How To Fix Chevy Tahoe DVD Player?

How to fix Chevy Tahoe DVD player? To fix the DVD player, you will need to check the connection cable; if there is any connection loss, you will have to fix it.

Other than that, many DVD problems can occur with your Chevy Tahoe. For example, discs are not getting recognized by the DVD player, screen problems, ejection problems, and many more. All these problems have their fixes.

In this article, we will discuss all of the problems and help you troubleshoot the problems and fix them. So stay with us through the article and help us through.

How to Fix Chevy Tahoe DVD Player?

In this section, we will give you a more detailed analysis of the problems along with their fixes. For your convenience, we will be giving a step-by-step process for troubleshooting and fixing.

The possible problems that can occur are DVD player not recognizing discs, DVD player not getting a connection, DVD player screen not working and DVD player not ejecting the disc.

Now let’s discuss these problems more elaborately.

How to Fix Chevy Tahoe DVD Player Not Getting Connection

DVD players are rare these days, and you won’t see them often in new cars. Because everything got virtually improved along with their features. So fixing an old DVD player may take a bit of hassle. DVD players not getting a connection is one of the most common DVD player problems.

Cars that mostly run on rough terrain mainly face this problem. This problem mainly originates from the wiring. Due to rough travel, the wiring gets faulty, and the DVD player gets disconnected. Don’t worry; we have a step-by-step fix to the problem

Step 1: Open the DVD player from the dashboard cavity. Be careful when dismantling the DVD player. Clean the back of the DVD player properly with a cloth. Don’t use any wet cleaning materials.

Step 2: After taking out the DVD player, check if any of the wirings through the dashboard is damaged. Just check if there are any short connections on through the DVD wiring. If there are any sorts of short out, then fix the short circuit and check if the DVD player is working. If it’s not working then the problem is inside the DVD player.

Step 3: If the problem is inside the DVD player. They take it to the electrician and don’t try to fix it yourself. You may damage it completely. If there is a faulty connection on the inside, they will know how to fix it.

Step 4: If everything is fixed, put the DVD player back into the dashboard cavity and enjoy your newly fixed DVD player.

How to Fix Chevy Tahoe DVD Player Not Ejecting Discs

It is also one of the most common DVD problems. In this case, the DVD doesn’t eject the CDs properly from the hatch. Or they don’t eject completely.

This is a common problem because it can happen due to various reasons. Mainly it happens if the hatch has any connection issues or if the DVD player can’t get signals from the eject buttons. We will be discussing the fix on it now.

Step 1: First, you will have to troubleshoot the problem from where it’s originating. Again take out the DVD player from the front and clean it with dry clothes.

Step 2: In this case, you may have to dismantle the DVD player if there are no connection issues. Get a screwdriver and start dismantling the DVD player.

Step 3: Clean the insides of the DVD player properly with dry clothes. If the dirt residue is too much, get some cleaning agent, spray a little amount on the surface, and clean it.

Step 4: Now it’s time to check for internal connection faults. First, check if the hatch is working properly. Most of the dirt or some hard object blocks the hatch, preventing it from opening. If there is anything, then clean it out or take it out.

Step 5: If there is nothing wrong with the hatch, check the connections on the buttons. Most of the time, the buttons can’t give proper output due to short connections between them. Check the buttons and fix them.

How to Fix Chevy Tahoe DVD not recognizing the disc

This problem mainly happens due to the sensors on the DVD player or the disc reader. It is not that much related to connection problems. But it can be related to connection problems. So let’s get to the fix of this problem.

Step 1: Again take out the DVD player from the dashboard and clean it. Specifically, clean the disc reader. Most of the time, due to dirt, the disc reader can recognize discs. So be sure that the sensors are clean.

Step 2: Open the disc reader and check if there are any sort of connection problems on the disc reader. If there are any faulty connections on the disc reader, then take it to an electrician and get it fixed.

Step 3: If there is no connection problem, the disc reader is faulty and finds it difficult to read the discs. Sometimes due to rough driving, the disc reader gets damaged, and you will need to completely change the disc reader.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my car DVD player not working?

Your car DVD player may not be working due to connection issues. Check the wiring connection of the DVD player and fix it. Hope that will solve your problem.

How do I reset my car DVD player?

Get on the settings of the DVD player and choose the factory reset option and reboot it.


How to fix Chevy Tahoe DVD player? We hope that you got your answer to your question. The problems may vary differently, and there is an affix for all the problems. Don’t worry, we gave the fix to all the problems step by step. Mainly the problems are based on connection issues. If you can fix that, most of the difficulties are solved.

We tried our best to give you the optimum solutions. Somehow we may miss something. Accept our apologies and let us know about it on the below forum and help the greater community. Until then stay tuned!

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