Dodge Durango Windshield Replacement Cost for Different States

How is it cost to replace the Dodge Durango windshield? If it needs replacement, the regular cost will range from $300 to $500. But the price will be low if it needs only some tiny repair.

When the Dodge Durango windshield has a chip, crack, scratch, or complete damage, it soon needs repair or replacement. It is not only frustrating to drive with a damaged windshield, but it is also unsafe.

Here, you will know the Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost ranges in different regions for different year models. Learn how the cost for windshield replacement varies from region to region.

Dodge Durango Windshield Replacement Cost Detail

The Dodge Durango is intense with robust construction and finish, and its windshield is also strong enough. But it is obvious to have some smack from flying stone, heavy weather, or a challenging journey on a zigzag road.

The repair and replacement should not be late as a small crack or chip take very little time to turn into severe damage. So, the driver or the owner should immediately take the vehicle to the technician and do the necessary checkup and repair soon.

How much does a full windshield replacement cost? It depends on some facts like location and Dodge Durango year model. There are labor costs, taxes, and vat too. Here you will see a detailed explanation of the Durango windshield replacement cost.

Sometimes, the Dodge Durango windshield only needs a minor repair when the chip or crack is only a foot long. Then the repair cost, including labor costs and taxes, will be from $50 to $60. If the chip is two feet long, the repair cost can be up to $70. But it needs replacement when the damage is long and severe or profound.

The entire windshield replacement cost varies between $300 to $500 depending on the year model. This variety can appear in the same Dodge Durango model year in different locations.

We can take the 2013 Dodge Durango and 2018 Dodge Durango as examples. The 2018 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost is $340.42 in Michigan and $499 in North California. The 2013 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost is $308.54 in New York, $549 in Chicago, $723 in Austin, and $954.45 in Houston.

The windshield replacement cost can be higher in some cities like New York, Chicago, Austin, and Houston. For example, the 2017 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost is $392.73 in northwest California, whereas it is $488.89 in Chicago.

However, the cost for windshield replacement of the 2015 model is also different. It is only $480.00 in Maryland, $791.83 in Houston, and $848.45 in New York. The cost is much higher in New York and Houston.

In the same region, the cost also varies for different year models. It can be an older or newer model, and the price only depends on the windshield type. When the 2005 Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost is $235.43 in Missouri, and the cost for the 2018 Dodge Durango windshield is $345.57 in the same region. So, it depends on the windshield price where the labor cost is the same in one location.

Now let’s see the difference in Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost variety at a glance.

Dodge Durango ModelRegionWindshield Replacement Cost
2005 Dodge DurangoKentucky$329.99
2006 Dodge DurangoMichigan$349.58
2012 Dodge DurangoGeorgia$409.99
2013 Dodge DurangoNew York$308.54
2015 Dodge DurangoAustin$308.00
New York$848.45
2017 Dodge DurangoNorthwest California$392.73
2018 Dodge DurangoMichigan$340.42
North California$499.00
2019 Dodge DurangoKansas$499.00
2020 Dodge DurangoMaryland$726.10
2021 Dodge DurangoHouston$488.89

When Does the Dodge Durango Windshield Need Replacement?

Dodge Durango windshield is not only to cover the front or other door windows. It works great to secure safety. You will get proper protection even in car accidents. During car accidents, the Dodge Durango windshield provides strong support to protect you and helps keep you inside. So, a small crack or chip is not expected to stay longer.

So, even if the chip or crack is small or tenuous or it is only a scratch, you should not delay and immediately repair it. If the damage is scratched or the crack is longer, and the damage is severe, then it needs replacement.

When the Dodge Durango windshield needs complete replacement? Inspect the damage extent with the help of the mechanic. If the glass seems tempered, it needs replacement. When the crack is deep and longer than two feet, replace the windshield sooner.

When your Dodge Durango needs repair only, make the necessary repair before the scratch or crack extends to the edge of the windshield.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better, repairing or replacing a windshield?

If the car’s windshield has minor damage, small crack, or lite scratch, an only repair can prepare your vehicle’s windshield for the run. But when it is long, wide, or deep, it needs immediate replacement. Most experts recommend the replacement more for windshield defects than repair. But to a small extent, a repair can work.

Is it worth it to replace the windshield?

Yes. The windshield is a significant and must-included part of a vehicle. It protects you and your car from debris, stones, gravel, weather effects, and accidents. So, when the car needs a windshield replacement, you must go for it. You can take OEM windshield or aftermarket windshield replacement. Though OEM windshield is known better, the aftermarket windshields also do great.

How much is the cost to replace a windshield in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, windshield replacement cost is relatively lower. The range of windshield replacement costs for different car models varies from $200 to $350. It is from $201.34 to $232.55for Dodge Durango windshield replacement.


The windshield is one of a vehicle’s most essential parts, which is completely undeniable. You cannot run your Dodge Durango with a damaged or faulty windshield. But Dodge Durango owners get confused thinking about the Dodge Durango windshield replacement cost as it varies miserably.

On this page, you have already learned how the windshield replacement cost varies and the reasons for needing to replace or repair them. There are good service centers for windshield replacement around the USA. If you have an idea about the windshield replacement cost quotes, it would be helpful to find the best service within your budget.

So, when you need windshield replacement for your Dodge Durango, do it without waiting and get the safe journey on the go.

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