Kia Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change [6 Easy Solutions]

Why is the Kia key does not work after changing the battery? The most common reason is the key fob programming issue. We have also found some other reasons regarding your Kia car’s key fob not responding. These include the battery not being placed correctly, weak or dead battery, problems with the car’s electrical system, and more.

You might get worried when this problem occurs. Don’t worry! In this article, we will disclose all those reasons and solutions behind such issue which will help you to get your key fob work again. So, let’s deep dive into the main discussion.

So Why Kia Key Fob Not Working When Battery Is Replaced

When you replace the fob battery, you need to program it into your Kia car’s system. It is because the key fob sends a unique identification number to the car, and the car is programmed to function with it. So, if you don’t program the new key fob battery, it may not work.

Also, this issue can occur for a faulty key fob, battery and battery contact terminals are dirty, and more.

Reasons For Not WorkingPossible Solutions To Try
Key fob programming issueReprogram the key fob
The battery is not placed correctlyPlace the battery correctly
Battery and battery contact terminals are dirtyClean the dirty battery
Faulty key fobReplace the key fob
Weak or dead batteryChange the battery
Problems with the car’s electrical systemTake your Kia car to a dealer or mechanic to have it checked out

Let’s take a detailed look at all the reasons and solutions mentioned above.

Key Fob Programming Issue

It is possible for the Kia key fob to lose its programming, particularly if it has a dead battery for a long period of time. As a result, your Kia key fob won’t work, and the car’s doors will not lock. Also,  you can not solve this problem by using an OBD-II scanner tool.


  • At first, insert the Kia key fob in the ignitin switch.
  • Next, push and hiold pushing the lock button of key fob for 3 seconds.
  • Finally, wait for the key fob blinking lights on dash.

When you see the key fob indicating lights blink on the dashboard, be sure the key fob is reprogrammed and you are now good to go.

However, if the issue has not been solved, you have to take it to the dealer. The dealer has special software that can tune the key fob.

The Battery Is Not Placed Correctly

We have found out that if you don’t place the new battery in the key fob, it can cause the key fob not to work. In such cases, the positive and negative sides of the battery will not line up perfectly.

Solution: In this case, you need to place the new battery correctly. Check and make sure the positive and negative battery terminals are lined up perfectly.

Battery And Battery Contact Terminals Are Dirty

Sometimes, after replacing the battery, the new battery can get dirty quickly. Also, the battery contact terminals can get messy. These reasons can lead to your Kia car’s key fob not working.

Solution: Firstly, you need to clean the dirty battery and the battery contact terminals. Then, put a little more tension on them to solve the problem.

Faulty Key Fob

It is another common reason behind the key fob not to work. Any issues or faults with the key fob can result in its not working.

Solution: In such case, replace your key fob to solve the issue. You can find new key fob from an auto parts store or a Kia dealership.

Weak Or Dead Battery

It is important to check the voltage of the new batteries first before putting them inside the key fob. According to a user of Kia-forums,

 “New batteries can be dead or weak.”

Many people think the battery cannot be dead or weak as you put in a new battery, which is wrong.

Solution: To solve this problem, you have to change the batteries. Also, before inserting new batteries, check whether it is dead or weak by checking the voltage. 

Problems With The Car’s Electrical System

There are also some possibilities that your Kia car’s electrical system has some problem, causing the Kia key fob not to work. We have found out that even after replacing the battery, this issue still occurs.

Solution: In this case, you will require to take your Kia car to a dealer or mechanic to have it checked out. They can solve the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why the key fob does not work after replacing the battery?

A programming or setting issue is the most common reason behind your key fob not to work in this case. Also, this problem can occur if you do not place the new battery correctly. Sometimes, the new battery can be dead or weak, which can cause this issue. Other reasons include a faulty key fob, battery and battery contact terminals being dirty, and problems with the car’s electrical system.

Do I need to reprogram key fob if I change the battery?

Generally, you don’t need any reprogramming. The new battery should work fine with the key fob. However, some key fobs may need some reprogramming when changing the battery. It is because they do not function correctly again after you replace the battery. The new battery resets or interrupts the connection between the key fob and the car.


For keeping your Kia car safe and secure, your key fob plays an important role. Key fobs are cautiously designed to stop car thieves from entering your cars. It lets you to lock and unlock the car from a long distance conveniently. So, when your key fob stops working after a battery replacement, it can put you in a difficult situation.

Also, the solutions behind this issue can be a little complex. However, you can reduce that complexity by following the reasons and solutions discussed in this article. We are hopeful that when you see your Kia key fob not working after battery replacement, this article will help you to solve this problem quickly.

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