Honda CR-V B1 Service Cost: Complete Breakdown of The Cost!

How much does it cost to service Honda CR-V B1? It costs around $300 to $450 to do a B1 service. However, the price might vary depending on whether you go to a mechanic or do it yourself.

B1 service mainly means your car needs tire rotation, oil change, and oil filter change. It’s necessary to make these changes if you want to avoid serious consequences. Today we will discuss the Honda CR-V B1 service cost.

Honda CR-V B1 Service Cost: Breakdown of the Expense

If you are driving a Honda CR-V long enough, you will see a code denoted as ‘B1’. The code means that your car requires inspection and service in some specific components. The B represents your need to change the car’s oil and do a review. While the 1 means you have to do a tire rotation. You can do a B1 service yourself or go to the nearest mechanic.

Ignoring this alert can put your engine at serious risk. Whenever you notice the signal, deal with it as soon as possible. Check below to see the breakdown of the cost for the Honda CR-V B1 service.

Rotor Replacement Expense

Usually, the rotors on Honda CR-V last up to 80,000 miles. It can also vary depending on some factors. There are four rotors on your car, and replacing them is not essential. But it’s better to replace the front and the back simultaneously for better brake support. While resurfacing them, they can get expensive long-term, so replacement is the best option.

Rotor cost depends on the brand. So, the costlier the rotor, the better quality it is. Typically rotor replacement starts from $50 per rotor. It can also go up to $150 as well. However, the best quality ones cost like $300 per rotor. We recommend you get rotors at an average price. Make sure to get two or four rotors. Because if you are changing the rotor of the back axle, it’s better to change the front one so the car can sync properly.

Brake Job Expense

Honda CR-V brake pads can last up to 70,000 miles at maximum. Yet, it might be different for others depending on the person’s driving condition. Brake pads eventually thin out, for which they can’t generate heat. As a result, the amount of friction created becomes less. So, when you decide to brake, you will notice that the car isn’t stopping correctly. This can be dangerous if you can’t brake timely, leading to accidents.

For a car, there are four brake pads. It can cost between $152 to $300 per axle. A complete brake job can go up to $600-$700, including the labor cost. The cost can be less depending on the quality of the brake pad.

Overall Expense

The overall expense of a B1 service for the Honda CR-V can go up to $600. However, the average cost is around $300-$350. The fee also includes labor expenses, which can change depending on where you reside.

When your Honda CR-V prompts for a B1 service, you should do it as soon as possible. The service includes an oil change, oil filter change, tire rotation, and more. Ignoring the B1 code can damage the engine of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Honda B1 service include?

Honda B1 services include tire rotations, oil changes, oil filter changes, and mechanical inspections.

How much is a Honda B1 service?

The inspection charge for a B1 service is $150. However, when your parts need changing, it is much more.

What is B1 Service Honda CR-V?

B1 service for a Honda CR-V includes oil change, oil filter change, and tire rotation. Furthermore, the service also includes a mechanical inspection.

How do I get rid of the B1 service Honda?

To remove the B1 service code from your Honda, click and hold the reset/select button for more than 10 seconds. Don’t let go of the control until the indicator turns 100%.


In the above, you can see the breakdown of the Honda CR-V B1 service cost. Once you use your Hoda CR-V long enough, you will see a code flashing which is B1. It means you need to get a B1 service for your vehicle. The B1 service includes inspections like a tire rotation, oil change, and oil filter change. Asides from these, it also consists of a mechanical inspection.

There is a cost for this service which you can see above. To avoid the B1 code, inspect and change the specific components on time.

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