Nissan Rogue Air Conditioner Not Blowing 8 Reasons to Know!

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The Nissan Rogue air conditioner is not blowing mostly because of AC refrigerant leakage. Start checking for low refrigerant coolant levels. Besides, resetting the climate control system can fix the issue within minutes.

Why is the Nissan Rogue air conditioner not blowing cold air or not blowing as it should? According to research, 37% of it is not blowing because of AC refrigerant leakage. However, there can be major issues with electrical wire, fuse, Ac compressor, and climate control.

Riding in a car without an air conditioner can be frustrating. And so here we showcase major reasons and suggested fixes for them. Check them out-

9 Reasons Why Nissan Rogue Air Conditioner Not Blowing

As mentioned, common causes for Nissan air conditioner problems are faulty fuse, faulty blower motor, bad relay, and control module malfunction. All common reasons and possible solutions are given in the table below for your ease.

ReasonsPossible Solution
Refrigerant LeakageSeal Or Replace Refrigerant
Blown/Faulty FuseReplace Fuse
Bad RelayChange Relay & Reset AC
Bad Resistor Or Control ModuleTake Professional Help
Bad Wires Or ConnectorsPut New Wires
 Faulty Blower MotorChange Motor
Bad AC CompressorReplace Compressor
Rodent DamagesTake Professional Help
Dirty Condenser or EvaporatorClean it

Refrigerant Leakage

Refrigerant is the main product for which a vehicle’s air conditioner provides cool air. Refrigerant leakage can occur bad air compressor causing Nissan Rogue AC not blowing cold air. However, broken seals or other parts in the car system can be responsible too.

2017 Nissan Rogue AC not blowing is more associated with leakage problems. If there is a tiny hole, you can use AC leak sealers. However, it’s recommended not to use it for big gaps. This is low flammable, but still, it can be a major risk for the vehicle.

Blown/Faulty Fuse

The air conditioner not working Nissan Rogue is mostly for the blown fuse phenomenon. A bad fuse can interfere with the circuit, and for this AC motor doesn’t work. Firstly, check the fuse box.

 Make sure to use a needle nose plier or fuse puller while opening. A good fuse has a metal strip in the middle, and a blown fuse will show a broken strip. Change the fuse to the same amperage and color. 2012 Nissan Rogue air conditioner not working problem is more seen for blown fuses.

Bad Relay

Relays are electromagnet switches that help to turn on and off electrical loads. Faulty relays can cause the motor failure of AC. You have to change it.

And make sure to disconnect the vehicle’s battery before changing the relay. After reconnecting the battery, you might have to do a Nissan Rogue AC reset. Some cars have auto climate control and don’t usually contain a relay.

However, this video might help you!

Bad Resistor Or Control Module

This control module is designed to control the speed of the motor in the air conditioner. It helps in increasing and decreasing fan speed. However, it loses control when it gets broken, causing no air to get out.

The control module or resistor needs careful handling. It’s best to take a professional’s help to replace or fix it.

Faulty Blower Motor

Most people complaining about a Nissan Rogue air conditioner fan not working can be associated with the blower motor. This motor is the main component in any AC system. It brings out cold or hot air from the vents.

If the motor has issues, the air will not get out from the vents. You can notice whirring sounds or burnt plastic odor from your AC vents. Usually, the blower motor is not repairable. So, you have to change it with help from a mechanic.

Bad Wires Or Connectors

There are wires connected to the AC motor. These wires can get broken or pulled out in accidents. Sometimes rodents are also responsible. Also, the blown fuse can cause wire damage.

Many people faced the 2011 Nissan Rogue air conditioner not working for broken wires. You have to replace the wires. But it’s recommended to take professional help as the wires are connected to many components.

Bad AC Compressor

When a Nissan Rogue AC compressor fails, you would hear a vibrating or clunking sound. Compressors usually get bad for electrical failures. Most people ignore this sound problem thinking it will go away. But eventually, this can damage the air conditioner more.

There is a Nissan air conditioner recall for ignoring issues with the compressor. First, check all the electrical wires beside the compressor to fix this problem. Then detect the faulty wire and replace it. Sometimes, resetting HVAC or AC can solve the issue. Oh! don’t miss the issues with Nissan Rogue climate control problems though both are interconnected.

How to Do Nissan Rogue AC Reset

Follow these simple steps to reset your AC-

  • Turn off the engine.
  • Open the engine hood and locate the AC compressor situated near the engine bay. (some Nissan Rogue AC/ HVAC fuse is inside the fuse box, hidden under a black box.)
  • You will see an electrical connector on the top of the AC compressor.
  • Unplug this connector and wait for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Now, connect the connector and start the engine to check.

Note: After the AC reset, starting the AC with the lowest setting is better.

Rodent Damage

You might be surprised after knowing how a user had to break his bank to repair the wiring just because of rodent damage. While sharing this on Community Car Talk, he sounded so unfortunate about how he had to spend his bucks for this $2700 repair.

Yes, if you reside in such a place where rats are acute, rats or mice can get inside your car’s dashboard and bite off the wires. This can cause electrical disturbance in the AC motor connection. Eventually, these rodents can damage the air conditioner.

Carefully open your dashboard and look for bite marks. If you discover any bites, take a mechanic’s help.

Dirty Condenser or Evaporator

The Air condenser in the Nissan rogue helps to release the heat from the car into an ambient temperature. Again, the evaporator, on the contrary, helps to evaporate the water and run the cold air inside the vehicle.

But over time, dirt and particles can clog in these AC parts such as air filter, which causes the AC not to blow cold air or not blow smoothly. In case you need Nissan Rogue cabin air filter location, check this guide.

In such cases, you need to get access to the dashboard and clean the evaporator. Also, the condenser underneath your engine hood needs to be cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Nissan Rogue air conditioning not working?

Your Nissan Rogue air conditioning is not working because it is broken. Commonly, there can be refrigerant leaks or climate control problems. Also, the air conditioning compressor can cause a Nissan Rogue AAAC fan not blowing.

Why is my car AC running but not blowing air?

Your car AC is running but not blowing air because of issues with the airflow line. Air intake can get clogged so that air can’t circulate. Also, clogged ventilation systems and electrical problems can stop air from blowing through AC.

How much does it cost to fix AC in Nissan Rogue?

To fix AC in a Nissan Rogue costs around $245 to $500. This pricing includes labor and part costs. Pricing depends and varies according to the area you reside. Also, the price depends on the amount of work. This cost can go up more for a 2016 Nissan Rogue AC recall.


There are several reasons why the Nissan Rogue air conditioner not blowing. It might seem challenging to identify the issue. So It’s recommended to look for the most common cause, such as low coolant level or any leak in the refrigerator, and then move towards the least popular ones.

If you don’t know why your Nissan Rogue heat and ac not working, then it’s better to seek professional help. However, try to be cautious before setting the fixing prices.

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