A Detailed Discussion On GMC Sierra Air Conditioning Problems

What are the common problems with GMC Sierra AC? Maybe a refrigerator leak can be the one or a bad compressor. Well, these are not where the problem ends. You will get to see more.

All of us know how trendy and classic the GMC Sierra is. Besides, its air conditioning system is so cozy that all users are a fan of it. Yet, some problems are there which hinder this system from operating smoothly.

Yes, you are guessing it right. Today, we will be discussing the common GMC Sierra air conditioning problems you may face.

So don’t go anywhere, and stay tuned with this article.

GMC Sierra Air Conditioning Problems

As said before, refrigerator leaks and bad compressors are the common problems that make a GMC Sierra’s air conditioning system go bad. Other related issues are- lower refrigerant levels, dirt in cabin air filters, blower motors not working properly, and so on. Most 2001 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems went through these.

I think knowing about the problems only is not enough for us. If we go through the reasons for these problems, maybe we can take preventive steps immediately on that.

Key Points Of the Air Conditioning Problems And Their Reasons

Problems in GMC Sierra air conditioningProbable Reasons
Refrigerator leaksTear and wear in AC units
Bad air conditioning compressorOverheating of the compressor
Lower refrigerant levelsLeakage in refrigerant lines
Impurities in cabin air filterThe air filter is clogged with dirt and dust
Inferior blower motorDust and dirt build-up
Defect in blend door actuatorInconsistency in airflow
Not flowing cold airSlippage from the drive belt
Electrical issueNot giving restart frequently
Malfunction of radiator fanWhen there is any problem with the wiring relay or fuse
Wet refrigerantWhen the condensate drain line is clogged
Overheating of engineWhen the compressor loses power from the engine shaft

Problems in a GMC Sierra air conditioner are something unavoidable. Because we can’t compromise with our rides. And who doesn’t want to make their road trip the best?

So, it’s better to get certain in advance. Even the 1999 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems were identified in this way.

However, the below traits will explain to you about the air conditioning problems specifically along with their reasons and a little bit of fixing suggestions.

Refrigerator Leaks

Whenever the AC units go through any wear or tear, the water in the refrigerator of AC gets a way to get out. This is how the leakage occurs and fails the system to blow any cold air.

If your GMC Sierra’s AC shows any such type of leakage, repair the AC unit as soon as possible.

Bad Air Conditioning Compressor

An air conditioning compressor only goes bad when it gets overheated. Mainly, the fall of direct sunlight and inadequate ventilation overheat the system. The 2017 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems were similar to it.

To avoid this issue in your vehicle, try not to keep it in exposure to sunlight and give proper ventilation.

Lower Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant levels tend to get reduced when refrigerant levels start to leak. If you see this symptom, stop the leakage right there.

Impurities In Cabin Air Filter

Sometimes, the air filters get clogged with dirt and dust. This is a mere reason for the cabin air filters to stop working the air conditioners.

However, you can know how a cabin air filter affects AC.

Inferior Blower Motor

Both dirt and dust build-up and excessive moisture and overheating does make a blower motor lose its effectiveness.

However, it was seen in the 1998 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems. The users removed all those build-ups and excess moisture and did not let the vehicle be under the sun for a long time. This is what we will also recommend to you guys.

Defect In Blend Door Actuator

Another problem is a defect in the blend door actuator. It mostly seems defective when the airflow in the GMC Sierra’s AC is inconsistent.

If you glance at the 2018 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems once, you can relate enough. Don’t worry, go to the repair shop and your problem will be solved in a click.

Malfunction Of Drive Belt

The drive belt in an air conditioning system cannot operate well if it slips often, and this leads to failure of prevailing cool air. Here also you can take the system to a repair shop and make it like before.

Electrical Issue

Electrical issues usually arise when we don’t give a restart to our vehicle at the required times. The 2016 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems occurred due to neglecting this task. So, don’t forget to restart your GMC Sierra frequently.

Malfunction Of Radiator Fan

Most often, the blown fuse and problem in wire relay does not let the radiator fan of air conditioners work as they should.

When the users found that their 2005 GMC Sierra AC not working, they first checked out the radiator fan. I would also suggest you do the same, check it out, and take it to the repair shop if you notice any such symptoms.

Wet Refrigerant

There is a condensate drain line in every air conditioner. When it gets clogged, its refrigerant becomes wet and can’t give cool air anymore. The 2014 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems were seemingly relatable to this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reset the AC on a GMC Sierra?

Firstly, you will need to turn off your vehicle and open its hood. Then check out the owner’s manual and place the HVAC fuse based on it. And remember to unplug that HVAC fuse to let it sit idle for about ten seconds. Now your vehicle’s HVAC fuse is all set to be plugged again. You can turn your vehicle after two minutes of completing the entire process.

Why is my GMC not blowing cold air?

There can be two reasons that do not allow a GMC to blow cold air. Refrigerator leak and bad compressor. Well, the refrigerator leak is the most common cause we have seen. You can see this leakage often in your vehicle’s condenser or evaporator. The 2006 GMC Sierra air conditioning problems were related to it.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

If you see, a GMC’s AC sometimes runs like every day but does not give cool air even if the system’s power stays on. It’s because of the blocked or clogged oil. Debris like- dirt, grass, etc find an easy way into such blocked oil. After a time being, this clog will get vital, and won’t let the AC operate properly.


So this was all. Hope you are sufficiently affiliated now with the GMC Sierra air conditioning problems. Anyways, think about the common problems first whenever your GMC Sierra’s AC malfunctions. Because the common problems, like refrigerator leaks, bad air conditioning compressor, etc., mostly appear first. But don’t think that the other problems will hardly take place. They are also something to be concerned about.

As we have known about the reasons for problems and some pinch of solutions, I don’t think you will have to make any adjustments in your rides anymore.

Those who have already experienced the problems above regarding the GMC’s air conditioning system, let us know.

Thank you.

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