Is Motorcraft Mercon LV Synthetic To Offer A Smooth Car Shifting?

If you are looking for a premium-quality automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for your vehicle, you must be wondering- is Motorcraft Mercon LV synthetic?

As synthetic fluids are way more reliable than traditional ones, they are preferable to car owners. And yes, Motorcraft Mercon LV is a synthetic ATF uniquely designed by different chemical reactions.

Being a high-quality transmission fluid, the Motorcraft Mercon LV is an advanced lubricant that is less likely to oxidize.

But is it fully synthetic? Does it do justice to its sky-high popularity?

To figure it out, let’s break down this wonderful trans fluid below.

Is Motorcraft Mercon LV Synthetic?

As mentioned earlier, yes, it’s a synthetic transmission fluid that is highly recommended by Ford, the world-famous motor company. Resultantly, this ATF is specifically designed for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles.

Here, the LV stands for low viscosity. That means this ATF is carefully manufactured not to break down in high temperatures.

In fact, you will not see them getting thinner or oxidized. They are made for both low and high-temperature ambiance after all. You can undoubtedly use this fluid in your Ford cars requiring Mercon transmission fluid.

However, if you are expecting electronically-controlled automatic transmissions, rest assured that the synthetic Mercon LV is your pick.

Above all, thanks to the upgraded additive technology, the synthetic Motorcraft Mercon LV leaves no stone unturned to keep your vehicle rust and corrosion free.

Besides, it also offers outstanding thermal stability with a decent low-temperature fluidity.

Although you may find it a bit more expensive than other automatic transmission fluids, who cares when you get optimal oxidization and shear consistency?

Yes, it is not fully synthetic as it indicates petroleum distillates in both heavy and light grades. But that’s not a big deal at all. You cannot complain about its performance as a long-lasting and smooth shifting transmission fluid.

Don’t forget to check out all the ATF+4 transmission fluid equivalents that you can rely on.

Manufacturing Material Of Motorcraft Mercon LV

Being made of base oil and an additive package including a sheer variety of chemical compounds, Mercon is the only Ford-recommended fluid compatible with their cars. 

And among all the Mercon products, the Mercon LV is the highest-grade fluid that offers the ultimate protection against transmission shudder.

Moreover, they boast of being formed of hydro-processed base oils along with exclusive performance additives. No wonder, they exceed your expectations by supporting modern transmission so well.

Unlike the Mercon V, Motorcraft Mercon LV has a different viscosity level. Since it’s a low-viscosity trans fluid, you enjoy lower friction while operating the engine. Isn’t it a nice plus?

Considering all its amenities, we assure you that this trans fluid is worth both the hype and the price.

Compatibility With Other Transmission Fluid

Talking about compatibility, you should never mix Mercon LV with any other Mercon fluid such as Mercon V, or Mercon SP even if they are synthetic. They are not compatible with each other. You should check the owner guide to be sure of its application.

Approved By Ford

Another point to be noted is that Ford approved it for their cars manufactured after 2008. Therefore, don’t go for the wrong trans fluid that could lead to transmission failure. You must choose one that goes well with the engine.

Otherwise, it will damage the engine forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ford Mercon LV synthetic?

Yes, it is. Being formulated with advanced performance additives in collaboration with hydro-processed base oils, it is one of the best-quality Ford fluids that provides a smooth gear shifting experience keeping the engine unaffected.

Does Ford use synthetic transmission fluid?

If you ask me what type of transmission fluid is used by Ford, I must say it’s Mercon. That’s the only fluid approved by Ford for their vehicles. And if you analyze, it’s evident that Mercon fluids are mostly synthetic, including Mercon V, Mercon Lv, Mercon SP, etc.

What does Mercon LV mean?

Here LV means “Low Viscosity”. It basically refers to the viscosity level of the Mercon fluid. And the Mercon LV is the trans fluid that runs quickly and easily, offering the ultimate protection against transmission shudder. Besides, the low viscosity level ensures you face lower friction while operating the engine.

Is Synthetic Transmission Fluid worth it?

Yes, every bit of it. At first, you might think otherwise. But they are worth it. Unlike traditional fluids, synthetic ones are more heat and cold-resistant. And Motorcraft Mercon is strongly recommended for Ford users so that they have to change/repair the transmission less. This way you can adjust the extra expense since the transmission lasts way longer.


That’s all about Motorcraft Mercon LV automatic transmission fluid. If you are still confused- is Motorcraft Mercon LV synthetic or not, let me reassure you that yes, it’s a synthetic ATF utterly approved by Ford.

Don’t bother about the minor issue that it’s not fully synthetic. In terms of performance, it’s no less.

Because of the inclusion of the advanced performance additives, Motorcraft Mercon LV is rather way ahead in moving easily.

As a result, it lets your engine sustain instant heat, wear, and oxidization. Best of all, the fluid thickens in high temperatures offering a fantastic anti-shudder performance on the whole.

Furthermore, only Motorcraft provides a special friction modifier with their LV fluids to make the transmission last longer.

Do you need more reasons to go for it? No, I guess!

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