7 JET Performance Chip Problems- Included Easy Solutions Too!

The most common problems with the JET Performance chip are many users don’t feel that performance chips give a big boost to the torque and overall performance. If your car doesn’t seem to be performing as expected, it could be due to the JET Performance chip problems.

JET Performance chips can improve the performance of a vehicle and increase its power and torque output. However, some JET chips have been known to cause problems with a vehicle’s engine, causing a variety of symptoms such as increased oil consumption, knocking, or even complete engine failure.

Today, we will see the problems you face with a faulty JET Performance chip and easy fixes. Let’s begin.

JET Performance Chip Problems: Everything Inside Out

JET Performance tuner problems can cause your vehicle performance to drop. You will be left with low fuel efficiency, low torque, and much more. Let’s see what they are:

Low torqueCheck the connector.
High torque    Try soldering the pins or replacing them.
More oil consumptionFix the performance chip installations.  
Less power outputClean your performance chip.
Increased noiseFix the chip.
Car knockingTighten up the chip.
Car engine failureReplace the chip.

Let’s check them out in detail for a better idea.

Low Torque

This is when the engine doesn’t have as much power as it should and can make your vehicle feel sluggish. Again, the problem seems to be more pronounced in front-wheel drive vehicles but can occur in any vehicle with a JET chip installed.

High Torque

If you’re experiencing either of these problems, the best thing to do is to take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic or JET dealer and have them take a look at it. They may be able to adjust the chip or install a new one that doesn’t have these issues.

More Oil Consumption

In this case, you find that your vehicle is consuming more oil than usual. JET chips can cause increased oil consumption, so it’s essential to keep an eye on oil level and top it off as needed.

Less Power Output

When you’re noticing a decrease in power output from your vehicle, it’s possible that the JET chip is to blame. Try to replace the chip with a new one. Hopefully, everything will turn out fine.

Increased Noise

While these chips are designed to improve your vehicle’s performance, they can sometimes cause issues like increased noise. You can try readjusting the chip. Hopefully, everything will turn out great.

Car Knocking

Sometimes, when you use the right amount of fuel, check all the connections, and clean the engine, your car may still keep knocking. It turns out you can try to adjust the chip to see if that makes a difference. If not, you might need to take your car to a mechanic to see the problem.

Car Engine Failure

Though rare, your engine can die after using a damaged performance chip for too long. This can also be caused if the tuning isn’t done right. You will experience a lot of knocking, noise, and more fuel consumption before an engine failure.

How to Get Rid of All The Problems with JET Performance Chip?

While there are tons of options to choose from, here are some tips to solve a JET Performance chip. Hopefully, we covered everything you need:

  • First, make sure that the JET Performance chip installation is proper and that all the connections are secure.
  • If the chip is loose or the connections are not secure, this can cause the chip not to work correctly. So, readjust it.
  • Next, check the chip itself for any damage or dirt that could be causing it not to work properly.
  • If the chip is damaged or dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cloth or using compressed air to blow dirt or debris out of the chip.
  • A broken connector can also cause the JET chip to malfunction. You can try soldering the pins or replacing them.
  • Sometimes, the cheap isn’t meant for your car. Don’t rough house while installing a chip, especially don’t add the wrong chip type.

Pro Tips: Sometimes, the chip may still not work properly after following these tips. You may need to replace the chip or contact JET directly for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can performance chips damage your engine?

A performance chip cannot damage your engine if it is properly installed and all connections are secure. But, a damaged or dirty chip can cause your engine not to work properly. With time, this problem can damage your engine or just give you bad fuel efficiency.

What are the cons of a performance chip?

There are a few potential cons of using a performance chip. First, if the chip is not installed properly, it can damage your engine. Second, if the chip is not compatible with your car, it can also damage your engine. You can’t always swipe a broken performance chip with a new one as you can break the connecting pin socket.

Are performance chips legit?

Yes. Performance chips are authentic and will boost your car’s performance. However, there are a few fake performance chips on the market that are not legit. These chips can damage your engine or void your warranty. It is essential to research before purchasing a performance chip to ensure it is a quality product.

How much horsepower does a JET Performance chip add?

Well, every car is different. With the correct manufacturer, a JET Performance chip can increase up to 5-10% car efficiency. You will get better torque, fuel efficiency, and power. Then again, the magnitude varies depending on the vehicle you are using.

End Note

JET Performance chips are a quality product that can increase the efficiency of your car by up to 10%. With the right performance chip, you can enjoy better power, torque, pulling ability, etc. 

On the other hand,  JET Performance chip problems can restrict all that, leaving you with a low-performance vehicle. 

You can fix the chip, readjust it, or change it completely. However, we prefer giving the task to a professional, as you can damage the connector pins or socket. Not a good thing, right?

Most dealers have warranties, which you can use to get things fixed for free.

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