Everything You Need: Wheel Lug Nut Size Ram 1500 [2000-2022]

What is the Dodge Ram 1500 lug nut size? The most common Dodge Ram lug nut size is 9/16”- 18 UNF, where the 9/16” is the nominal diameter thread size and the 18 is the thread pitch. You can also measure this by M14x1.5, meaning the thread size is 14 millimeters, and the pitch size is 1.5 millimeters.

You must have a precise idea about the lug nut size Ram 1500 as they play a prominent role in connecting your wheel with your car. Nonetheless, in this informative article, we share the complete idea about the lug nut size of your Ford 1500.

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Lug Nut Size Ram 1500

Though few types of Dodge Ram 1500 lug nut size are available, most of the updated Dodge Ram comes with the M14x1.5. For example, the lug nut size for the 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 is 9/16”- 18 UNF or you can say M14x1.5.

Furthermore, you will find the same scenario with the 2019 Ram 1500 lug nut size, which is also M14x1.5. That’s why when it comes to the most common lug nut thread size, the M14x1.5 comes to the top.

But, if you look back at the 2001 Dodge Ram lug nut size, you will find a slight difference. Nonetheless, the lug nut size of the 2001 Dodge Ram is 1/2” – 20 UNF. However, you can also consider this as M12x1.25.

Nonetheless, the 1/2” – 20 UNF is a standard dimension, and the M12x1.25 is a metric dimension.

So, one thing is clear here. There are variations in the lug nut size.

You might want to look at the Dodge Challenger bolt pattern once to get a concept for the Dodge lug pattern.

However, it will be better if we provide you with a table that shows the lug nut size Dodge Ram 1500 2000-2022 model year.

Model YearThread Size (Standard Dimension)Thread Size (Metric Dimension)
20001/2″ – 20 UNFM12x1.25
20011/2″ – 20 UNFM12x1.25
20029/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20039/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20049/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20059/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20069/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20079/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20089/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20099/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20109/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20119/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20129/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20139/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20149/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20159/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20169/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20179/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20189/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20199/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20209/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20219/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50
20229/16″ – 18 UNFM14x1.50

So, you can see the thread size is almost the same in all years. However, the overall Dodge Ram 1500 lug nut hex size is ⅞”, and any 2.5” long nut will fit your Ram 1500 wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Size Lug Nuts Does a Dodge Ram Have?

There are quite a few variations in Dodge Ram lug nut size. However, we have discovered the most common lug nut size is 9/16”- 18 UNF, M14x1.5. To elaborate on the size, the 9/16” is the thread size, and the 18 is the thread pitch in inches. On the other hand, if you measure the size in millimeters, the M14 is the thread size in millimeters, and 1.5 is the thread pitch in millimeters.

What Is the Size of a Lug Nut on a 2017 Dodge Ram 1500?

The 2017 Dodge Ram is one of the most popular trucks, and that’s why you will find the most common lug nut size. However, the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 is M14x1.5, where the M14 is the lug nut thread size in millimeters (mm), and the 1.5 is the thread pitch size in millimeters. If you want to know the measurement of nominal diameter, then it will be 9/16”- 18 UNF.

What Size Lug Nuts Are on a 2019 Ram 1500?

Like the modern-day’s Dodge Ram 1500, the 2019 Ram 1500 also has the same lug nut size. Nonetheless, the 2019 Ram 1500 lug nut size is M14x1.5, where the M14 is the nominal thread diameter in millimeters, and the 1.5 is the thread pitch measurement in millimeters.

What Size Socket for Dodge Ram Lug Nuts?

There are two sizes of sockets available for Dodge Ram lug nuts. Nonetheless, the socket size for 2000 and 2001 Dodge Ram is 1/2” – 20 UNF or M12x1.25. On the other hand, you will find the socket size of M14x1.50 or 9/16” – 18 UNF with the rest of the Dodge Ram 1500 from the 2002-2022 model year.


So,  have you got what you were supposed to get after reading this? We hope so. Once you have a pretty clear idea about the lug nut size Ram 1500, it will help you next time you tend to change your truck’s wheel. Nonetheless, the modern-day’s Dodge Ram 1500 lug nut sizes are the same. But, if you go back, you will find some variations as presented above.

The lug nut sizes mentioned above are familiar in the automation world. The lug nut size, like 9/16”- 18 UNF and ½”-20 UNF, are decent for high-performing vehicles like Dodge Ram 1500.

So, what is the lug nut size of your Dodge Ram 1500?

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