GMC Remote Start Not Working- 10 Reasons & Easy Fixing Guide For You!

Why is your GMC remote start not working? The inability to start a GMC remote is a pretty regular issue. The car may not have been programmed correctly, or the battery may be dead.

You can drive your car from a distance with the remote starter. This comes in especially handy in cold conditions, when keeping the engine running is the only way to stay warm.

Now, you must determine what problem you’re encountering, why it’s occurring, and how to fix it. In order to assist you, we will outline in further depth any potential concerns that may develop, as well as the underlying causes and a simple remedy. To summarize, let’s get straight to the core.

GMC Remote Start Not Working

Remote start is an excellent feature on GMC vehicles. This very convenient feature can help you avoid the hassles of freezing your hands or fingers. But it’s not uncommon for the remote to stop working for no apparent reason. Here are some common reasons that can make this issue occur:

ReasonsPossible Solution
Dead or faulty key fob batteryTry replacing the batteries or contacting GMC for a replacement
Blown fuseReplace the fuse box
Loose or damaged starter wireCheck and tighten the starter wire
Bad fuel mixturesGetting the car serviced or replacing the fuel injectors
Out-of-rangeTry resetting the out-of-range setting
ObstructionsMove to a  different location where there are no obstructions
Hood not closedClose the hood and try again
Ignition switch problemsHave the ignition switch checked and replaced if necessary
Anti-theft system activatedDeactivate the anti-theft system
Incompatible systemsCheck the compatibility

There are several common reasons why your GMC remote start may not work. Here are the details for these ten possible causes:

Dead Or Faulty Key Fob Battery

If your GMC app remote starts not working, ensure the battery in your key fob is fresh. The most typical cause of a non-functioning remote is a battery that has completely died or is on its way out. If the key fob battery is fine, then you may need to reprogram the key fob or the car itself.

If nothing of these options works, your best bet is to take your vehicle to a dealership or a reputable auto shop so that the problem may be diagnosed and fixed. This is very common reason behind remote start not working GMC Sierra issue. If the cells are still okay, the next step is inspecting the car’s fuse.

Blown Fuse

If your 2020 GMC Sierra remote start not working, it may be due to a blown fuse. The most obvious sign is that the remote start button will not work. Other symptoms include the remote start system randomly turning off or the vehicle not responding to the remote start.

Moreover, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should first check the fuse box for the blown fuse.

If you find a blown fuse, replace the fuse as soon as you notice it and see if that solves the problem. If the fuse blows again, there may be a more significant issue, and you should take your can to a mechanic for further diagnosis.

Loose Or Damaged Starter Wire

If you find that your GMC Acadia remote start feature is not working, it may be due to a loose or damaged starter wire. Symptoms of this problem may include the engine not starting when you attempt to use the remote start feature or the engine starting and then to stall shortly after.

A poor signal is one of the most common causes of the GMC app remote not working. The GMC App or the car’s navigation system may have to be updated.

To fix this problem, check all the starter wires for damage and replace any damaged ones. You may consult a professional mechanic to have them look at your Acadia’s starter system to ensure that everything is in working order.

Bad Fuel Mixtures

If you have a 2017 GMC remote start not working, it could be due to lousy fuel mixtures. There are a few symptoms to look for, such as the engine not starting, the engine sputtering, the check engine light coming on, or the car stalling. There are a few solutions to this problem, such as getting the car serviced, replacing the fuel injectors, or adding a fuel additive to the gas tank.

However, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, getting your car serviced as soon as possible is essential to avoid further damage.


If you’re a 2019 GMC Sierra owner, you may have recently found that your remote start isn’t working correctly. However, if your 2019 GMC Sierra remote start not working suddenly, it is due to an issue with the Out-of-range setting on the truck. When this setting is turned on, it can prevent the remote start from working if you’re not in close range of the vehicle.

When it comes to fixing the problem, you can try some of the following things. To begin, you should attempt to reset the out-of-range setting by simultaneously depressing the lock and unlock buttons on the remote for three seconds. If that doesn’t work, you can try reprogramming the remote start by following your owner’s manual instructions.

If the remote and the vehicle are too far apart, the signal from the remote may not reach the car. Try moving closer to the vehicle or using a different remote start system with a more extended range. If you’re still having trouble, you can bring your truck to a GMC dealership for further diagnosis and assistance.


