Where to Find Honda Accord Paint Code Location?

Where can you find the paint code in Honda Accord? It is in the service tag, which is provided in a sticker format. The Honda Accord manufacturers provide this service tag on the driver’s doors jamb.

Paint code is important to order the perfect matched paint suitable for your Honda accord model. If the paint is not accurate for the specified model, it will not be set properly. So, you should get the exact paint code and then order it for your car. How do you find the Honda Accord paint code location?

It seems hard to find the paint code, but it is not if you know its location. Here, you will know the steps to locate the paint code in your Honda Accord and learn what more you need to know to order the exact paint for the car of your choice.

How to Find Honda Accord Paint Code Location?

Honda car manufacturers provide the paint code of certain vehicles on the service tag. This service tag is set on the jamb of the driver’s side door.

It becomes difficult if you do not know how to find this paint code location. Honda car’s service codes do not have direct and organized information like prefixes or headings. That’s why it is difficult to locate one code from the long tag.

Besides Honda service tags are pretty longer than other models. Now how to locate the exact Honda Accord paint code? Follow the steps below.

  • Look at the driver’s side door jamb. You will find the service tag. Generally, the service tag is in the door’s jamb. If it is not on the door, then search the tag on the engine firewall and bay. Look closely into the service tag.
  • In the service tag, there are VIN, paint code, letters, and numbers. We do not need to know other letters or numbers to find the paint code. To locate the paint code, look at the bottom line of the tag. The paint code is in the middle part of the bottom line.

To be sure that you had found the paint code right, you should have an idea of how the paint code looks. The paint code has letters and numbers.

It can be only 4 to 7 numbers. It can have two or three letters at the beginning and at the end of the code keeping some numbers in the middle part.

So, now you can easily locate the paint code from the service tag of the Honda Accord.

Paint codes are specially defined for the specific model year of the Honda Accord. For example, B99P is the Paint code that is specified Atlantic Blue Pearl Aerosol paint color for the 2002 Honda Accord. So, you will get the right 2002 Honda Accord paint code location at the service tag of the door’s jamb.

There is a factory code related to the touch-up paint code. It specifies the unique variation in the specific color of the certain Honda model. So, you need to locate this factory code too. Amazingly, you will find this code in the service tag of the door’s jamb too. It is the 11th digit of the VIN of your Honda Accord.

So, locate the factory code and the paint code. Then provide both the code number while ordering the desired paint color for your vehicle.

People may be confused thinking that different Honda Accords have different paint code locations. It is not right. Almost all Honda Accord paint codes are in the vehicle’s service tag. For example, like the 2002 Honda Accord or 09 Honda Accord, the 1997 Honda Accord paint code location is in the service tag.

So, finding the paint code location to order the same paint for your car is a simple job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Honda paint code located?

Honda vehicles have different codes or important information in the service tag. The paint code is also provided in this service tag. You will find this service tag in the driver’s doors jamb as sticker paper. The paint code is in the middle part of the bottom line.

Where is the paint code on a 2007 Honda Accord?

The paint code is in the same place for all Honda Accord model cars. It is in the service tag which is located in the door’s jamb at the driver’s side. You also find this paint code in the middle at the bottom line of the service tag.


Why do we need to find the paint code? Paint is essential when you want to color your Honda Accord. Different Honda accord model has different paint code for the specified color.

For example, if you like to order obsidian blue pearl color, it has different paint codes for the different models of Honda accord. For the 2020 Honda Accord, ‘B-588PB’ is the paint code for obsidian blue pearl color. For the 2021 Honda Accord, ‘B-588P’ is the paint code for the same obsidian blue pearl color.

This difference is for the mixture of the ingredients in the paint. It is specified for a particular car model. That’s why you have to use the right paint code for your car. So, find the Honda accord paint code location and use it to get the right paint.

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