potential problems, their reasons, and a pinch of solutions for you guys. Let’s not make any further delay and hit below.

Nissan Rogue Axle Problems With Reasons

As said before, driveshaft problems and vibrations are some of the most common problems in a Nissan Rogue axle. Other common problems include misalignment of the vehicle tire, grinding gears, spreading of greases, and more.

Axle and transmission problems were mostly seen in the 2010 Nissan Rogue, which were resolved later in the 2013-2014 Nissan Rogue.

Now the question is, why such a problem occurs and what we can do about this. Well, you can identify it from the below table. Then we will brief them thoroughly.

Problems with Nissan Rogue AxlePossible Reasons
Driveshaft problemsWhen left shafts and right shafts do not maintain stiffness properly
Clunking noisesWearing out suspension components
Loss of accelerationLeakage in a vacuum and dirty airflow sensor
Misalignment of vehicle tiresWears and tears of suspension components
VibrationsWhen tires become out of balance
Grinding gearsWhen the axle components do not articulate properly
Spreading of greaseRipping off the boots

When it comes to a comfortable ride, we can never avoid the axle problems as it makes or breaks the whole situation.

Perhaps, you also agree with it. Then why not get certain about problems first? Because that makes us less surprised and won’t baffle us while taking any steps. Anyways, we have recommended a few solutions which can help you out. Let’s look below:

Driveshaft Problems

The left shafts and right shafts of a Nissan Rogue should always maintain their stiffness properly. When they become improper, the driveshafts don’t operate well anymore. If you see any such type of symptoms, get service from your nearest shop right now.

Clunking Noises

Among the Nissan Rogue front axle problems, clunking noise is the one.

Suspension components, like- struts, struts mounts, control-arm bushing, tires, etc wear out in a vehicle. Because of these, clunking noises generally appear in the area. The solution is also simple. Give a check to these components as soon as possible.

Loss of Acceleration

Well, there can be lots of reasons why the Nissan Rogue Axle loses its acceleration. The first reasons are- leakage in a vacuum and dirty airflow sensor. Alongside, dirty throttle body, dirty chain, problem in ignition system are also a reason.

As there are so many potential problems, better check your vehicle out by a repairman when it loses its acceleration. Or, you may check all the Nissan Rogue CVT transmission problems as acceleration loss can be one of the reasons in that case.

Misalignment of the Vehicle Tire

Misalignment of the vehicle’s tire is only possible when its suspension components face wear and tears. Their prior causes are- riding on the potholes and speed bumps roughly. To avoid this problem, you must ride safely and repair your tire soon.


The tire issue is the main reason for vibration in a vehicle. When the tires wear out or become out of balance, that leads to certain vibrations.

Don’t worry. Realignment, replacement, or rebalancing of the tire can solve your problem.

Grinding Gears

Grinding gears becomes a crucial problem when the axle components break and are not articulated properly anymore. Because of it, the axle tends to get stiff.

Whenever you see this symptom, you have to understand that the gears are wearing themselves out, and the differential is also failing.

Well, this problem also requires a professional service.

Spreading of Grease

The main cause why the grease spreads all over an axle is ripping off the boots. Since the leakage occurs, the grease finds no other way than spreading. You can stop the leakage by taking it to a nearer service center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What year did Nissan Rogues have transmission problems?

The 2013 Nissan Rogues have experienced the transmission problem the most. Along with it, electrical issues, engine acceleration issues, and pain/body issues were also the problems in 2013 Nissan Rogues.

Do all Nissans have transmission problems?

The CVT transmission problem is a common issue with all Nissan vehicles. It is also referred to as a continuous variable transmission that mainly focuses on increasing a vehicle’s performance.


Hopefully, you have now got an oriented distinction about the Nissan Rogue axle problems. Yet, I would recommend you to justify the problems first and then find the reasons as they are the first attempt.

You can be alert in advance if you get to know what problems can appear. Afterward, knowing the reasons will make you more concerned and make it easy to grab the solution.

Since the article has already suggested what can be helpful for you when the Nissan Rogue axle makes any problem, it won’t be that difficult to cope with the situation.

This is all. Thank you.

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