If your 2018 GMC remote start not working, it could be due to obstructions. Some signs are there for you to keep an eye out for and a few potential fixes to get rid of such hassle.

First, check to see if any objects are blocking the path of the remote signal. If there are any obstructions between the remote and the vehicle, such as walls or trees, they can block the signal and prevent the remote start from working.

Additionally, other symptoms you may find are the remote start range may be reduced or only work when the vehicle is in a specific location. If you believe that GMC Acadia remote start not working due to interference, you should move to a different location where there are no obstructions between the two devices.

Also, you may face problems with your 2010 GMC Acadia remote start not working.

Nevertheless, if the remote still doesn’t work, there could be an issue with the battery. Replace the battery with a new one and see if that fixes the problem.

If neither of those solutions works, there could be a more severe issue with the remote. In that case, you’ll need to contact a professional for help.

Hood Not Closed

One of the most common reasons your 2014 GMC Sierra remote start not working is because the hood might not closed all the way. Because of the risk of CO poisoning, Sierra’s remote start technology does not allow the engine to start.

Before utilizing, you need to make sure that the hood is entirely closed, as it won’t function otherwise. To fix this, ensure the hood is completely closed before the remote start.

If the problem is not the hood, there are a few additional items you can investigate further. Be sure to park the car and use the parking brake first. After that, check to ensure that all doors are shut securely. If everything looks good and the remote start still doesn’t work, there could be an issue with the remote itself. Let’s see if changing out the batteries helps.

Ignition Switch Problems

If you face issue with your 2020 GMC Sierra remote start not working, it could be due to ignition switch problems. The most common symptom for this is that the Sierra will start okay when using the key, but the remote start will not work. This can be a severe problem if you rely on your remote start to get your truck started in the morning.

Well, you can try a few fixes for this problem. The first is to take your truck to a GMC dealership and have them check the ignition switch. The second is to buy a replacement ignition switch and install it yourself.

If the Sierra starts without any problem, the issue is likely with the remote start feature and not the ignition switch.

Anti-theft System Activated

If your GMC terrain remote start isn’t working, it could be due to the anti-theft system being activated. This is a common problem, and there are a few different symptoms that you may experience. The most common symptom is the engine starting and then shutting off after a few seconds. Also, the engine starts and then stalls.

The most prevalent solution is to have a certified GMC dealer deactivate the anti-theft system. Other solutions can include resetting the system or disconnecting the battery.

Incompatible Systems

If your GMC app remote start not working, it may be due to incompatible systems. There are a few different symptoms of this problem, including the GMC App not connecting to the vehicle, the vehicle not starting, or the App displaying an error message.

You may need to update the GMC App or the vehicle’s software if the problem is due to incompatible systems. If you still face trouble, you may need to contact your local GMC dealer or a qualified GMC service center for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reset the remote start on a GMC Sierra?

If you own a GMC Sierra, you may wonder how to reset the remote start. The encouraging thing is that it’s not very difficult to accomplish. All you need is your truck’s key fob, and the process takes just a few steps. At first, locate the remote start button on your key fob. It should be marked. Afterward, press and hold the remote start button for about five seconds. After that period, the remote start system will be reset, at which point you can begin utilizing it once more.

How do you start a 2018 GMC Sierra with a remote?

To start a 2018 GMC Sierra with a remote, first locate the “Start” button on the remote. When you’ve found the button, push it down and keep it there for 3 seconds. This will cause the truck to output a chime, indicating that it is in remote start mode. The car will start, and the engine will run for ten minutes.

Why is my GMC remote start not working?

There are many underlying reasons for this. First, ensure your GMC is appropriately equipped with a remote start system. Not all GMC models come with this feature, so if GMC didn’t come with a remote start, it would not work. Next, check to see if your remote start system is installed correctly. Finally, ensure that your GMC’s remote start system is compatible with your remote control. Some GMC models require an exceptional remote control to work.

Final Wrap

Many cars come with the popular GMC remote start option. It’s possible that this system won’t function properly at all times. People are forced to contend with issues, some of which are major while others are minor. On the other hand, you might be thinking about the underlying cause or have dealt with something similar in the past.

Discovering the nature of the problem with your vehicle will make it easier for you to devise a solution. As a result of this, you need to have an understanding of the underlying difficulties as well as the potential solutions to these problems. We genuinely hope that this article about the problem with GMC remote start not working will be enough for you.

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