How to Remove Exhaust Hangers- 2 Simple Ways to Follow

How to remove exhaust hangers if there’s an urgency? You might be glad to know only a screwdriver can remove it. However, if the hangers are so rusty, tearing them down is an immediate solution. And in that case, hanger removal pillars come in handy.

Exhaust hangers hold the exhaust pipe from falling to the ground. They are a very crucial tool. But they need to be removed on several occasions. Why? Either you need to replace them because of rustiness, or there’s necessary to change the exhaust pipe if it gets clogged.

A screwdriver will uninstall the nuts and loosen up the hanger. And the pillars will tear up the rubber. But how do you get things done? Read them below thoroughly.

How to Remove Exhaust Hangers Using Screwdrivers or Pillars

You can remove the exhaust hangers either with the pillar or the screwdriver. Both ways are easy and can be done in a few steps. You can decide which way to go as per your preference.

Method-1: Removing Exhaust Hangers with Pillars

Using pillars is the best way to get exhaust hangers off. To do this, you have to gather some tools first. Let’s see what you need to have near.

Required tool:

  • Exhaust hanger removal pliers
  • Safety gloves
  • Cam buckle tie-down strap
  • Silicone spray or soapy water

Once you gather all the tools, you can proceed to the following steps.

Step 1: Wear the safety gloves 

First, wear safety gloves to prevent things from getting ruined. It’s the first rule of how to remove old exhaust hangers. If you don’t follow this rule and slip the pillars while doing the job, it may create other problems.

Steps 2: Find out the loose and broken hanger

Now that you are ready to proceed check for the broken hanger you want to remove. It’s under the vehicle where a series of rubber mounts hold the exhaust pipe in its place. Detects the one before you approach.

Steps 3: Spray soapy water or silicone spray

To make the hanger sloppy, use silicone spray. A little amount of soapy water can do the trick. It’ll make your work easy to slide off the bushing. Don’t use grease because oil eats the rubber.

Step 4: Tie the exhaust pipe

Once the removable hanger is lubricated, buckle up the exhaust pipe. Use the cam buckle strap, tie the pipe and attach it to the chassis. It’ll prevent the falling of the exhaust pipe while removing the hangers. 

Step 5: Clamp the pillars on the hangers

Now it’s time for pillars to take the duty over. Don’t forget these two things to get a proper grip on the hanger.

  • Always take hold of the exhaust hanger rod with the pliers’ U-shaped jaw behind the rubber bushing.
  • And the metal hanger’s tip should always be in contact with the push bar’s jaw.

If you see the hanger is hollow, putting a coin between them might help get a tight grip.

Step 6: Squeeze the pillars handle

Make sure you have a good grip on the hanger and then squeeze the pillar’s handle firmly. This is where your safety gloves become handy. Do not slip while clutching the pillars.

Now push the exhaust hanger backward. As you snatch, you’ll see the rubber bushing slipping forward. Continue doing it until the hanger slides all the way out. Once you are done, remove the hanger.

That’s it. That’s how the process ends. Now you can loosen up the strap and slap a new exhaust pipe.

Method-2: Removing Exhaust Hangers with Screwdriver

If the pillaring process seems a little bit hard, you can even move on with a screwdriver. It’s an easy way to remove exhaust hangers. See what other tools you may need along with the screwdriver.

Required tools:

  • A screwdriver
  • Safety gloves
  • Cam buckle tie-down strap
  • Silicone spray or soapy water

Step 1: Wear safety gloves

Wear safety gloves before crawling underneath your car. Don’t forget to keep your vehicle on the jack stand. Always remember your safety first.

Step 2: Find damaged hangers

Locate the damaged hangers with a bright flashlight. You can discover it by noticing rust, corrosion, missing paints, or loosening nuts on the hanger. If you still can’t find them, don’t shy to check the user’s manual.

Step 3: Buckle up the exhaust pipe

Before removing the hanger, you must tie the exhaust pipe up. Otherwise, it may fall and cause physical damage to you. Clamp the pipe, as we’ve mentioned in the previous process.

Step 4: Remove the nuts using the screwdriver

Once you find the replaceable hanger, remove its nuts and bolts. Squeeze the screwdriver as usual. If the bolts seem rusty and hard to move, lubricate them with silicone spray or soapy water.

Step 4: Detach the hanger

Once all the nuts are removed, detach the damaged hanger. Be cautious not to scratch the paints as they are hardly recoated without hassle. That’s it. That’s how you remove the rubber exhaust hangers.

Step 5: Assemble the new hanger and check

Lastly, set a new hanger in the old one’s place. Remember the exact position of the old hanger to get things done quickly. You can also check the user manual to better understand the rubber hanger position.

Once everything is settled, check that the new hangers are doing well. To ensure this, notice any noise while driving the car. If there’s no rattling sound, then you did a good job.

Why Should You Replace Exhaust Hangers

Replacing the exhaust hanger increases the engine’s performance by preventing vibration. It’ll also smooth the exhaust system to function correctly. Here are many more reasons that you should replace the hangers once at a time.

  • It improves vehicle performance.
  • Prevent serious engine damage.
  • Reduce chances of accidents.
  • Brings a better look.
  • Good for the environment.
  • And it reduces extra noise.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all exhaust hangers the same?

Exhaust hangers aren’t the same. They have their specific size and shape according to specific brands and models. But at one point, they’ve got a universal exhaust hanger tag. It’s because they are being used in all kinds of vehicles worldwide and their work is the same.

How to remove ford exhaust hangers?

The process of removing the exhaust hanger is nearly the same for a Ford. You can put a flathead screwdriver in the rubber hanger hole and wiggle it off. Or use spry pillars or pitman pullers that fit the hole.

How do you replace an exhaust bracket?

Detecting the damaged bracket and pulling its nuts off with a screwdriver, you must first remove the exhaust bracket. Then simply detaching it from its place and setting the new one in the same pattern as the previous one is the way to go.


If your car is vibrating and creating more rattling sounds, it’s time to change the exhaust rubber hangers. As you know how to remove exhaust hangers, you will surely be able to change them anytime you need them. Just remember a few little things, such as lubricating the hangers, wearing gloves, and buckling up the exhaust pipe. Avoiding these silly little things can cause you significant harm.

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