[Answered] How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat 4 Rims?

How much does it cost to powder coat 4 rims? Even though there is no exact cost, you can still expect to pay from $350 to $700. This is not where the price estimation ends. On the other hand, some vehicle owners have stated that $250 to $520 was the average price for powder coating wheels which was based on the rim sizes.

So you must have understood that there is no definite cost you can be determined on. Conversely, a clear topcoat costs 50% more. It is pretty clear that the price completely depends on the aspects of the rims, such as their depth, size, supplier’s cost, labor cost, etc.

Let’s now dig into the concept precisely. Let’s look below.

How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat 4 Rims

Starting with the question of how much cost to powder coat wheels, the answer is not definite. The supplier cost, labor cost, transportation cost, etc., are also included, so it is difficult to assume an amount. However, we can give an estimated cost that you can expect to spend on an average, i.e., $300 to $700. This is the average cost of powder coating an entire set of wheels, or 4 wheels.

Sometimes, the price can be lower than $300 or more than $700, because it completely depends on the wheels’ depth and size. Well, in terms of base coat sizes, the case is different.

If the size is from 13 inches to 26 inches, the cost is going to be between $250 to $520. There are some base coats too that come with candy or transparent finish. You may have to pay 50% extra if you choose such a base coat.

Again, shipping costs are also there. These get added when we mail our rims for coating. Anyways, most of us like to powder coat our wheels by ourselves. If you are anticipating how much powder coating cost rims are going to be, it would be more than $2000 for sure.

Let’s now see a cost variance breakdown for powder coating a rim.

Cost Variance Of Powder Coating A Rim

Rim Type and SizePrice of Powder Coating 4 Rim
Wire rims$360 to $700
Aluminum rims$250 to $700 or more
Knock-Off rims$200 to $700
Extra-Wide Racing$350 to $700 or more
13 inches rim$260 to $700
14 inches rim$280 to $700
15 inches rim$300 to $700
16 inches rim$350 to $700
17 inches rim$350 to $700
18 inches rim$350 to 700
19 inches rim$350 to $700
20 inches rim$350 to $700
21 inches rim$350 to $700
22 inches rim$350 to $700
23 inches rim$350 to $700
24 inches rim$350 to $700
25 inches rim$350 to $700
26 inches rim$350 to $700 or more

As said before, the average cost for powder coating four wheels ranges from $350 to $700. Especially the sedan or this type of smaller wheels makes this type of outlay. Whereas larger wheels come up with clear coats and additional gloss. So, their prices are also high in that way.

Those who own aluminum rims usually make them chrome plating from the beginning. Still, the rims go through bad conditions. Don’t worry. A solution is out there. Just remove the nickel and chrome chemically. Afterward, blasting off the chrome will definitely leave some effective results on your wheel.

After a lot of market research, we have found that some powder coating companies provide services within a minimum cost of $35 to $50. They also had a service of $65 as their lowest-cost option for each rim.

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How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat My Rims?

Before you start doing the powder coating rims cost calculation, you have to know 5 things first. They are-

  1. Powder-specific gravity
  2. Per pound cost of powder
  3. Transfer efficiency
  4. Thickness of the dry film, and
  5. The square footage of metal that you will be powder coating

As a rule of thumb, powder coating costs can only be identified after getting the actual coverage rate. In fact, this has a formula that includes the 5 things we have mentioned above.

ACR (Actual Coverage Rate)= Powder-specific gravity/ thickness of dry film × transfer efficiency

After you get the ACR, calculate the cost per square foot.

Cost of per square foot= one pound powder coat/ ACR

If your rim is more than one square foot, simply multiply the cost per square foot with the actual square foot of your rim. This is how you can know the cost of powder coating by yourself.

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Well, the price is going to vary for sure. If you do it from a local garage, maybe you will have to spend less. On the other hand, powder coating industries charge a bit higher than the local garages.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much powder coat does it take to do a rim?

A 3 lbs to 4 lbs powder coat is all you need to do with one rim set. We know that in one set there are mostly 4 rims. Suppose you required a 4 lbs powder coat to do 4 rims. In that case, you will need 1 lb of powder coat to do 1 rim, if we divide 4 lbs by 4.

How long does powder coating last?

The average timespan for a powder coating finish to last is 20 years. Yet, the outdoor environment, exposure to UV light, and consistent use make the longevity of powder coating shorter. All powder coating does not last in the same way. Each of them has a different lifespan. If your coating has urethanes or fluoropolymers, it will last longer than 20 years.

How long do powder coating rims take?

You will need approximately 2 hours to apply powder coating on just 1 rim. Don’t think that it will take 8 hours to apply powder coating in 4 rims then. We are obviously going to do the process by taking breaks, right? So it will take about one day or even more to do powder coating in all 4 rims.


Perhaps, we have not yet figured out the exact price for powder coating wheels. But if you are still contemplating how much does it cost to powder coat 4 rims. Take $300 to $700 as the average one. However, the price can sometimes be below $350, i.e., $250. In the same way, if you include labor costs and transportation costs, the price can be more than $700.

I would personally recommend grabbing the service of powder coating your rim from a professional. Otherwise, coating on your own can cost you more than you would have spent.

Last but not least, you can get the detailed amount of expenditure from the calculation cost above.

This is all. Thank you.

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