Hill Start Assist Not Available Ford Escape [Get 9 Best Solutions]

Wondering about Hill Start Assist not available message on your Ford Escape? No worries, we are here to assist you in fixing the error.

Your Ford Escape Hill Start Assist may not work due to a faulty ABS sensor, or it could be just a random error. Plus, an imbalanced brake, broken brake light fuse or bad TCM is responsible for this error.

That’s not the ending and has more concerning facts that need your attention.

Scroll down and get a complete guide on Hill Start Assist not available Ford Escape.

Hill Start Assist Not Available Ford Escape [Get 9 Best Solutions]

Before moving to the detailed troubleshooting part, here we are highlighting all the probable reasons and corresponding solutions in one glimpse.

Probable Reasons  Possible Solutions
Pressing The Start Button For too longRelease the Button and restart the car
Lack of miles on the odometerImprove the mileage
Dead Ford Escape batteryReplace the battery
Faulty ABS sensorReplace the sensor
Brake imbalanceContact a skilled mechanic and fix the imbalanced brake issue
The bad Transmission control moduleReplace TCM
Software glitchUpdate the ABS module software
Turned Off ESC & TCRestart The Car
Broken brake light fuse issueReplace the broken fuse

1. Random Error

If the Hill Start Assist not available message appears on your Ford dash, there could be any fact responsible. Popping up this error or message is very common for Ford users even though there is not a much bigger fault seen in your Ford.

In the Ford forum, many of the drivers reported this message. Many of them indicated that the error was popping up while driving out of their garage with their hood open.

Also, if anybody presses and holds the start button for a longer time, it could be a big culprit for occurring such an error on the dash. A lack of miles on the odometer is a big concern on this issue.

Due to the long pressing “Start” button, most of the features might be disabled, including the Ford escape hill assist error.


  • First, verify if the issue comes from your random faults.
  • Check if you have held down the Start button for too long. Release the button and restart the Ford.
  • You can improve low mileage on your car’s odometer by reducing the load inside the car.
  • Also, go easy with the pedal and drive with the correct air pressure. To ensure high mileage, changing gears correctly and maintaining an optimal speed limit is needed.

2. Faulty Anti-lock Breaking System Sensor

The most common culprit for this issue is Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) sensor. This wheel sensor monitors the wheel speed and sends the information to the ABS computer.

The sensor might be bad due to physical damage to the sensor’s body or bad wiring. However, the anti-lock brakes might be inoperable for a bad ABS sensor and send inaccurate signals to the ECU.

When the transmission gets the faulty signal from the ABS, the Ford escape hill start assist error will pop up. 

Solutions: In the case of the ABS sensor being damaged, you need to replace the sensor to resolve the issue. 

3. Dead Battery or Corroded Battery Terminal

In most cases, the hill start assist warning light problem indicates malfunctioning of the battery. The problem appears for the dead battery, or the battery is not fully charged. Plus, corrosion on the battery terminals or the loose cable in the terminal will lead to the same issue.

Solutions: If the battery in your Ford Escape has become dead or loses its charge quickly, it’s time to replace the old battery. Point to be noted that the Ford Escape requires a 12-volt battery for normal operation of the car. 

4. Need BMS Reset

When you put a new battery on the car, it is essential to reset the Battery Monitor System (BMS) on your Ford Escape.

Otherwise, it will hold the battery parameter and will cause a myriad of electrical issues. Due to this, the error message will still pop up. 


  • To reset the BMS, press the headlight flashers five times while the ignition is on.
  • Then press the brake pedal three times.
  • The battery indicator lamp will flash, which means the BMS is reset. 

5. Brake Imbalance

The brake imbalance is one of the leading reasons for Ford Escape Hill Assist Not available error on the ABS sensors. The Brake imbalance is mainly caused when one side of the braking pair fails to apply as much power as the other side.

Other problems which will cause brake imbalance include uneven brake pads, worn discs, broken brake calipers, or a damaged piston.

Solutions: Contact qualified and skilled mechanics to fix the imbalanced brake issue from your Ford Escape. 

6. Problem From Transmission Control Module

If the balanced brake will not erase the hill assist error from the dash, it is sure the transmission control module is now a concerning fact. TCM is an electronic component that controls modern automotive transmissions based on data from ECM and input from sensors. 

The hill assists problem may highly relate to the Transmission control module if the component goes bad. 

Solutions: Your Ford Escape needs immediate replacement if it has a bad transmission control module.

7. ABS Module Software Glitch

Software glitch is one of the main causes behind the Hill Start Assist not being available. The software issue is more likely related to outdated ABS module software versions.

Solution: Updating ABS module software to the latest version will resolve the error, and the Hill Start Assist may function properly.

8. ESC & TC Are Off

Well, you may also find the responsive factor for this issue is the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control (TC). Check if you have turned them off or not. If these systems are not active, the hill start assist system will not work.

Both of these systems are connected and work with the vehicle’s stability.


  • Check the ESC and TC if they are working or not.
  • If not, restart your car. With this traction and stability, it will reset the entire system.

9. Broken Brake Light Fuse

If all the above troubleshooting methods are unable to prove well, there’s a possibility that the fuse of the brake lights isn’t working. Due to a broken brake light fuse, the HSA system starts putting a lot of pressure on the brakes.

This will lead to the error of the hill assist feature.

Solutions: Check and replace the broken brake light fuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Hill Start Assist on a Ford Escape?

Hill Start Assist is a system that holds your car in one place when it is resting on a hill. It prevents the vehicle from rolling down the hill dangerously by operating the brakes.

Can you turn off Hill Start Assist?

Yes, definitely!! You can disable the Hill Start Assist system in your Ford Escape. Go to the driver assist menu on the driver’s information center and scroll to HSA. Turn off the feature.

How do I activate Ford Hill Start Assist?

To activate the HSA, get your car to the hilly tracks, then press and hold the brakes until you will hear a sound from the system’s activation, indicating the HSA is on.

How can you turn off Hill Descent control on a 2012 Ford Escape?

To turn off Hill Descent control, go to the main menu from the dashboard, then scroll and find out the driver assist option. From there, enter the hill assist option and press enter if you want to turn the Hill Descent option on or off.


Well!! That’s all we have about Hill Start Assist not available Ford Escape. Hill start assist is an essential feature of the car that prevents your car from rolling down the hill in hilly areas.

But it is a fact of trouble when the feature fails to active and constantly shows the error message “Hill Start Assist Not Available.” For all of your convenience, we hope now this well-proven guide gets enough

We can hope you have no more queries about how to fix hill start assist not available ford escape.

Thank You!

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