Honda Pilot Wheel Lock Key Location: Where Should You Look For?

When you get a flat tire, you might be wondering where the Honda Pilot’s wheel lock key is. Well, if your vehicle is just bought from the dealer store, you will find the wheel lock key inside the glove box.

However, different vehicles come with different locations for storing wheel lock keys. But it is slightly different from the Honda Pilot. It is very important for you to know the exact Honda Pilot wheel lock key location as the primary owner.

Reading this article till the end would inform you about all possible places where you can find the wheel lock key. The information can be used for brand new or used Honda vehicles.

Honda Pilot Wheel Lock Key- Where It Is & Why Needs?

The Honda Pilot wheel lock Key location is an essential piece of information for many reasons. If you encounter a flat tire, require replacement of the rims, or upgrade the wheelset or the tire, you would require the wheel lock key.

Being a newbie, you may wonder in this phase what is a wheel lock anyway. Wheel locks are specialized and redesigned lugs to lock the wheel with the axle of your vehicle. This new method keeps the wheels, especially the rims, secure from theft.

In Honda Pilot wheels, there are a total of five lugs to secure the wheel with the axle. One of the lugs has a special design in the construction and cannot be opened using the common lug wrench.

That specialized lug needs to be opened by the wheel lock key being installed with a regular wrench. Below are the most probable locations where you will get the wheel lock.

Inside The Glove Box

When the entire vehicle gets assembled, the dealers try to put the keys in the most convenient location where the driver can easily find the key. And that location is the glove box of the vehicle.

If you own a brand new unit of a Honda Pilot, you can pull down the box’s latch on the passenger’s side and find a small black pouch. Pull the zipper open, and there will be the small wheel lock key.

Along with the wheel lock key, you will also find some paperwork. These are important papers about the wheel lock key; hence it is better to store it safely with other vehicle documents.

If you mistakenly lose the key, you can claim a replacement, showing the papers to the dealer. That is why you can search the glove box if you are a first-time owner and want to know the Honda wheel lock key location.

In The Armrest Console Box

The second place you would like to search while looking for the 2016 Honda Pilot wheel lock key location is the armrest console box. It is located just adjacent to the driver’s and passenger’s seats and behind the transmission shifter.

There are two compartments in the armrest console. Therefore, ensure that you inspect both very carefully, and hopefully, you will find the black pouch containing the key.

Inside The Boot Of The Vehicle

There are two possible locations inside the boot for the wheel lock key. First, check under the lid where the key to release the spare tire is located. If the key is not found, switch to the small compartment on the boot’s right side where the lug wrench and jack are stored.

Since it is officially the recommended place to store the wheel lock key, you may find the key if other owners use the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can wheel locks be removed without the key?

Wheel locks can be removed without the official key. In the authorized workshops, mechanics have access to the second pair of keys and a master key using which the wheel locks can be easily opened. Moreover, some specialized tools can do the same but damage the wheel lock permanently.

How much does it cost to remove wheel locks?

Unofficial mechanics and workshops who do not possess the master key may charge around $20-$120 for removing a wheel lock. The cost for this purpose depends upon the model year of the vehicle and the demand of the mechanic.


After knowing the exact Honda Pilot wheel lock key location, you should first find it and store it very carefully. Because, if you lose it, you will need a towing van to do tasks like changing a flat tire and removing wheel sets for maintenance.

While getting a used or reconditioned Honda Pilot, you must ask for the wheel lock key, jack, lug wrench, etc., from the seller.

We hope this article has provided you with authentic information about the wheel lock key location in the Honda Pilot.

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