Dodge Durango Transfer Case Problems: We Discussed All!

What are the common problems with the Dodge transfer case? Maybe illumination of engine lights or loud grinding noise. But this is not where it ends. There are a lot more Dodge Durango transfer case problems that are yet to transpire.

We know how inconvenient it is when our vehicle’s transfer case does not work properly. Some of the problems are so serious that they need to be treated with utmost concentration. For example- when our exhaust manifold gets broken, we have no other option than to take aid from a mechanic.

Now the question is, why does such a problem occur? Is an inferior transfer case the reason? Or is the overheating of the vehicle the reason? The answer is that there are uncountable reasons along with problems. Let’s figure them out through the concept below.

Dodge Durango Transfer Case Problems Overview

Stalling engines is a problem to be concerned about the transfer cases. Again, the low fuel economy is also why Dodge Durango’s transfer case lacks performance.

Sometimes water passes through the windshield’s cowl screen in transfer cases when heavy rain occurs. Because of this, engine lights illuminate, which needs to be revised with a new cowl screen.

Dodge Durango, equipped with a 5.7-liter V8 engine, also leads to problems, like stalling the engine or failing to start. Other common problems include- blinking of low light, ticking noises, loss of power, and many more. Let’s see what the further problems, along with some reasons in the table below, are:

Problems in a Dodge Durango transfer caseReasons for Durango transfer case problems
Illumination of the engine lightWhen the fuel cap is loose
Loud grinding noise underneath the vehicleFailure of hub and wheel bearings
Hasslement is gear shiftingFailure of internal transfer case
Rattling, vibrating, and shaking of the vehicle while drivingWhen grease is not enough
Blinking of low lightWhen the transfer case can’t operate anymore or gets overheated
Makes ticking noiseBurning up of bearings
Failure of acceleratorClogging of fuel tank strainer and dirty fuel filter
Leakage of fluidBad seal
Starts to grindShifting the transfer case to low, neutral, or high
Loss of powerLower fluid level
Failure of shaft sealLeakage of transmission fluid and rotation of output shaft
Faulty neutral switchWhen the transfer case is stuck in neutral

A Dodge Durango transfer case usually lasts for about 250,000 miles without any barrier. However, the faulty neutral switch, failure of the shaft seal, or leakage of fluids reduces its timespan. For this reason, we are to run for service to the mechanics to save our transfer cases. But wait, what are you going to tell him? Isn’t it better to point out the problems first? Well, that would be easier after we know the symptoms. Give a look below:

Engine Illumination And Noise

Starting with the 2013 Dodge Durango transfer case problems, users mainly face illumination in their engine lights. Besides, loud grinding noises appear from engine compartments because of failure in wheel bearings and hub bearings. Whenever you see such symptoms, repair those bearings immediately.

Difficulties To Move Gear Shifter

The gear shifter often becomes difficult to move when the internal transfer case can’t work properly. Because of it, shaking, vibrating, and rattling of vehicles occur. In such cases, you will need a high-quality fluid in the range of $3 to $24.

The shift motor’s four-wheel drive tends to be faulty, or the wiring between them is not well. This was actually a reason why the 2005 Dodge Durango transfer case shift motor did not operate at its best.

Ticking Noise

If you see, the 2011 Dodge Durango transfer case noise is one of the most common problems that users face. Especially the ticking noise caused by the burning up of the bearings.

In fact, loud clicking sounds were the complaints that most users gave from the 2012 Dodge Durango transfer case problems. The local transmission mechanics said that the transfer case motor was the reason here. When it starts to fail, clicking sounds become visible then.

Roughness In Turning

Some transfer case problems give symptoms like harshness in moving left or right. Or maybe it can’t go without clunking or jerking. Therefore, it becomes unsafe to turn fast or sharp.

Most 2011 Dodge Durango transfer case problems were related to it. Many vehicle owners said that the computer was the main fault here.

Failure Of Accelerator

Among the 2014 Dodge Durango transfer case problems, the failure of accelerator pedals was the most crucial one. The vehicle’s pedals mostly make popping sounds, mainly coming from the vehicle’s rear end.

So you got your answer. Repairing the rear end will be our first task if the accelerator fails.

Loss Of Power

One ongoing 2003 Dodge Durango transfer case problem is the inevitable loss of power. Transfer cases usually create a violent collision when their 4-wheel drive gets engaged at highway speed.

This collision occurs between the transmission’s input shaft and output shaft and results in loss of power. So better give nice maintenance to your vehicle.

Clogged Exhaust Gas

Although the clogged exhaust gas in the recirculation tube is a simple fix, it bothers the users with engine stalling. Those who have yet faced issues with the 2017 Dodge Durango transfer case problems can confidently say how horrible the clogged exhaust gas in a transfer case is.

To ensure that you don’t come on the same page, unclog the gas that your transfer case has and go with a new fluid.

Unpleasant Smell In The HVAC System

Bad odor in the HVAC system is not the initiating problem, but it is still a vital one. Well, you can combat this problem with an evaporator coating and a cleanser which helps to kill smell-causing bacteria.

Malfunctioning Of Electric Wiring

Now you must think about which model faced the issue in electric wiring? Well, the 2006 Dodge Durango transfer case problems signified us about it.

The malfunctioning was caused by the electrical wiring of the 4-wheel drive switch. You can simply check the electric wiring to cope with the problem and equip new wiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a transfer case on a Dodge Durango?

Considering the replacement cost of a transfer case on a Dodge Durango only, the amount could be from $287 to $351. Meanwhile, the labor cost can make you spend more, like- $245 to $309, and the cost of parts can be $42. No fees or taxes are included or the variance of year and model.

Is it worth fixing a transfer case?

Fixing a transfer case is always worth it if the damage is minor. Otherwise, replacing the whole unit can be your only option if the parts are costly or damages are significant. So ultimately, you can decide whether your transfer case needs replacing or can go well with just a fixation.

What causes transfer case problems?

Low fluid level is one of the most common causes that leads to a transfer case to several problems. It mainly occurs when there is leakage in the system or when maintenance is not done properly. Also, regular tears and wears in a transfer case lower the fluid level, which is a mere problem. Therefore, we must address the problems immediately when we see so.

End Note

So these were all about the Dodge Durango transfer case problems that the vehicle owners commonly face. Prior to pursuing the solutions, we are to acknowledge the issues first. As a result, it will become easier for us to remain more certain and not let the transfer case go astray.

It all started with the 1999 Dodge Durango transfer case problems where users faced illumination in the engine, overheating of the engine, light coming and repeatedly going, etc. Unless you identify the problem, solutions won’t know your door. Hopefully, the common problems are at your glance even. Now it will be a bit trouble-free for us to maintain our Dodge Durango’s transfer cases.

This is all. Thank you.

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