Dodge Ram Trailer Wiring Color Code- 4/5/6/7 Pin Trailer Plug

What do the color codes on the Dodge Ram trailer wire mean? Why does this color code exist? A trailing wire connects running lights, brake illuminator, and notation of turning at signals. But there is a chance of developing confusion among them. To avoid such confusion, all the wires have separate colors.

Owing to this thought, a 4-way trailer plug features four different colors. The number of colors may vary depending on the number of trailer wires. According to the Dodge Ram trailer wiring color code, a brown wire refers to the running light. Whereas white wire indicates ground. And the green wire and yellow wire indicates the right turning signal and left turning signal respective.

But what about the 5 or 7-pin trailer plugs? Let’s see!

Dodge Ram Trailer Wiring Color Code

Dodge Ram light malfunctioning problems are very common. Due to the poor ground and excessive wirings, you will often notice that the brake lights or running lights are not functioning. But how to address the problem from the root? Nothing to be stressed out about. Though the trailer light contains multiple wirings, each of them has a different color for easy differentiation.

4-way trailer wiring color code

The wiring color code for a 4-way trailer flat connector is mentioned for your consideration.

Dodge Ram Wire Color CodesReference
White wireGround
Brown wireParking lights
Green wireBrake lights or turn signals on the right
Yellow wireRight turning signals or the brake lights

So, what does the chart mean? Do you have any idea? NO? Do not get puzzled! We have a simplified description for you. Let’s start getting a brief idea about the trailer connector. This trailer harness acts as an electrical connector between the Dodge Ram truck and the trailer itself and provides lightning on the connector.

White Wire

By now, you have known that white wire signifies the ground wire. This wire is connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Hence it is also called the negative wire. Generally, it is the largest of all the wires in the trailing harness. It leads to the brakes and LED lights of trucks or cars.

Brown Wire

Moving to the next wire- a brown wire. Brown wire refers to the running lights or parking lights. All the trailers have two brown wires. This is because running lights are connected to the two sides of the trailer harness.

These are usually the active lights. So you must double-check if the wire is grounded to the earth to avoid electrocution. These two wires are mainly responsible for providing electricity to the Dodge Ram trucks or cars.

Green Wire

All the wires in the trailer light have different functions. The green wire refers to the right turning signal. It is usually connected to the right tail light. Excessive corrosion and heat hamper the function of the wire.

So the driver does not get a smooth right-turning experience while driving. The main function of the wire is to flashlights on the right side while taking a right turn.

Yellow Wire

The last wire of the 4-way trailer is yellow. It extends from the center pin to the end of the backup light. According to the Dodge trailer wiring color codes, this wire indicates the left turn, including the brake function. Just like the green wire, the yellow wire flashes a light while the drivers turn the vehicle to the left.

5- Way trailer wiring color code

A 5-way trailer electric connector is a bit of a special gadget. This multi-pile connector is used for replacing wires. Just like a 4-way trailer wiring connector, this model has all four basic wires. In addition to that, it has an extra wire colored pink.

Colored WiresReferences
White wireGround
Brown wireRunning lights
Green wireRight turning signal and brake facilitator
Yellow wireLeft turning light including brake function
Pink wireReverse light

In the past, this 5-way flat trailing connector was installed in the 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 model. But this connector is mainly seen in boat trailers. All the white, brown, green, and yellow wires indicate the same connections as in the 4-way trailer. But the pink wire refers to the reverse light. So, what is a reverse light, and what is its function?

Pink Wire

The new addition to the 5-way trailer wiring model is the pink wire. This wire refers to the reverse light. It is usually used to make a connection between the wall box and the multi-pole connector. That means the pink wire is connected to the black wire in the connector.

This wire helps the wall switch system to turn off the associated lights and fans in the vehicle. You should be careful while dealing with the wire. Because it acts as an active wire in a closed and completed circuit.

6-way trailer wiring color code

Next, we have a 6-way trailer wiring system installed in the Dodge Ram trucks and cars. In such vehicles, the brake lights and the turn indicators are connected. This trailer module has six wires. White, green, yellow, brown, red, and blue. Its function is highly compatible with the brake controller.

Colored WiresReferences
White wireGround
Brown wireRunning lights
Green wireRight turning signal lights with brake function
Yellow wireLeft turning signal lights with brake function
Red wireFor auxiliary power
Blue wireFor electric brakes or sometimes for the reverse light

Red Wire

The red wire is one of the two unique wires in the 6-way trailer model. It refers to the auxiliary power generation within the vehicle. In some Dodge Ram models, this wire is colored in black color. So why is this wire needed?

This specific wiring is essential for charging the batteries of the multi-pole trailer, lightening the LED lights, and other associated accessories. But there is a drawback. This wire often burns after installing an incompatible fuse in the trailer. So make sure to install accurate resistance to the current flow.

If your vehicle does not require extra power, you can simply skip the wire from connecting with the gadget.

Blue Wire

From the chart mentioned above, it can be seen that blue wire is responsible for managing the brake system. It must be attached to the systemic brake controller.

But if your vehicle requires a hyaluronic trailer, connect a 16-gauge blue wire with the reverse light. This will ensure controlled braking when the vehicle is in reverse motion. So proper wiring within the vehicle is important for personal safety.

7-pin Dodge Ram Trailer Wiring Color Code

Nowadays, a 7-way trailer connector is used for its wide range of functional abilities. This 7-way trailer wiring system features 7 color codes. They are- red, and yellow. White, black, green, blue, and pink.

A 2003 Dodge Ram trailer wiring color code features the following color and function.

Colored WireReferences
White wireGround
Yellow wireLeft turning signal
Green wireRight turning signal
Red wireTail lights
Black wireAuxiliary power
Pink wireReverse lights
Blue wireElectric breaks

Red Wire

In the 7-way trailer wiring system, the red light signifies the tail light. Do not confuse it with brake lights. The main purpose of this light is to ensure the safety of the driver and the vehicle in adverse weather like heavy snowing or rainfall.

The tail light will enlighten even without stepping on the brake pedal. This is not the case for the brake lights. You should keep in mind that a 7-way 2008 Dodge Ram trailer wiring color code is a bit different from all other models. Here red wire stands for tail light, not for the auxiliary power.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the color code for trailer wiring?

A 4-way trailer connector features white, brown, green, and yellow wires. White wire refers to the ground, brown to the parking lights, green to the right turning signal, and lastly yellow to the left turning signal.

What do the colors mean on trailer wiring?

The white colored wire signifies grounded wire, brown to the parking lights, green to the right turning signal, and lastly yellow to the left turning signal.

What color do wires go together on a trailer?

Most often green and yellow colored wires and red and black colored wires are seen to go together on a trailer.

What colors are the wires for trailer lights?

The wires in a trailer light are colored in white, brown, green, yellow, red, black, pink, and blue.

Final Verdict

Describing all the models of the trailer wiring system, we have reached the end of our discussion. It is important to have a clear idea about the function of different colored wires. Each wire holds a different gravity. Making a false connection between the trailer wires and the vehicle may lead to a short circuit.

Dodge Ram trailer wiring color code mainly features four colors. The white wire is for the ground, yellow for the left turn, green for the right turn, and brown for running lights. A 5-way, 6-way, and 7-way trailer feature a few more colors with other functions.

To find any problems within a vehicle, all drivers must be accustomed to this color coding system. This ensures safe turning, smooth and comfortable breaks, and zero vehicle damage. Moreover, sufficient knowledge about the wiring system will help you to identify active wires to avoid electrocution.

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