How Much Does a Dodge Challenger Windshield Cost?

How much does a Dodge Challenger windshield cost? A brand new Dodge Challenger windshield can cost between $300 – $800. But the price of the windshield you’ll need to pay depends on several factors we will discuss in this article. 

But along with that, we will be providing you with some other related information as well, such as how to decide whether you need to repair or replace the windshield and how to care for the windshield. 

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Dodge Challenger Windshield Cost

In case you are in a hurry, go through this table to know most of the popular dodge challenger windshield prices based on some average prices.

Dodge Challenger 2019$489
Dodge Challenger 2019 (With micro sensor)$792
Dodge Challenger 2012$541
Dodge Challenger 2015$560
Dodge Challenger 2019$397
Dodge Challenger 2013$352
Dodge Challenger 2011$371
Dodge Challenger 2010$371
Dodge Challenger 2009$371
Dodge Challenger 2016$513
Dodge Challenger 2018$730

It actually depends on the type of windshield. Some Dodge Challenger’s windshields come with advanced technology such as a rain sensor; those windshields are costlier than the normal ones.

But as mentioned at the beginning, depending on the quality and features, a Dodge Challenger’s windshield can cost anywhere between $300 – $800. 

That being said, Dodge Challenger’s windshield might not be available in every country. If your area doesn’t have the windshield available, which is normal, that will require you to import it from outside, and you will be paying an extra cost for that.

What Are The Differences Between Cracked And Chipped Windshields?

Before you understand cracks and chips, it will be wise if you understand how windshields are made. The glass you see as a windshield that’s not just any glass. It is a specialized one. For that reason, windshields are called “Safety Glass” as well.

Windshields are not a single piece of glass. It is a combination of two glasses having a layer of plastic in between. This mechanism makes the windshield very strong and safe. Without that mechanism, if an object hits the windshield, then that will shatter into big pieces, which can be very dangerous for the people inside the vehicle.

But fortunately, the way windshields are constructed, when an object hits it, it will break into very small pieces. And won’t shatter down immediately.

If you have understood the windshield’s mechanism, you may proceed.


A chip is like a small mark, and it happens when something hits the glass layer. However, there are other reasons as well behind windshield chips. But the good news is that windshield chips can be repaired most of the time. 

The matter of concern is chipping can lead to crack. If your windshield has a chip, and if you do not get that repaired soon, that might grow a crack which is the last thing you want.

Remember about the layer between two glasses of windshields? If the chip penetrates the middle plastic layer, then replacement is the only way.


A crack is more like a line in the glass which keeps spreading. And when fully grown, that separates the windshield into two pieces. Some small cracks can be repaired depending on the location, depth, size, etc. But replacement is the only option when the crack makes a big line in the windshield.

There are various reasons windshields might crack. It could be due to something hitting the glass, the temperature, burning hot sun rays, etc. The cracks appear, and dirt particles will start to deposit there, which will make the crack grow faster. That’s why experts suggest taping the crack as soon as possible.

Even then, the vehicle’s vibration can also encourage the crack to grow. So as soon as you discover a crack on the windshield, pay a visit to a garage.

How to Know if the Windshield Can be Repaired?

As mentioned before, if your windshield has chips, they can be repaired in most cases. You don’t have to worry when the windshield has a crack on it. Some cracks can be repaired, and some are not repairable. Now how do you know if the crack can be repaired or not?

Well, there is a rule that might help determine that. Take a 100-dollar bill and try to cover the entire crack with that. If the crack fits within the bill, then the crack is most likely to be repaired. Having that said, the depth of the crack also matters here.

Normally, chips or cracks that aren’t deep and didn’t cross the middle plastic layer can be repaired. But if the crack or chip penetrates the middle plastic and damages both glass layers, then that would require replacement. 

And to be on the safe side, visit the repair shop immediately to stop further growth of chips or cracks. Shallow cracks and chips are easily treatable and don’t take long. 

Usually, cracked and chipped windshields are treated with clear resin. The expert will inject clear resin into the crack or chip. And then let it cure. After the resin has cured properly, a little polishing makes it transparent as glass. 

The cost of repairing the windshield will obviously be less than the cost of replacement. But the repair cost will vary depending on some factors such as the size of the crack or chip, depth, and location.

When to Replace the Windshield?

Windshields that can’t be repaired require replacement, as simple as that. Still, below we have mentioned a few factors that determine whether you should replace the windshield or not.

Large and Deep Cracks and Chips

Even though some long cracks and chips can be repaired, cracks that are longer than 14 inches often require replacement. And if the depth of the crack or chip penetrates the middle layer, then a replacement is a must.

Tempered Glass

As you already know, windshields come with a plastic layer in the middle, which is why they are called laminated glass. These glasses are strong and don’t shatter immediately. 

But there are a few cheap windshields that are tempered and not laminated. Those glasses break and shatter faster. So if your vehicle has a tempered windshield and you discovered a crack, it will be best to get that replaced with a laminated windshield.

Crack in the Driver’s side

When the crack is on the driver’s side, even though that can be repaired, it is best to replace it. Because when repaired, there will be some marks left which might not give the driver a clear sight. 

Number of Cracks

When your windshield has more than a few cracks, it will be wise to get it replaced. Because sooner or later, the replacement will be mandatory.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a Dodge Challenger window?

It might cost around $144 – $205 to replace the Dodge Challenger window. That is the cost of the window; the labor cost is yet to be included. Depending on the location, the labor cost can be anywhere between $138 to $174.

How much is a Dodge Challenger windshield?

A Dodge Challenger windshield might cost around $300 – $800. But the price might fluctuate depending on the availability. If needed to be imported, then the price will hike a bit.

How much does it cost to fit a windshield on Dodge Challenger?

The labor cost depends on the location. Some states have lower labor costs, and some are expensive. However, on average, you are looking at anywhere between $138 – $174.


You should never take a crack or chip lightly if you want to save the cost of replacement. Because small cracks and chips gradually grow big. And if the crack is on the driver’s side, it will be worth getting the windshield replacement.

With that said, wrapping this article now! Apart from answering how much does a Dodge Challenger windshield cost, we have covered some other important information regarding the Dodge Charger’s windshield, hope that helps!

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