Why is the Honda Lane Watch Camera Not Working?

When you find your Honda Lane Watch camera not working is a recurring issue. Owners of Honda cars experience this issue most of the time.

The Lane Watch camera might not work because of improper configurations and loose connections. Compatibility issues or even a component clash might be responsible for this.

Your Honda LaneWatch camera may not be working and may be caused by issues beyond electrical problems and faulty connections. This article will discuss these problems in-depth and how you can fix them when they arise.

Honda Lane Watch Camera Not Working

If your Honda LaneWatch camera isn’t working properly or is not working at all, it is most likely the Lane Watch camera shows a black screen.

However, could it be the only reason behind this because it isn’t getting power due to a faulty connection or a weak battery?

Incorrect configurationConfigure and install the camera correctly
Loose or improper connectionsEnsure you make all connections properly
Software incompatibilityHave compatible software installed
System component clashReboot the camera

Incorrect Configuration

If it’s the 2019 Honda Civic Lane Watch camera is not working because you haven’t configured it. When you recently bought a car, it’s most likely the camera comes without the configuration. You should configure it in the menu. It is also possible you did not mount the camera correctly. The steps for fixing this are as follows:

Connect the monitor to the camera’s data port on the back, then plug it into a power outlet nearby. Once plugged in, the camera will immediately connect.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. You must connect the USB to a computer to download and install the software.

Before connecting the camera to the car and your display screen, you should install the software and complete some basic settings. Choose your car from the drop-down option, then decide where the camera will be and choose the suitable screen size.

Once you configure the display, you can connect the camera to the vehicle. By pressing and holding the power button for three seconds, you can switch on the camera’s signal light until the light turns red. Connect the two cords by locating the car’s appropriate data and power connections. Turn on the vehicle, and your camera should show video output.

Loose Or Improper Connections

There may be issues with the system’s wiring and connections. It could be a loose connection or improper connections.

The Honda LaneWatch camera malfunctions due to a damaged or loose connector, or one wire put incorrectly could be to blame. The camera system may not operate well due to the poor electrical connections caused by loose or broken connections.

You can tighten the connectors to resolve this problem. Use the appropriate tools for the work, as advised by the manufacturer. Asking a mechanic to assist you with the replacement is another option. However, a DIY fix is feasible if you follow the instructions and prevent any mistakes.

Software Incompatibility

In most cases when 2014 Honda Accord Lane Watch camera not working it is because the software is incompatible. This incompatibility happens with the internal system of the car.

It should not be a serious problem, however, as you can have the software compatible with the camera installed in your vehicle. The camera uses this software to display the images it produces. You should employ the services of a professional if you can not do it yourself. Employing the services of a professional helps to ensure that they carry out the installation process very well.

System Component Clash

Finally, there may be a clash with another system component when your camera is trying to start up.

System component collision is one of the most frequent problems that can stop your Lane Watch camera from working. This issue arises when multiple system components attempt to access the same resources. For instance, it is not possible to open and initialize two cameras at the same time. The cameras than either operates improperly or not at all.

You can solve this by rebooting the system. Reboot the system by holding the screen on or off for some time. A pop-up asking, “Are you sure you want to reboot?” will appear if you hold the screen on/off button for about 5 to 6 seconds. Pressing yes will restart the LaneWatch camera.

You can resolve most of these issues by rebooting the camera, and the camera should function well when it comes back on. If that fails, you can try any of the above solutions or contact a professional to help you.

This Quick Rebooting Might Help You When Lane Watch Camera Does Not Work!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you turn on a lane Camera on a Honda Civic?

All you need to do to turn on the lane watch is turn on the right turn signal. It will turn on the camera automatically, allowing you to see your blind zone. Additionally, the Honda LaneWatch camera can be turned on or off by depressing the button at the end of the turn signal lever.

Why did Honda get rid of Lane Watch?

Due to its high cost, Honda abandoned LaneWatch in favor of the traditional blindspot monitoring systems. These systems replaced the Lane watch cameras.

Can you add Honda Lane Watch?

It is possible to add the Honda LaneWatch to your vehicle, but you will need to replace the turn signal switch, wiring, and the entire right mirror. After installation, you can adjust by utilizing a feature in the head unit’s secret menu.


Before attempting to fix your Honda LaneWatch camera yourself, it is strongly encouraged to get in touch with or hire an expert to take a look at it. It is because you may believe there is one issue when the issue might be a different one.

If the issue persists after you have repaired the camera, you can contact Honda’s customer support. Inform them your Honda Lane Watch Camera not working. They will tell you if a replacement is available for the camera and how you can go about replacing it.

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