Honda Accord Spark Plug Gap Chart from the Year 1994 to 2022

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The spark plug gap of different Honda Accord models is 0.040-0.045 inches or 1.016-1.143 mm. Though some spark plugs like Denso, Motorcraft, Bosch, etc. come pre-gapped, if you need to adjust, this is the ideal gap you should maintain.

Well, are you seeking for Honda Accord spark plug gap chart? If the answer is a yes, then we’ve got you covered. 

To be honest, it can be a drag, especially when you don’t know the right distance of your Honda Accord’s spark plug gap. 

Therefore whether it be your Honda Accord 1994s model or even the latest 2022s, this blog will cover you up with all the gap measurements to ensure you never have this trouble with spark plug gaps again. 

Honda Accord Spark Plug Gap Chart Explained

Here in this section, we’ll share Honda Accord spark plug gap measurements both in inches and millimeters. So, check this out.

Honda Accord Spark Model YearsSpark Gap Size (Inches)Spark Gap Size (mm)
19940.040 inches 1.016 mm
19950.039 to 0.040 inches 0.9906 to 1.016 mm
19960.039 to 0.040 inches 0.9906 to 1.016 mm
19970.039 to 0.040 inches 0.9906 to 1.016 mm
19980.039 to 0.040 inches 0.9906 to 1.016 mm
19990.039 to 0.040 inches 0.9906 to 1.016 mm
20000.039 to 0.043 inches0.9906 to 1.0922 mm
20010.039 to 0.043 inches0.9906 to 1.0922 mm
20020.039 to 0.043 inches0.9906 to 1.0922 mm
20030.044/ 0.050 inches 1.1176/ 1.27 mm
20040.044 inches1.1176 mm
20050.044 inches1.1176 mm
20060.052 inches1.3208 mm
20070.043 inches1.1 mm
20080.043 inches1.1 mm
20090.043 inches1.1 mm
20100.044 inches1.1176 mm
20110.043 to 0.044 inches 1.1 to 1.1176 mm
20120.043 to 0.044 inches 1.1 to 1.1176 mm
20130.044 inches1.1176 mm
20140.044 inches1.1176 mm
20150.043 inches1.1 mm
20160.044 inches1.1176 mm
20170.043 inches 1.1 mm
20180.043 inches 1.1 mm
20190.043 inches 1.1 mm
20200.043 inches 1.1 mm
20210.044 inches1.1176 mm
20220.043 inches 1.1 mm

So, after going through this chart, you don’t need to look for the spark plug gap measurements anywhere else. Furthermore, it’ll even aid you in getting the right spark plug size for your Honda Accord model for optimum performance. 

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The Warnings of Excessive Plug Gap Size

If the space between your engine’s two electrodes isn’t right, it can cause severe engine performance issues. The worst-case scenario can be an entire engine breakdown. Therefore, you must know all the correct settings and changes to your spark plug gap. 

However, a common question that bugs many Honda Accord users is, “Does having excessive space between electrodes give you increased voltage output?”

Well, not at all! No spark plugs function in such a way. Instead, you can say that the gap is all about ensuring the right proportion of voltage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the gap in the spark plug for Honda Accord?

Well, the ideal gap on any model for Honda Accord will be somewhere between 0.039 to 0.043 inches (sometimes 0.044). Different models indeed have different spark gap sizes; however, you’ll find that the size always sits somewhere in between that range. And many Honda Accord Models even have the same spark plug size from (1995 to 2002).

What is the spark plug gap for a 2003 Honda Accord?

2003 Honda Accord spark plug size is 0.050 inches. It’s the very first Honda Accord model after 2006 to have such a comparatively bigger plug gap size.

How often should spark plugs be changed in Honda Accord?

Well, according to automotive experts and technicians, you should always change your Honda Accord spark plugs after every 30,000 miles of the journey. And going beyond this 30,000 miles distance without changing the spark plug can put pressure on your engine and compromise the Accord’s overall performance.

Bottom Line

After going through the Honda Accord spark plug gap chart, you should now have no trouble adjusting and setting the right spark gap for your desired Accord model.

However, if you don’t know how to adjust the measurement gaps, we strongly recommend you take your vehicle to an automotive expert or mechanic. This will not only ensure your engine’s performance but will even keep you safe during your journey. 

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