Learn Dodge Ram Warning Light Symbol Guide to Avoid Serious Issues

Have you ever been startled by a warning light appearing abruptly on the instrument panel of your Dodge Ram? These symptoms appear when the ECM of your RAM detects problems in the powertrain or electrical systems of the truck.

On the truck’s dashboard, glowing warning symbols need to be properly monitored while driving. You can tell whether your Ram needs repairs or maintenance by reading this Dodge Ram warning light symbol guide.

It is normal for a novice to get confused about these suddenly appearing warning lights. This article lets you start interpreting those symbols quickly and conveniently.

Dodge Ram Warning Light Symbol Guide

Heavy-duty diesel engine trucks such as the Dodge Ram have become more electric-oriented. Each electronic sensor has a small yet specific warning symbol that illuminates when anything goes astray.

Warnings can be sent to drivers from different sensors and timers about necessary maintenance or fixes before things go south. If you own a Ram, it is important to know and understand Dodge Ram dashboard symbols and meanings.

Battery Charge Indicator

This symbol contains a battery logo. It illuminates with a red light representing that the charge in the battery is insufficient and requires an immediate recharge. Otherwise, the engine may not crank up if the charge is too low.

Brake Issue Indicator

The light will turn on when the hand, or emergency, brake is used. These warning indicators denote a major braking issue such as the ABS, brake oil, brake pads, etc.

Engine Oil Warning Symbol

This warning indicator comes up with an old dripping oil can in red light. The oil level is low, as seen by the wavy line beneath the oil can of the symbol. Besides, your engine will alert you to low oil pressure if there isn’t a wavy line.

Engine Temperature Warning Symbol

As soon as it turns red, the engine temperature is too high. You should halt your car, with the engine switched off, as soon as possible if you notice this signal.

Low Coolant Symbol

This symbol has a square yellow box lighted up in yellow. The arrow is optional; either way, it means that the engine’s cooling system is short on fluid. When the engine is cold, restocking the coolant can fix the issue.

Symbol of the Temperature of the Transmission Oil

When this indicator is red, the gearbox system’s oil temperature is too high, increasing the likelihood of a breakdown. The sign may appear in yellow or amber.

Powertrain Issue Indicator

In Dodge Ram, this symbol comes in red or yellow, depending on the seriousness. It occurs mostly in trucks with an automatic transmission or transaxle system. When it happens, you must take your truck for thorough servicing without delay since it may cause driveability issues.

No Seat Belt Indicator Symbol

This symbol pops up in red color with a beeping sound when the driver or the passenger does not put on their respective belts as a warning. Simply putting on the seat belt will remove this warning symbol.

SRS Air-Bag Warning Symbol

It can be dangerous if you avoid this symbol as it indicates a problem within the airbag system installed within the steering wheel. You must perform a fix for this issue to stay safe during unfortunate accidents.

Vehicle Lock and Security Symbol

This warning symbol represents the locking mechanism of the doors, windows, and child lock. When any of these is disrupted, the security symbol (red-colored key logo) gets engaged.

Power Steering Issue Indicator

One common Dodge Ram 1500 warning light symbol is the power steering symbol. It has a steering wheel with an exclamation sign on the right illuminated in red. You must take your truck to a workshop when this warning symbol appears.

E-brake and Parking Issue Indicator

A circle with the “P” on the dashboard shows that the electronic brake is faulty or not working properly. It can destabilize the truck when parked; hence should be fixed as soon as possible.

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) warning symbol

If there is any problem with the electronic throttle controller, this light, which looks like a bolt of lightning between inverted brackets, will turn on. You can occasionally erase it with a reboot of the truck engine.

Other Common Warning Symbols

Apart from these, there are some other common and basic warning lights that a Dodge Ram possesses. These are the Check Engine Light (powertrain and engine issues), Turn Signal, Parking Light, Hazard Light, High Beam Indicator, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the light symbol on my dash mean?

The light symbol on the dashboard means your truck is using a high beam. To reset it, simply turn off the headlight button or switch. If the problem resides, turn off your engine and switch it on.

What five lights might light up on your dashboard to tell you something needs attention or repair in your car?

The most common five lights are the check engine light, seat belt indicator, fuel indicator, engine and oil temperature indicator, and ETC warning symbol. When these warning lights are shown on the dashboard, you should take your Ram to a mechanic to fix the issues.

What are the three main warning lights?

The three most important warning lights in Dodge Ram are the check engine light, electronic throttle control, and engine oil level/temperature indicator.


Avoiding the warning lights on the dashboard in Dodge Ram can result in fatal accidents or damage to the important components of the truck.

You can save the drivetrain system and other costly instruments inside the Dodge Ram by quickly interpreting the symbol lights. We hope this Dodge Ram warning light symbol guide will be informative and useful for you.

If you face a warning light suddenly pops up on your instrumental panel, you can interpret that light and take necessary actions using this guide. It can save your bucks if you detect the issues beforehand.

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