Kenda Klever AT2 Vs RT: Have A Look Before Going Off-Roads!

Is there any difference between Kenda Klever AT2 and RT? There are many common features in both tires. But there are some differences as well. The main difference between Kenda Klever RT and AT2 is that they are made for particular purposes and different terrain situations.

As we discuss Kenda Klever AT2 vs RT below, we would also like to show you the features that the tires are unique in their field. It can be difficult to choose one of them. This comparison can make the fog clear and help you choose the particular tire you need.

Kenda Klever AT2 Vs RT: What Are The Key Differences?

Check out the key differences between Kenda Klever tire RT vs AT2, below.

Key PointAT2RT
Tire TypeAll-terrain tireRough terrain tire
Tread PatternAggressive tread patternThe aggressive and deep tread pattern
Load Capacity2469 lbs.The greater load capacity of 3,195 lbs.
SidewallShorter than R/TTaller, 3x sidewalls than AT2 tires
Preferred VehicleSuitable for SUV, light truck, and 4×4 drivesRT tires are best for trucks and SUVs.

Both Kenda tires are great in a particular condition. Some features are common in both Kenda tires, but there are some differences as well. Now, let’s check on the detailed features of both Klever tires and see what makes them different from one another.

Terrain Type

Kenda RT is a radial rugged-terrain tire that is a combination of all-terrain and mud-terrain tires and is suitable for rough, uneven, and softer ground. These hybrid-terrain tires are also known as rugged-terrain or shortly as R/T tires. The good thing is they have got all the good sides of A/T and M/T tires. Kenda RT tires offer strong winter performance and are ready for winter studs.

And the all-terrain tires, or A/T tires, are designed to perform on- and off-road, providing traction and comfort in wet, dry, and lightly snowy conditions. However, they do not have enough traction on snow or ice and, therefore, as winter tires. This tire has an all-weather rubber compound.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern provides excellent grip and traction in a variety of conditions. It helps to slide over the mud, snow, and sand smoothly. Both Kenda Klever AT2 and RT tires have large tread block designs.

The AT2 tire provides excellent traction featuring a deep tread pattern and aggressive styling. With its optiItsterlocking tread block design, the tire can allow the tire to most every weather condition- wet, dry, snow, muddy, and sandy. Though the Klever AT2 has a certification of Winter Snowflake (3PMSF) on all their tires, it is not as good for icy or slippery grounds as snow tires.

In comparison, the M+S rated Kenda Klever RT tires also have an aggressive tread design to provide a great grip on the off-road tractions. Its wide and deep grooves and upper sidewall tread help to have better traction in muddy terrain and extreme off-road conditions. However, Kenda has a lot to do in terms of their RT ice performance.

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Comparing Klever AT2 Vs RT In Terms Of Sidewalls

Both tires have Kenda’s “KlevKenda’sd” sidewall, which is an extra layer of rubber protection that protects from damages and punctures. The Kenda RT E-rating tires feature a “Triple Threat” 3-ply sidewall, making them suitable for extreme off-road adventures.

On the other hand, the AT2 tires have strong sidewalls suitable for mud, sand, rocks, and light snow. However, the RT has a thicker tread than the AT2.

Load Capacity

Load capacity signifies the capability of the tire to carry a certain amount of weight on the vehicle. The larger the number, the more weight the tires can carry.

The maximum load capacity of the Kenda Klever RT tires is 3,195 lbs. For the Kenda AT2 tires, the max weight load capacity is 2469 lbs.

Mileage & Warranty

Kenda Klever tires give you the best mileage in their price range. When you compare it with the competitors, you can see it clearly. They offer better mileage than many Chinese tire brands at a reasonable price range.

Kenda promises to deliver 50,000 miles of warranty for its LT tire range and about 60,000 miles for the P-Metrics.

However, you might be disappointed not to get any warranty in their Klever R/T series as they follow the NO-Warranty trend for their off-road tires. But there is good news that you can utilize the “Uniformity One” formula when one tire out of four gets defective within the first 2/32” of the tread.

Available Sizes

Kenda Klever AT2 tires come in 40 different sizes based on the industry demands. You will find sizes with additional expansions that range from 15 to 20 inches. Klever RT tires, on the other hand, have tire sizes of- 15, 16, 17, 18, and 20 inches in 20 different variations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kenda Klever RT good?

Kenda Klever tires are one of the most affordable rough-terrain or R/T tires. This tire is reliable, made of high-quality materials, cheap, durable, and offers an unbeatable performance on the terrain. Customers have shown trust in these Kenda R/T tires. They perform well on loose sand, rock, and gravel and have great traction on the mud. You won’t find a greater value in this price range among the competitors.

Are Kenda Klever tires loud?

Kenda demands their tires to be quiet on the road, which is true. Not only The mud-terrain MT tires and A/T (all-terrain) and RTs (rough-terrain) tires are equally good on the road. They don’t hum like a mud tire and will roll quietly on the paved road. But you can hear the roar of the tires as soon as you speed up over rougher terrain.

How many miles do Kenda tires last?

All varieties of Kenda tires, including the terrain tires, have a longer life expectancy than other Chinese brands. On top of that, they are cheap. Even though the tires may not last as long as its competitors, you can confidently drive 40,000 to 60,000 miles with the various Kenda tires, and I’m not exaggerating. You can expect the Kenda Klever A/Ts to last about 45,000 miles, the R/Ts about 40,000 miles, and the touring tires may last up to 65,000 miles.

Where are Kenda Klever tires made?

Kenda Klever tires have been producing their pneumatic tires in various manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Mainland China, Vietnam, and Indonesia since 1962. However, the Kenda Klever A/T2 was designed, developed, and tested in Akron, Ohio, at Kenda’s American Technical Center but to be produced in their Vietnam facility.


When it comes to all-terrain tires (AT), there are a few big names that come to mind. Kenda is one of those brands, and their Klever AT2 and RT tires are two of their most popular. Kenda Klever AT2 vs RT: What is a better option?

We have mentioned the key differences between the Kenda Klever AT2 and RT tires. If you’re looking for an all-terrain tire, the AT2 is a great option. The RT is the way to go if you need a mud-terrain tire. It mostly depends on your preference, where you would drive, and how frequently you would use the tires. But one thing I must say, you get what you pay for. So, they are worth every penny but don’t expect them to be everlasting.

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